AVM Tawab is comming

In one of the week end holiday trip Zamir informed

There is good news. AVM Tawab is coming over to meet us. Zamir gave this information quite excitingly but we were not that much enchanted at his revelation. Because, we came to know Rashid and Faruk’s choice AVM Tawab, the appointed Air Chief’s morality and courage when he was arrested and been brought at the 4Bengal HQ shivering in sleeping suit on 2-3ed November night 1975, after Brig. Khaled and his cohorts staged the counter revolutionary putsch. When I along with Nur were proceeding to the conference room along with Brig. Khaled, Col. Shafayet and some of their confidants for negotiation to defuse the explosive situation Tawab was brought in. He was sheet scared shivering like a helpless bird. The moment he saw me he rushed closer and whispered

Dalim, you are here! What’s going on? Looking at his pathetic plight I said with contempt Go and sit quietly in the next room to watch and understand what’s happening. On arrival we found Lt.Col. Amin and Capt. Munir Commanding Officer and Adjutant of 4Bengal Regiment respectively had already been taken into custody and made ineffective. We got into conference roomm and got busy with the negotiation. At one side me and Nur and on the other Brig. Khaled, Col. Rouf, Col. Moinul Hussain, Col. Sahbbiuddin, Col. Shafayet Jamil, Col. Mannaf, Maj. Hafiz, Maj. Gaffar, Lt. Iqbal, Lt. Obaidul Qader, Capt. Kabir, Lt. Naser, Maj. Malek, Lt. Taj and few other young officers. Flt. Lt. Liaqat had not arrived yet. Within a short while Rear Admiral MA Khan, the Naval Chief was also arrested and brought in. He also was in a deplorable condition. He was pale due to fear of life. He was also was in his sleeping suit. As the information was given to Khaled Bhai, he angrily ordered to place him as well in the same den with the other captives. Later both Mannaf and Moinul both were promoted as Generals and awarded with Ambassadorial appointments being Zia loyalists. All about the putsch on 2-3ed November night and what all had happened at the 4Bengal HQ and the negotiation between me, Nur and Brig. Khaled and his party had been written in details in my earlier book ‘Ja Dekhechi Ja Bujhechi Ja Korechi’. In 1996 after Hasina’s Awami League came into power the three edition of my first book could not be published and distributed normaly in an adverse situation. Later the book was printed in English and Urdu as well. Factual flow of evevts about the glorious ‘Sipahi Janatar Biplob’ and the momentus uprising of 7th November has also been written in details in my published book ‘ National revolution and Soliderity Day 7th November 1975 and the Indemnitry Acts’. This book had also been published both in Bangla and English. I am not sure if it would be possible for the readers to get these books at present from the market but should any one is interested then both these books along with other publications can be down loaded from the following two web sites

  1. www.majordalimbubangla.com
  2. www.majordalimbu.com

The kind of facts and flow of events that had been narrated In these two books, the readers can find out the truth very easily. Since these two books had been published till this date no protest has been made from any quarter about the contents of these books Al Hamdulillah. Of course the Awami League government had blocked the sites for the viewers in Bangladesh couple of times. Lets get back to Benghazi.

Once Tawab arrives it would be possible to ascertaine from him what Gen. Zia is up to and where the current flow of events is heading towards. Tawab arrived along with Zamir. He would spend two days with us. He had nothing to do with liberation war. He had hardly any connection with East Pakistan as before ’71, he had served mostly in West Pakistan along with his German wife. Gp Capt. Tawab had been living in Germany with his family since Bangladesh achieved its independence.

Before August revolutrionary uprising while discussing with Rashid and Faruk the top leadership on behalf of Sena Parisad told them in no uncertain terms that if the revolution becomes successful then Banga Bir Gen. Osmani would become the Defense Advisor, Gen. Khalil would be the Joint Chif of Staff and Gen. Zia would be appointed as the Army Chief of Staff, Vice Admiral MA Khan would be the Naval Chief and freedom fighter Gp Capt. Bashar would be the Air Chief. At that time both the brother in laws said they had no hesitation to accept all the propossals made from Sena Parisad except one. They want to make Gp Capt. Tawab as the Air Chief instead of Bashar. This was a burgain. We conceeded to their demand as Gp Capt. Tawab was much senior to Bashar and was known to be an Ace pilot in the Pakistan Air force. Khandakar Mushtaq as the President was acceptable to both sides so there was no problem regarding him. Why Rashid and Faruk wanted to make Gp Capt. Tawab the Air Chief, this remains a puzzle up till now to the top leaders of the Sena Parisad.

