Ambassador Zamir along with his spouse arrived to get ducedintro

On the second day Zamir and his wife arrived at Benghazi. After the introduction he told he had been eaggerly weaiting to meet us but could not make time. Now he has been ordered to look after us from the foreign ministry so he would be visiting us more freequently. The government has instructed him to pay each one of us 100 Dinaars per head every month. From this it could be presumed that our stay here could be prolonged by Gen. Zia. Young Zamir and Zerin couple was good looking, dignified and charming. It therefore, did not take long for them to befriended us with their warmth and charming behavior. We became quite close. After lunch we all got into anti room in a very relaxed mood.

Paan is a house hold delicacy at every house in Bangladesh. It is not available in Libya. But the ladies had already made special arrangement to get Paan and other ingredients from London on regular basis through Salem. So, when Paan was served in a silver platter both Zamir and Zerin were amazed and asked the ladies how they could manage this most sought for delicacy. Reply was

That’s a special secrete! The reply was amusing so, everyone broke into a roaring laughter.

Well, you all are living like lords in style we must say.

Whatever you are seeing is the mercy of Allah and kind curtsey of Moammar Gaddafi.

Someone asked

Zamir Bhai, do tell what’s the news back at home?

Don’t you have any communication with Bangladesh?

Being guests and staying so far away how much one can possibly know!

Quite so, I shall try to tell you about the flow of events on important matters that are going on back at home as much as I know. At the same time on return I shall send you all the Bangladeshi Dailies, periodicals weeklies on regular basis. Pasha and Nur had a quick unnoticed exchange of sight with a quite smile. There after Pasha in his usual style lighted a cigarette and Nur got busy stuffing his pipe with tobacco while waiting for Zamir to speak. Both the brother in laws left the room begging excuse from Zamir couple and rest of us in their usual style.

Zamir started

Gen Zia had removed Justice Sayem as the President and now had been running the show as the Chief martial Law Administrator himself. Col. Taher and his three brothers along with top leadership of JSD have all been arrested. On the charge of treason, creating instability within the armed forces, officers killing and attempted murder on the Indian High Commissioner Samar Sen Col. Taher’s trial has already been started in a special tribunal court. Interestingly, Brig. Yusuf Haider, a repatriate officer and course mate of Gen. Zia had been designated the President of that special tribunal court. It is guessed that Col. Taher would get death penalty to be hanged and the rest all will get jail terms of different terms. Often revolt against Gen. Zia’s administration errupting within aermed forces. Zia is facing thoase erruptions courragiously with an iron hands. It is presumed that most of the trouble makers are members of Col. Taher’s covert organisatrion Biplobi Shoinik Shangstha.

The readers must think here for a while Gen. Zia at that time was fighting against Biplobi Shoinik Shangstha with whose support? The answer is very simple. When after the successful Sipahi Janatar Biplob of 7th November Col. Taher tried cleaverly to take advantage to prevaile on Zia to implement JSD’s Scientific Socialism violating the understanding with Sena Parisad, at that crucial time the top exposed exiled leaders ordered the Sena Parishad to stand firm by Gen. Zia providing all out support to crush Col. taher’s neferious design. At that time this was not known to any one else other than Gen. Zia and to some extant Gen Shishu. Not even Rashid and Faruk knew anything about this. We are in continuous touch with Dhaka. The leaders and members of the Sena Parisad back at home are getting impatient thinking about when would Zia fulfill his promise and got the exiled leaders back on his side. We are continuously trying to make them understand, Zia is one of us and chosen leader on the basis of contentious decision. Therefore, we must trust that he would not go back on his words. He would definitely keep up his promise. At the present situation due to some constrains he has sought for some time to bring us back for the sake of bringing back stability within armed forces and had requested us to stay abroad for a short while. We found his request reasonable and had thus agreed to give him that time. In view of the above, there is no reason to be nervous or disbelieve his vow. We must at this precarious time support his activities whole heartedly with patience. Every member of Sena Parisad must prove their sense of responsibility. Let’s get back to Zamir.

