On way to Dhaka at Zia’s call

Any way one day as schedule I took off for London along with Nimmi on way to Dhaka. Reaching London I learned that Rashid had reached Dhaka via Germany and Faruk reached Bangkok from Germany in waiting. As both had kept their plan secret from us I got apprehensive smelling rat. There must have been a deasign behind such a move. I informed everything to the comrades at Benghazi and instructed them to remain alert about the objective behind such a mysterious move and should remain in continuous touch for exchange of views as the situation develops.

The High Commissioner at London made all arrangements for my traveling to Dhaka. On the scheduled date I reached Heath Row Airpot to get on board a Biman flight to reach Dhaka. As the future looked uncertain, I convinced Nimmi to stay back in London.

At that time Mr. Rafiqul Islam Choudhury, my father in law was posted as the Councillor Minister at the London Mission. Basically, he was an Ex-PSP Officer, and his rank was DIG Police. During the liberation war he along with Mr. Hussain Ali defected with rest of the officers and staffs of Calcutta Mission giving their alligence to the Provisional Bangladesh Government in exile. From Pakistan days he was well known for his integrity, high moral values, honesty and an outstanding deceiplined Police officer. To understand the character of the person, I take the liberty revealing one or two incidents here.

At the end of sixties Chittagon was affected by a devastating cyclone. Loss in terms of men and material was colossal. Mr. R. I. Choudhury was then the Police Super of Chittagong. The Governor of East Pakistan was Gen. Azam Khan. Gen. Azam Khan though eas not a Bengali but was a God fearing man of rare human qualities. As an Administrator he was unmatched. His sincere concern, affection and love for the Bengalies and his loud protest against the glaring disparity and denayal of their rightful demands of the East Pakistanis by the ruling elites of the West Pakistan is still remembered with respect by the people of Bangladesh. Mr. Choudhury was working day and night tirelessly with the relief operation in the effected areas as he was deputed as the head of the operation by the Governor himself. He was staying 24 hours with the destitute and effected people in the refugee camps to share their agonies and sorrows. The Governor was so pleased with his devotion and commitment to his work that he awarded to Mr. Choudhury one residential plot of 2 Bighas in Gulshan, the most expensive and prestigious location in Dhaka. After he was told about this Mr. Choudhury met the Governor and humbly submitted to the Governor that as a paid public servant he had tried his utmost to fullfil his given assignment for that he feels degraded to receive any reward. Gen. Azam Khan was some what surprised and had said, ‘If you don’t like to take it as a free gift then pay through monthly installments.’ In reply he told

Sir, that is not also fisible after meeting all the family expenses so, he would rather request the honorable Governor to cancel the allotment of the gifted plot in his name’.

In71’ under the leadership of the Deputy High Commissioner Mr. Hussain Ali when all the Bengali officers and the staffs were holding series of meetings befoe deciding to give their aligience to the provisional Bangladesh government, Mr. R. I. Choudhury was there as the Deputy Chief of the Mission under cover. The 3ed srcretary was Mr. R. Karim Joy. In those hectic meetings it was decided that all the Bengalies would defect and take over the Mission. At that time except Mr. Choudhury rest of the members of Calcutta Mission were residing with their families. Mrs. Choudhury along with their son Bappi & daughter Nimmi were studying at the Dhaka University. Only their youngest daughter Manu used to leave with Mr. Choudhury at Calcutta. She was admitted there in the most prestigious Convent school.

Risking the lives of his immidiate family members he decided to defect as well with rest of the Bengalies but had spoke aloud in the meeting.

Indian dictated 7 points agreement on basis of which the Bangladesh provisional government has been allowed to be formed with Awami League and Pro Soviet stooges alone. It is very much doubtful if Bangladesh would be allowed to achieve genuine independence. Virtually the arrangements suggest that If at all Bangladesh is born as an independent country under this set up that wopuld be a vassal or client state of India in course of time under Awami League. None had any firm argument to counter his farsighted vision. After the news of his diffection was broad casted from many reputed foreign Media his family had to fled from Dhaka as their life became haunted in Dhaka. The hair rising escap syory of the family has been potrayed in my earlier published book Ja Dekhechi Ja Bujhechi Ja Korechi. This can also be found in the English www.majordalimbu.com and Bangla www.majordalimbubangla.com web sites as well.

Before the decision of difection Indian government assured Mr. Hussain Ali that Indian government would be financing to ensure the purses and all other diplomatic facilities and immunities of all the diplomats and the staffs of the Mission including its functional expences through the provisional government. After the diffection the Indian imtelligence agencies particularly RAW asked Mr. Choudhury to hand over all the files of his opetatives and contacts. Mr. Choudhury declined their request and sent to Pakistan High Commission at Delhi all the classified important files and burnt the rest and informed the Indian agencies that such a requeast is beyond professional ethics and Geneva convention. An eunique example of moral honesty!