Both the days there were closed door meetings with AVM Tawab. For obvious reason Zamir did not participate in those meetings. In this visit Zamir was just the escort of Tawab. Meetings were free and frank held in a cordial atmosphere. At the begining we wanted to know the prevailing situation within the armed forces. AVM Tawab replied

Within the armed forces of Bangladesh there are followers of different thoughts and divergent ways to build the war ravaged country. By now Col. taher and his Biplobi Shoinik Shangstha has been taken care of iron handedly even then the situation still remains to be instable within the armed forces. Of and on explotions are taking place on various issues. But the senior officers undwer the command of Zia are trying to bring back stability to restore chain of command.

As he stoped Pasha asked

Now in this situstion don’t we have any role to play?

AVM Tawab replied quite frankly

On behalf of the revolutionaries strong demand was placed to Gen Zia in the Darbar at Shena Kunja to bring you all back immediately. Against their demand Zia had also promised that he would make all necessary arrangement to bring you back very soon. But he requested the revolutionaries that they have to allow him little more time in this regard. Such a request has created suspition among the revolutionaries about his intention.

Col. Shahriar was the next to ask

Sir, what do you think, at such a crucial time if we were present physically beside you all would that be a hinderance to bring back stability within the armed forces?

Tawab gave a clear cut reply

He personally believe that had we been taken back then it would have been much easier for all to bring back stability within the armed forces. So, he did have one to one talk with Zia couple of time about our return. But everytime mysteriously he said the decision of our return back to the country would be taken alone by himself. Besides, he also told him that he is in touch with you all and he will take back all of you in the army at an appropriate time. He further said that it is we, who have given him the previladge to decide the time being the man at the helm on ground. Whatever Gen. Zia had told AVM Tawab was partially true but was not the whole truth. So, Shahriar with out prolonging discussion any further on this subject had  changed the topic.

Rashid and Faruk instantly spoke out angrily

How could he said that? We have no communication with Zia what so ever!

Rest of us remained quite because, we were in communication with Zia. Zia had personally promised to us that he is making all arrangments shortly to take us back. For the convinience of both sides he wanted little more time. His argument was that he has come to know everything. Col. Taher and his Biplobi Shoinik Shangstha participated with the Sena Parisad as an ally in the uprising of 7th November. But later when he failed to take all the credits he started such impetuous activities one after another that Zia had been compeled taking stern action against Taher and his followers. In such a precarious situatrion if we remain away from the scene and out of focus then it would be lot easier for him to deal with Taher. Though his argument was a lame one we had accepted that. In this context he requested us to explain to the leaders and the caders of the Sena Parisad that he is our chosen Chief and one of us. So there is no scope for any misunderstanding. We had been togather as one in the past and remain as such at present and in future. Zia even reminded us about the oath that he took touching the Holy Quran at Kallyani. Having faith on his such utterances we instructed the revolutionaries of Sena Parisad back home not to be suspicious about Zia’s sincerity and intention. We instructed the leaders and the caders of Sena Parisad to provide continued all out support and co-operation to Gen. Zia. We further aprized them that for the greater interest of the nation after discussing with him we have decided to remain abroad for a short while. This was not known to Rashid and Faruk.