Zamir revealed that the responsibility of Zia’s future political blue print and its implementation has been bestowed on Gen. Nurul Islam Shishu that is our good old Shishu Bhai. He is playing in this arena with absolute authority from Zia as one of his confidants. As such by now he has already become widely known as the ‘RAJPUTIN’ of Bangladesh. We found his revelation amusing as we knew lot more then what he knew on this matter. All though, it was not known to general public that Shishu Bhai had been trying to leave army and migrate abroad since the very beginning of liberation war. He had been least interested in politics ever in his life. This same Shishu Bhai is now known as the RAJPUTIN! Shishu Bhai belongs to Dhaka therefore; he is more or less known to some extent at different echelon of the society. Above all, he and Zia as young officers both had served in ISI, the prime and most powerful intelligence agency of Pakistan armed forces which had been controlling the politics of Pakistan from the very inception of the country. That is why Zia had bestowed this responsibility on him to use his social connections and intelligence experience. But we all know without any grain of doubt that he has accepted this responsibility as a temporary assignment being helpless but with conditions. The time would bear this.

After the first visit Zamir couple kept on visiting us very often. Most of the week end they used to spend with us. Our time was passing in pomp and grandeur with abundant lazier. Meanwhile, we had met quite a few times with the top leadership of Revolutionary Command Council including Moammar Gaddafi, Jallod, the policymakers and members f the think tanks at Tripoli. The meetings used to take place in a very frank, warm and cordial atmosphere. Alongside, his ‘Green Book’ subjects like political philosophy, progressive state structure, just and equitable distribution of national wealth within the citizen, a fair socio economic order with equal opportunity to everyone to optimize his excellence and talents, ongoing Imperialistic aggressions all over for usurping and perpetuating domination over strategic and natural resources by the competitive world powers, how such naked brutal aggression can be resisted by the weaker under developed countries of the 3ed world to preserve independence and sovereignty upholding their self identity and can move forward towards progress and prosperity were the topics of our discussion. The young flame buoyant revolutionary leader Moammar Gaddafi used to emphasize more on the issue of unity and solidarity of Muslim Ummah. We used to participate in the discussion without any reservations. At any corner of the Globe including Africa if any ethnic group of people started their rightful struggle for self determination and independence Gaddafi without caring for any threats fearlessly expressed his solidarity and extended his generous helping hands to those struggles. History of such daring raw courage was praise worthy and was adored by the down trodden worldwide. Moammar Gaddafi, leader of one of the richest Muslim country all through vehemently criticized the kingdoms and sheikhdoms installed within the Muslim world by the colonial masters as their lackeys. He strongly believed that the kings and the sheikhs of these kingdoms and sheikhdoms were the main instruments to divide the Muslim Umma. He was somewhat obsessed with the belief that till these kingdoms and the sheikhdoms are abolished the Muslim Mummah can’t get rid of fratricidal divisions and be united again. Though, initially he was indoctrinated by Naser, his mentor towards ‘Pan Arabism’. But with passage of time he became more attracted towards ‘Pan Islamism’ than Naser’s ‘Pan Arabism’. He sincerely believed there is no place of cast, creed and color in Islam. After knowing him intimately in spite of having some differences on few fundamental issues we adored him to be a humanitarian, pro people patriotic, nationalist and progressive leader.

We were told that most of the Western world from the day one did not accepted ouster of despotic king Idris and taken negatively the popular September Revolution so they orchestrated an well organized negative propaganda worldwide to defame Gaddafi and the September Revolution. At the same time desperate conspiracies are being hatched to over through the revolutionary government and assassinate Moammar Gaddafi. Different powerful intelligence agencies of the adversaries in connivance with the remnants of the past and vested interested quarters are carrying out sabotages and various kind of terrorist activities to make the Revolutionary Command Council non functional and to cripple Libya’s economy. United States of America is providing leadership of all these nefarious designs supported by the United Kingdom and other Western powers. To face all such challenges like Naser of Egypt, Gaddafi also had to develop closer and special relation with USSR and its allies.

Under the pressure from the capitalist world most of the leaders of the so called Muslim world were unable to befriend him though he was very popularly accepted as a brave leader to the persecuted and deprived majority people of the Muslim world. All though his personal life was at stake, he and his fellow comrades never cowed down to provide assistant and help to any organization at any corner of the world that had organized resistance movement against imperialistic aggression. Many nations of the world are enjoying the fruits of their daring and magnanimous contributions.