I also leave it to the present generation to judge how much Mr. choudhury’s that visionary statement has become a reality in today’s Bangladesh. He infact made that profetic statement to warn his couleagues about the long drawn sinister plan and instigation of Indian government.

After 15th August Mushtaq government had taken a decision that every government servant has to go on retirement in time and no one would be given any extension. After this decision one day the President called me to inform that to complete education of my sister in law Mr. R.I.Choudhury would be required to stay in London for 2 more years after his retirement therefore, file has come from Foreign Ministry with strong recomendation to give him extension for 3 more years on compationate ground. He wanted to know my views. I told him straight that government’s decision should be equally applicable for all so any discrimination in case of my father in law would be unfair. President Mustaq was an old friend of my father in law so he wanted me to talk with him once to know his openion. In reply I said this is not needed as I know for sure he would not be unhappy at the government’s decision. Even after that Mr. President called him in front of me. Two old Pals talked to each other.

He informed the President that he would not take any extension as his problem has been resolved. The President wanted how the problem ghot resolved. Mr. Choudhury said he had talked with the British Home Office explaining his problem and requested permission to stay in UK for two more years. Against this request the British government had granted British citizenship to his entire family and issued British passports to all his dependants. I am not aware of any such miraculous incident ever happened in Britain. I think this is how the virtuous are blessed with Allah’s mercy which looks like miracle! We the human might be hesitant to give due credit to honesty but the All mighty Creater never becomes that stingy. He being provider does surley give whatever is due to any one in sme form or the other.

Mr. Choudhury did not come to see me off leaving his office but rest all came. The plane took off in time. I was scanning through a magazine. Sudenly the Chief Parser came and unexpectedly informed with due respect that I have been called at the cockpit. Instantly I thought many senior captains are friends. It might be one of them taking this flight so called me in. I got up and followed the Chief Parser inside the cockpit. As I entered I just could not believe my eyes! There I saw A.V.M. Tawab, the Air Chief occupied the captain’s seat and flying the plane.

Sir, how come you are here?

Tawab got the seat of the co-pilot next to him vacated and asked me to take that. I obeyed the order and became his co-pilot. All the crew members had left us alone and retired to their resting cabin giving us privacy to talk to each other.

Occupation of the seat took me back in time many years. I recollected the sweet memories of flying while I was a fighter pilot in Pakistan Air Force. Both of us had our basic training in the same Air Force base at Risalpur. Only difference is in experience due to the seniority. Most of the modern aircrafts flys under command of a device called Auto Pilot. The pilots take charge only during take off and landing. Rest of the time the plane flies on the datas fed by auto pilot up to destination. In between the pilot, navigator and flight engineer checkes the relivent meters and wireless communication with contact points are established on route to acertain if everything is okay and the mechanical sawan is heading towards the deastination according to the flight plan.

However if their occurs any malfunctioning which the flying machine reveals itself then the captain along with the other cockpit crews has to tacle that. If anything goes wrong with the machine the flight engineer rectifys that. Any problem in the direction, altitude or feul  problem it is the navigator who takes care of that. All the crews work under over all command of the captain. Everything in front or at the rear or on the sides are spoted on the radder. The mechanized swan is flying smoothly. We are talking in a relaxed mood.

Binan has taken this aircraft on lease, I had to come as the Aviation Minister to attend the signing cerimoney. I also took a few days opff to Germany to be with my family availing this opportunity. You know, since the terrifying incident of 2-3 November your Bhabi has decided to leave in Germany with the children. Since then from both sides we keep on shuttling as and when opportunity avails itself. You are also heading for Dhaka, what’s the matter? From his question it was quite clear that he knew other than me some of us are also going to Dhaka.

Well Sir, things happens as the Boss desires. Gen. Zia weanted me to be at Dhaka, that’s why I am on my way.

Col. Rashid and Col. Faruk are also going or not?

No Sir, it’s Rashid and me only who had been asked to go.

I see! My answer made Tawab little uneasy. Why suddenly Gen. Zia had called you?

If the answer was known then it was not required for us to travel. Any way Sir, please tell how is your Sirat Mehfil is going? You have dedicated yourself in the Dawa work that’s commendable.

That might be true but this initiative is not viewed in correct perspective by many. Some are trying to give political color to this initiative of mine.

What is Gen. Zia’s attitude towards this?

Not very clear rather mysterious. Listening to his answer I said with a smile

Sir, you always say you have no political ambition even then you are meeting with Rashid and Faruk frequently in London, Germany. You had also visited them at Tripoli couple of times. If Zia ia aware of all these covert activities then would it be unfare or unwarrented for Zia to be suspicious? Rather, I should say that would be quite natural. Why only suspicious if Zia considers you to be his contender in power politics even that would be quite rational.

I am failing to understand things with desired clarity. A kind of self confession from A.V.M. Tawab.