Now, Col. Faruk asked a straight forward question to Mr. Tawab

Sir, our popularity with the troops is at the peack. They are continuously requesting us to get back to the country. All the three Chiefs are of our liking and nominated officers. In view of this, why such a dilly dally in taking us back? I am expecting from you a clear answer to this question. Tawab looked to be in soup with such a question. Looking around he realised every one was expecting an honest reply. Therefore, he took a glass of cold water and said

Look, the question is difficult and the answer is also not easy to give. The reply would be entirely my own assessment and thetrefore, you got to promise that my assessment would remain confined between us only. We agreed to make him comfortable. There after he thought for a while and started

To neutralize Taher besides, arresting the top leaders of JSD many members of the armed forces had been killed with out trial presuming that they were Taher’s loyalists. But in most of the cases no concrete could be found that they were Taher’s followers. Such indiscriminated killings has enhanced resentment and anger within the ranks and files of the armed forces. No one dares to say anything in front of Zia about such cruel and ruthless killing spree. On the contrarary, many are adding feul to the fire by wispering hear say into Zia’s ears to become closer to Zia who is prone to hear say. I think Zia would kill many more to secure his own power. He has delegated responsibilities of this hinious keeling spree to Gen. Ershad and Gen. Mohabbth Jan Choudhury, his course mate. For this reason he has been promoted and appointed as the DGFI. Other than these two, in all these activities counselling are done by Gen. Manzur, Gen. Mir Shawkat. These are the confidants who are now Zia’s main advisors on matters related to the armed forces. Having said so AVM Tawab took another glass of cold water and emptied the glass at one go. All of us were listening to his engrossing statement.

Well Sir, is Gen. Nurul Islam Shishu also involved in this killing spree? Asked Nur.

No, I think Shishu is not in it. He is keeping himself aloof from all these and working hard to fulfill his given resposibility to organize the political platform for Zia.

After thinking for a while Tawab started again

As I understand, Zia is wanting to eliminate all officers and soldiers from the armed forces embued with ultra revolutionary thoughts and ideas. To acheive this goal he would kill, throw into jail and shunted out from the armed forces as many as required. This is how Zia is adament to establish absolute control over the armed force. I have a hunch that he might be thinking there after to hand over armed forces to his trusted confidants and shall leave uniform and establish himself in the political arena as the unchallenged national leader. Suddenly Tawab blinked his eye looking at me and said with a meaningful smile

Zia had got in touch with your father and through him he is trying to attract people like Shah Aziz, Shamsul Huda Choudhury, Jadu Mia to his political party. Don’t you know anything about this? Most probably, Zia could reach to your father through Gen. Shishu. I have a feeling that Zia some how had managed to get Maulana Bhashani’s blessing for his political venture. I came to know that after 15th August it was you who had taken Zia secretly to Shantosh for introducing him to Maulana Bhashani? I preferred not to go into details on his this inquisitive question and replied

Abba(My father) is a veteran politician so what ever he might have been doing that is entirely based on his personal analysis of the situation. It is irrational to think that he must share with me whatever he is thinking or doing. As I finished Tawab looked embarrassed and thought for a while. He might have been thinking whether he should reveal the crux of the whole game plan that was being played. He decided to reveal so said

I would now say something that I feel if you all do not misunderstand me.

We shall not misunerstand you. Feel free to say openly whatever you want to say. So far whatever you had said you have saiod that sincerely that we all have felt. On my words feeling reassured Tawab started

It is my own apprehention that there would be no place for you all in Zia’s future planning. The way he is proceeding from that I am sure he would never be able to take you back in the army. All your supporters are also thinking the same and thats why they are frantically urging you to return with out paying any head to what Zia is saying for their safety. I think by now, Zia had already killed many of your followers and this is the main reason why he would not be able to take you back in the army ever. With the support of some invisible organized power within the armed forces Zia had shrewdly defeated Khaled and his cohorts, Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed and Col. Taher. You are now the only hurdle on his way to capture the state power. This is why he not only wopuldn’t take you back to the army he will not allow you all to return back to the country till he can usurp the state power as the President of Bangladesh. Hearing such statement of Tawab Faruk burst into anger and said pointing towards us

So, didn’t I say that Zia would prove to be a betrayer! We were listning to Tawab silently. Faruk broke the silence again in anguish

How dare he kills our Comrades! He should not be allowed to go unchallenged. We must go back at once to confront the traitor and teach that bustard a lesson. Enough is enough.