Meanwhile, we have already shifted from the hotel about three kilometers away from the Fandukh Omar Khayyam at a four storied building close to main Garrison in an exclusive oasis touching the shore of the Mediterranean. Everything out there was well planned. There are twenty fully furnished flats of different size in the building to be used for different purpose.

All arrangements are meticulous and flawless! The building is well fortified by a high concrete wall. Well cared lash green lawn, well placed seasonal flower beds and rock garden inside. Telephone exchange with intercom facilities is available. Guard rooms and accommodation for domestic staffs are all at the back side of the premise. From outside none could visualize what was there inside. From the premise an artificial creek of boulders and concrete more than two kilometers has been constructed into the sea. There are palm and date trees on both sides and there were sitting benches in between for rest. This is used as a private walking/jogging track by the residents. From linen to napkins are changed every day by the staffs of housekeeping. Armed guards are manning the gate twenty four hours. Limousines are kept in the parking place. Anything is ordered served immediately. Only thing we do at times, go to the market to buy fish, chicken, vegetable, meat and spices of our choice and cook in Bangladeshi style our favorite dishes for change of taste. The whole building was air conditioned. It was a luxurious aboard much more than our expectation.

There was no darth of generosity from Libyan side what so ever in any matter. One of the flat was air marked for Salem as well. From there he supervises everything. Our relation with Salem has turned into intimate friendship. Salem is married and father as well. Thats why we at times forcefully send him home to be with his family. Particularly on the week ends as Zamir and his wife come over almost every week end and we enjoy their company to the heart content. At times we used to go to the market(Sukh)to watch movies on broad screen and rent videos cassetes. There we met two senior decent Pakistani doctors from AMC and their families. They were on deputation and in charge of establishing Combined Military Hospitals in major Garrison cities being based in Benghazi. They used to invite us freequently over lunch and dinner at their residences and we also had been reciprocating the same. Unfortunately, Rashid and Faruk’s families were not very warm at such events. They created a cocoon around themselves and loved to live within that. However, very shortly at a distant place far away from home these two doctor families became so close just like own blood relations.

We have uninterrupted communication with Dhaka and Sena Parisad. Besides, we are also talking with our relatives, like minded well wishers and friends abroad. Zamir had also been sending the Dailies, Periodicals and weeklies along with renowned foreign magazines on regular basis. So, it was not difficult at all to remain up to date on the flow of events and whatever was happening back at home. More over every flat had a dish antenna to view foreign TV channels. Best past time for us however was to watch on VCR Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Bollywood movies are very popular throughout Middle East. All in all we had been passing our luxurious exiled life in style. Ladies are very fond of Bollywood films so they go to the market to bring all the latest release on rent. We also join them at times to watch classic movies.

We are not only merely state guests but revolutionary guests of the great revolutionary leader so we had been treated differently. This became evidently clear within very first few days. Even then, having best of times and luxury our hearts were breathing along with the leaders and members of the Sena Parisad and the revolutionaries back at home thousands of miles away.

Soon after shiffting in our new flates we were invited to start our serious discussion and exchange of views with the members of the Revolutionary Command Council. Initially Gaddafi attended a few meetings at his convinience to know us well and dwell on some very important burning religious, socio-economic and political issues. There after we carried on with our detailed discourse on various issues with the important members of the ‘Think Tank’.

The parametre of our discussion was not bounded to ‘Geen Book’ only but wide ranging.

Other than the unity of Muslim Umma, issues like worldwide imperialism, social imperialism, the reise of People Republic of China and Vietnam after longdrawn revolutrionary wars, complex problems of different reagions of the world, Pan Arabism, Pan Islamism, Soviet Union, Filisthin, Israel, Beirut used to surface in our discussion. Besides, contemporary political philosophys, right path, naked aggression and domination of the underdeveloped and Muslim countries of the 3ed world loaded with natural resources for economic and geo-strategic interest, Libyan revolution and the politics of the south Asian sub continent, the neuclear programe of Pakistan, Independence of Bangladesh and the revolutionary political change of despotic Muhjib’s regime and the flow of political events in future used to be discussed on the basis of facts and arguments. Gaddafi was an exeptional leader and statesman.

The basis of his political philosophy was ‘Islamic Socialism’ of a kind as we understood. Gamel Naser was then considered to be the most wise and astute leader of the Arab world. Egypt though was not that rich resource wise compared to other Gulf States but because of a large population and the strongest armed forces it was an influential state. He was the main architect of ‘Pan Arabism’. His aim was to unite all the Arab countries full of natural oil and gas for curtailing undue pressure of the aggressive expansionist powers. Being an ardent disciple and admirer of Naser, Gaddafi initially was very much thrilled with Naser’s idea. So, after September revolution Naser and Gaddafi took joint initiative and tried hard in light of ‘Pan Arabism’ to create one single country merging Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Syria but it did not materialized proving hollowness of Naser’s theory of ‘Pan Arabism’. After the venture failed a difference of opinion had developed between Naser and Gaddafi on the issue of ‘Pan Arabism’. Thereafter, Gaddafi decided to focus more on ‘Pan Islamism’ and anti imperialist movements across the world.

Other than the soverignity of Allah there was not much of difference between the Chaiman Mao’s ‘Red Book’ and Gaddafi’s ‘Green Book’. The Pundits of Gaddafi’s ‘Think Tank’ used to beleive the way Moammar had made Marxism compitable to Islam with strong arguments in favor of the sovergnity of Allah countering aithism propegated in Marxism based on dilective materialism is an unique contribution in the field of philosophy and political science.

According to them it is only Gaddafi’s this unique political philosophy can emancipate the whole mankind from the steam roller of all kind of prevailing aggression, exploitation and misrule.

We used to be very cautious in our discourse on issues like universal acceptance of Gaddafi’s political philosophy as in one or two occasions we found him to be less tolerant and stubborn on sensitive issues like this. But most of the members of his ‘Think Tank’ were quite receptive to difference of opinion or even criticism. If we had ever brought out any self contradiction justifiably in their world outlook, concept of progressive Islam, political philosophy and principles they never felt constipated to accept those arguments with sincerity.

To day Moammar Gaddafi is not alive as a victim of international conspiracy. He has been murdered brutally. Vertues and shortcommings are just like two sides of the same coin of human charecter. Gaddafi was also a human being not a superman. Even then Shaheed Moammar Gaddafi as a legiondary revolutionary leader would be adored and remembered by countless millions of people around the world.

Many have joined now the adverse prppaganda of the West to project Gaddafi to be an inhuman blood thursty hangman, a person who never beleived in the type of democracy introduced by the colonial masters. With out going into any controvercy about the vested interests for which those who are relentlessly trying to defame him in the eyes of half or fully illeterate perople to mislead, I deem it appropriate to raise some points as food for thought here for the readers for their own analysis and judgement.

Many renouned and famed philosophers, political scientists and wordthy political leaders have said that political philosophy and guiding principles no matter how much successful they might be in a particular country, can’t bring the same result if copied and pested on the people of another country. The pundits after taking the lesson of Western democracy are trying to impose that formula on the people of the under developed 3ed world simply forget the basic factor knowingly or unknowingly that there exist a gulf of difference in the socio-economic condition of those developed countries what to talk about the countries of the under developed world. More over, the mind set, heritage and values of every nation differs from one another. This is why till this date borrowed West Minister or Capitol Hill style democracy failed to change the fate of the people of the most of the under developed countries. On the contrary what one can see is that under the smoke screen of democrecy the people are befooled and devided to create a small but extremely powerful coterie of vested interests quarters. This small coterie comprising of only 2% of the population possesses 85% of the national resources and means of production. As a result it is they who are controlling the state power, administration, legal system, law enforcing agencies and the national armed forces. They are also well established as the leaders of civil society due to their money and mussle power.