AVM Tawab asked Faruk to calm down and said

Zia, by default has been able to create an image in the country as a savior and a courageous leader. He has also by now somehow managed to establish equations with America, Britain and other world powers as well as India. He has also become a pseudo Islamist to draw attention of the oil rich Muslim countries. All these have been possible for him because shrewdly he has been able to muster support of the members of the armed forces projecting himself to be one of you. I find it really amazing, how could he be so preposterous and could deceive you so easily! Anyway, I strongly feel, you have lost the battle for the time being and at this point of time, should you make any move against him that might not be successful. So, I humbly suggest, please, be cool and seriously ponder about the future. At this moment if you go into any confrontation with Zia the nation would not take that positively. The members of the Armed forces at large would also get confused. Any such confrontation would tarnish your image as power mongers which you are not. I have no hesitation to say that all of you are selfless patriots of rare breed.How dare he kills our Comrades! He should not be allowed to go unchallenged. We must go back at once to confront the traitor and teach that bustard a lesson. Enough is enough.

Zia by default has been able to create an image in the country as a savior and a courageous leader. He has also by now somehow managed to establish equations with America, Britain and other world powers as well as India. He has also become a pseudo Islamist to draw attention of the oil rich Muslim countries. All this has been possible for him because shrewdly he has been able to muster support of the members of the armed forces projecting him to be one of you all. I find it really amazing, how could he be so preposterous and could deceive you so easily! Anyway, I strongly feel, you have lost the battle for the time being and at this point of time, should you make any move against him that might not be successful. So, I humbly suggest, please, be cool and seriously ponder about the future.

I have seen myself how Dalim and Nur on the night of 2-3 November ’75 with inconsibable courage negotiated with Brig. Khaked and his cohorts at 4 Bengal HQ ensuring Zia’s safty and the nation from a catastrophic blood bath taking risk of their own lives. The events of that night I shall remember as an unforgatable life time unique experience. I was dum founded seeing their courage and patriotism and realized that each one of you were blessed with Divine Power. Besides, I was amazed at your fore sightedness when I saw being much more powerful at that time compared to Khaled and his followers you decided not to go for an armed confrontation but after negotiation you finalized an alternative covert action plan to defeat Khaled’s reactionary putch and decided to leave the country for Bangkok taking along Brig. Khaled and Col. Huda’s wife as a tactical move after telling the President what steps he should be taking to fecilate your future plan. I could understand to some extent as to why you took the decision to leave the country. Taking the advantage of any fratricidal armed confrontation within India would have surely invade Bangladesh under the 25 years treaty to reinstall BAKSAL regime in power once again and thus compromising the independence and sovereignity Bagladesh would have been turned into a vessal state.

The main organizers of the momentus uprising of 7th November were you all that may not be known to the common and ordinary people but people who are politically conscious have already started realizing that. However, to day’s realities are different. The image of Gen. Zia and brig. Khaled are completely different now in the eyes of the people. Khaled was seen as the pawn of India by the soldiers and the people but today’s Zia’s identity is an anti Indian patriotic freedom fighter. With out careful analysis of these realities if any impulsive action is taken that might not bring desired result. At the end Tawab said

There is now only one way to confront Zia. If possible he should be confronted politically. Any armed encounter at this moment would not be productive. This is how the meaningful meetings ended. We could know lot of valuable inner factual information. We had been listening very attentively every justified, meaningful facts and information that he revealed. There after He held one exclusive meeting with Rashid and Faruk where none of us were present so we did n ot know what all they had discussed. After two sets of meeting Tawab the Air Chief returned back with Zamir after spending rest of the time with us in a jovial atmosphere. Before leaving he asked us on return Zia would certainly want to know what messege he carried for him from us so what should be his reply? I said

Tell him by the kind curtsy of Moammar Gaddafi as the state guests we are leading a luxurious life in style. But we are also waiting anxiously when he would be arranging to take us back as promised. Also tell him even though we are having a nice time but our souls remain in Bangladesh as its not possible to sever all ties with the roots.

After Tawab’s deperture when we sat down for stock taking we found that AVM Tawab had certified our analysis of Zia and the current flow of events back home based on information that we gathered from different sources to be overwhelmingly correct. After threadbare analysis of what all Tawab had revealed we became clear about certain issues.