But lion share of the national resources are being sucked away by the foreign masters. Their local powerful lackeys who are dependent on their foreign masters for their existence and survival remain satisfied with whatever left over Crum is thrown at them being their domesticated boot licking dogs. This is how very tactfully 98% of the population had been turned virtually into slaves of the 2% powerful ruling coterie comprised of vested interested quarters. Their very existence and life depends totally at the mercy and whims of this coterie which is known as the elite ruling class. Deprived, persecuted, helpless, illiterate people who are totally dependent on this notorious class for their survival can never stand up strengthening their spine to be defiant in protest. Everywhere they are existing as the living dead with life support ventilator though most of the countries of the 3ed world are abundantly rich in natural, mineral and human resources. Free thinking and independent action are not for mortgaged entities. Against this reality, how men in chain can cast their votes independently? In every country under the garb of fake democracy politics of vested interested quarters are being practiced to usurp the state power in a game of ‘Merry Go Round’. As a result most of these countries have become fragile and the people are losing their vitality. Where ever the ongoing kind of democracy or civil military autocracy are failing to protect the interests of the local vested interested coterie and their foreign masters; in those places the political womb started giving birth of family based plutocracy which is much more horrifying compared to the autocracy of the vested interested groups. Gaddafi, the revolutionary leader could never accept such deceptive mechanization to perpetuate neo-colonial exploitation through their created anti national ruling coteries of their lackeys.

Here a quotation of Chairman Mao, the visionary of the rising power of present time People’s Republic of China is worth mentioning. He wrote, ‘Revolution is not simple as drawing embroydary on a piece of cloth with colored threads. Revolution is a complex process. Success of any revolutionary dream comes true only after many ups and downs and supreme sacrifices.’

The chinese nation could ubderstand his words in letter and spirit. That is why once known as the opium adict nation had woken up and struggling against all hurddles on the way to day they have proven themselves as the most powerful emerging nation economically as well as militarily. The writer had an oppurtunity once to discuss about democracy with Mr. Li Keuan Yu, the ex Prime Minister of Singapore. Having the oppurtunity of free and frank discussion with the architect of modern Singapore and an experienced veteran revolutionary  I took the liberty and asked

Exellency, you have ruled Singapore over 28 years with absolute power and with an iron hand and have retired. The day you defeated the British Empire and liberating Singapore took over power as a freedom fighter, on the same very day defeated British colonizers had  instrigated a bloody fetricidal racial carnage to topple your government. But you delt with the rebellion ruthlessly. In the process of bringing back stability and forge national unity more than ten thousand rioters and thugs of different race were killed by your revolutionaries. After the situation was brought under control you spoke to the people of Singapore giving a stern warning that from now onward whoever would decide to live in Singapore his national identity would be just Singaporian regardless of his or her creed, cast and color. Those who can not accept this are given 48 hours to leave Singapore. Of course, after your address to the nation very few had left Singapore. Not only that since then till this date there had never been any racial riot in Singapore. Even then many countries of the West and human rights organizations still observe that day as ‘Black Day’! In their propaganda against you they project you to be one of the most anti democratic ruthless dictator of the contemporary world. Most of the honored readers must be aware that the Singaporian nation comprises of three distinct races-Malay, Chinese and South Asian. When I wanted to know his reaction on this issue the ealderly leader replied

On that very day whatever decision we took that was most prudent and for the interest of the nation. What the others are thinking in this regard that is of no consideration to us. Remaining issues are democracy and dictatorship. These are some kind of feeling and awareness that had been prevailing among every nation of the world for ages. But it is not rational to think that those feelings and awareness are exactly the same to every nation. Therefore, the definition of those two words inscribed in the Western dictionary has to be accepted as universal gospel would be absolutely irrational. What I have done during my reign that can be certified by my countrymen alone no one else. If I had done anything wrong, then any Singaporean has the right according to laws of the land to put me in the dock as no one in Singapore is above laws. Certificates of the aliens have no value to me what so ever. He told a very significant thing before ending our discussion. He said

Take it for granted young man; a hard working nation under selfless patriotic, incorruptible, transparent, astute and foresighted leadership cannot be subjugated by any evil power no matter how powerful that might be. Indigenous talents and relentless hard works would surely take a nation to the pick of progress and prosperity. Singapore is a burning example of that.

He was residing with his family in a small two bed roomed government allotted flat since his retirement. Pension was his only source of sustenance. There had never been any attempt or effort to declare a leader of his stature to be the ‘Father of the Nation’ or anything of that nature. After begging leave on my way back I was thinking would there be a Li Keuan yu ever born in Bangladesh! Li Keuan yu is one of the main visionary architect of unbelievable progress and prosperity of modern China. Besides, not only the countries of under developed world even many countries of the developed world are also learning from his experience for better future.

Comrade Teng Xiao Ping, another outstanding visionary leader, who is considered to be the main driving force behind the unprecedented lightening modernization drive of People’s Republic of China. Having an opportunity to meet him the writer asked him

Comrade, the way you are opening the doors of China to the Western enimies to attract their capital and technology so that China can acheive its aim to become state of art mordern and one of the most powerful country within shortest possible time that would surely bring many vices along with the flow of capital and technology which might polute the chinese society in every sector and every level. These days often we hear a very popular quotation of yours that is ‘It does not matter whether the cat is white or black as long as it catches the mice.’ Don’t you think that such approach would ultimately corrode the state structure as well as the social fiber of the People’s republic of China? The argument of my such assumption is based on an age old saying, ‘Money does not come alone but with many vices.’ The Lomg March veteran who fell out from the top echlon in the corridors of power but managed to stage back again to the pinacle of power for the 3ed time miraculously that very agerd, short, stought and wise leader Teng Xiao Ping after taking a long puff of his cigarrate replied

Rightly said, such possibility shall always be there. But we have already thought of the appropriate measures to protect the charectetr of the state and the people particularly the leaders and the party caders from being contaminated by these evil vices. If at any time and any level a rot is found that limb would be immediately amputed before the rot can spread affecting any other organs. Any such protective measure would be carried out as part of the ‘Continuous Rectification Campagin’ if you may like to name it as such.

I presume you must be fully aware about the tragic episode of Thien Men Squire. Conspiracy had remained a part of world politics and this will remain in future as well. As long any nation and its leadership would have willful resolve to make required sacrifice till then all such conspiracies could be confronted.

From such statement the esteem readers can easily realize how tall he stands as a leader. His foresightedness, prudence, confidence and knowledge can also be gauzed. Once at a seminar the writer had the opportunity to meet with Mahathir Mohammed, the universally acclaimed leader. There I had put up a question at an opportune moment while conversing

Excellency, is it at all possible for any under developed country of the 3ed world to achieve economic emancipation being self reliant? He replied

Definitely it is possible. But there are two pre requisites; the national leadership must be thoroughly selfless and incorruptible.

Once Nelson Mandela, worldwide known statesman and acclaimed as the simbol of peace was asked by some internationally leading journalists of print and electronic Media

Why most of the countries of the 3ed world even after possessing substantial of natural and human resources are gradually becoming economically bankcrupt and dependant?

Mandela replied

I must say with a heavy heart, in most of those countries I can only see politicians not any leader at the helm of the affairs. The self seeking politicians only looks up to the election but a leader looks far beyond up to the next and future genarations. Sayings of these great leaders of the contemporary world ever carry lot of food for thoughts for the younger generations across the Globe who wants to stand and willing to fight against all kind of unjust exploitations for emancipation.

At times we are communicating with Gen. Zia. Shishu Bhai and Tony Bhabi calls to know our welfare quite often. Bachelor boys enjoy the typical delicacies along with us cooked by their Bhabis. They also some time cook themselves and invites us boastfully. We all together are a big happy family. Exceptions are two brother-in-laws. For some reason they were unable to mix with the rest freely so, they had been maintaining a kind of quire distance to which every one of us got accustomed by now. Though it looked odd but no one paid much attention. Like us they also had been in touch with their confidants back home to remain updated with the flow of events. If necessary they at times are sharing information with us. But our circle to gather information was much wider. Throughout the armed forces we have organized cells of Sena Parisad. In the political arena the top leaders of Sena Parisad had intimate long standing relation with the most of the leaders of the patriotic, nationalist and progressive parties. Similarly, Top leaders of Sena Parisad were also well connected with many influential persons within the bureaucracy, civil society, Media and business community. Such relation had developed over the years on the basis of mutual trust and confidence. Without such broad based connections it could never be possible for the ‘15th August Revolution’ to get such spontaneous support from every sector of the sate and the people. Rashid and Faruk were not so well known country wide or even within the armed forces. Both the brother in laws was aware of that. This basic difference was an internal matter so never made public.