Gen. Zia has established an unpresidented example of brtryal deliberately taking himself away from his vow to follow the ideology and principles of Sena Parisad. Zia, the imposter and a man with evil motives cleaverly so far had been using Sena Parisad to fullfil his ambition. Immediately after he had been installed at the center of power with all the sincere efforts of Sena Parishad, Zia to perpetuate his absolute power nefariously had staged managed conspiratorial 18 or so mutiny through his course mate Gen. Mahabbat Jan Choudhury his appointed DGFI and in tipical style described in Machiaveli’s ‘The Prince’ has started brutally killing the selflessly commited tested leaders and caders of Sena Parisad as well as the patriotic officers and soldiers of the armed forces cold bloodedly to reduce the strength of Sena Parisad so that we can’t have any authority and influence over him. Everything Zia is executing under the smoke screen of bringing back stability and chain of command back within the armed forces!

  1. Having introducing the power politics of compromise with the vested interested quarters instead of pro people and nationalist politics he is up to open the flood gate of corruption in the social fibre of Bangladesh.
  2. All though Zia’s 19 points pograme is stolen from the manifesto of Sena Parisad but he would never be sincere to implement that on ground. This a ploy to catch the imagination of the people advocating such a popular propaganda. This is just a cleaver move to befool the people and get their support. Because, to implement such a revolutionary program it is imperative to take into confidence and join hands with the genuinely patriotic members of the armed forces, tested self sacrificing caders, the leaders and cadres of the parties in the political arena who are progressive and beleave in nationalist and progressive politics and religious ethics and values but zia refained from doing so and moved to appease almost demolished AWAMI-BAKSLITES in one hand to get acceptance from India and on the other heand compromiosimg with anti liberation forces he has decided to develop closer relation appease the oil rich countries of the Muslim world. At the same time with out any resolve to develop Bangladesh as to be a self reliant progressive country he has chosen the path to get sympathy of America, Britain and other Western countries at the cost of national interests to grow Bangladesh as a dependant country just only to perpituate his power.

1.To ensure absolute control over armed forces he decided to  apply ‘Divide and Rule’ policy established a fragile equation between the freedom fighters and the repatriates from Pakistan in the name unity. Thus he weakened the very spinal cord of the nation.

  1. Source of our strength was mainly Sena Parisad. Only after he voluntarily took oath touching the Holy Quran he became one of the member of Sena Parisad and pledged to work together to materialize Sena Parisad’s long drawn agenda as planned we and Sena Parisad decided to make him to be our cardinal figure and proceded against all odds step by step shielding him staking even our lives and finally succeeded to place him at the center of power through the process of historic revolutionary uprisings of 15th August and 7th November.
  2. At present even after knowing everything the way he has become adamant to anihiliate that very organization as a betrayer that might be possible for Zia but for us to betray with the blood of the martyers of the organization that we had built up with immense sacrifices and arduous struggle would never be possible. From now onwards and in future it wouldn’t be ever possible for us again to shake hands of Zia stained with blood of the martyers. Doing politics with him is also out of question.
  3. If we can’t save the lives of our fellow comrades from the killing spree of Zia that would be most unfortunate but Munafikat(Betrayal) with the blood of the martyers would shake up Allah’s seat above in heaven as well and we shall not be considered worth forgiving by the All Mighty Allah for such a grave sin.
  4. Zia is fully aware about our morality, widely known identity, acceptance, courage and efficiency, working ability so, even after making us invalied by cutting our limbs he would certainly try to keep us under his control. We got to remain alert in this regard.
  5. The way flow of events are moving in light of that it can be reasonably said The vilain Zia would not allow us to return home and challenge him as his political opponents.
  6. By kind curtesy of Zia there is every reason to apprehand that Khandakar Mushtaq’s political future would be very bright.
  7. We have to wait patiently to correctly analyse Zia’s politics. It is only Shishu Bhai who would be able to give correct guidance about our political future in view of Zia’s mind set. Therefore, the reasponsibility was imposed on me to contact Shishu Bhai if possible.

9. In view of the realities on ground, as stated by AVM Tawab a consencious decision was taken anynumously that as it would be futile to go into any armed confrontation with Zia at present it would be prudent to rule out this option totally.