You will Sir, in good time. Zia is a seasoned player! Tawab became absolutely quite listning to what I had said. Tawab’s bravado I came to know on the fatefull 2-3ed November night of 1975. The game that is being played against Zia by Rashid and Faruk centering around Tawab with Gaddafi’s money would never see the light of success. We had no doubt about that in our mind what so ever. Exployting the religious sentiment of vast majority of Musilms population of Bangladesh with religious fanaticism and gingoistic slogans would not be enough to organize a political force or party in Bangladesh. Because, the Muslims of Bangladesh are God fearing ardent faithfulls but not fanatics. If this was not the case then Jamaat E Islami or any other religiors based party would have by now captured the sate power. To the majority Muslims of Bangladesh both aithism and fanaticism both are equally aversive. The leaders of these two extremes at the dictate of their foreign mantors disregarding this reality had been misleading the people with their skillful oratory and firy gingustic slogans towards religious factionalisn and fratricidal conflicts taking lives of thousands of the innocent believers.

With a heavy heart I must say, that those who after pockting foreign Petro Dollars have become self styled saviors and protectors of Islam and taken illiterate people as hostage in most of the Muslim majority countries can in fact be termed as nothing but the brokers of religion. They have no understanding in depth about the divinity of Islam nor they have have any solem dedication. The aim of all these exercise is clever manipulation of highten religious factionalism to devide and weaken the nation. Sense of strong nationalism can never take root in such a society.

The readers are aware that the British had colonized this sub continat after deafitting the Muslim rulers due to the betyrayal and direct-indirect connivance, all out support of the Hindu courtisans, Raja-Moharajas and moneyed Beniyas(Business community). In return all the land and other financial assests were taken away from the Muslims with an proclamation called ‘Permanet Settlement’ and many such ordinances and made them over night paupers. Not only that they managed to buy up some influential religious clerics who issued sermons (Fatwa) that it is a unperdanable sin (Haram) for the Muslim to embress Western education. To attain contemporary knowledge of science, philosophy, history, politics, social science, technology and evolution of human civilization written mostly in English authored by non Muslim scolars, scientists, philosophers, academics and learned lumenaries. Thus, the Muslim community was thrown into the dungeon of darkness. British funded to organize bastons of religious bigots like Deoband and Behrlvi etc by their henchmen clerics just to divide the Muslims giving birth of religious factionalism.

Devilish strategy of the British was to inspire and atract the Hindu community towards the propgressive contemporary knowledge, science and technological enovations and on the other hand through those handpicked brokers of religion they managed Muslims to remain complicent with Quran and Hadith only. Those paid agents successfully given birth of innumerable Fikras with misinterpretation of Quran and Hadiths. Because of that poisionus mechanization at present all the countries of the sub continent has become instable and untanable. With out opposing the real aggressive forces the so called Muslims divided in various Fikras are busy in bloody fratricidal wars among themselves and intoralable cruel infights among various religions draging all these countries backward into the mediaval age. Religious fanaticism and terrorism is belittling the image of real Islam through out the world. All though Islam is an religion of universal peace and humanism, a complete code of life. Let us turn towards my discussion with Tawab.

To lighten the situation I changed the topic and asked him

Sir, how is your Martial Law Administration is going on? How are you looking to the political game plan of Zia? It appears that to enhance his personal carishma, his enovative idea of going around villeges attering torn vest and spade on shoulder with his digging canals programe (Khal Katar Kormoshuchi) had worked miraculously, the nation seems to be absolutely charmed with this trick. I came to know that his 19 points pograme has also been equally wel comed by the people by and large. In this back drop what would be his next step?

Tawab did not gave any reply to my qrerries but looking towards me with a sarcustic smile said

Zia does not bother to discuss such issues with us. On such important issues his main advisors are Ge. Ershad, Gen. Mohabbatjan Choudhury, Gen. Shishu, Gen. Manjur, Gen, Mir Shawkat, apperently me and M.A. Khan, Naval Chief, Zia’s distant relative as claimed are Deputy Martial Law Administrators but all power is in the hands of Gen. Zia. The country is being run at his dictates. I heard that after ‘Yes’ ‘No’ vote on his 19 programe he would be launcging a political platform or party. In that exercise also we are just lame duck have no roll to play!

So, allow me Sir to say

by putting on shiny brasslets on the shoulders you have just added more weights but otherwise achieved nothing. Very sad and pathetic indeed! Please don’t mind Sir, feeling very suffocated so, I took the liberty saying something to make it little lighter.

A.V.M. Tawab just burst into loud laughter listnng me and said

You have got it right. At the same time he taunted me with some pinching wordsYou all are past we are on way out what an irony isn’t it? I noticed Tawab’s face was in pink and blues attaring a measurrable smile.

But I must admit with out any hesitation you all brave Heroes. You have earned a lot. But we came and shall leave empty handed with out any acheivement. The kind of cocktail is being brewed in the process of organizing the political party how much the country or the nation would be benifited from that I am not sure but Zia shall certainly usurp all powers in his fist under the garb of sham democracy that I am fore seeing very clearly. Compromise would be the cardinal factor in his political philosophy and principles. This kind of politics had been going on in Pakistan from its very inception, you know if not more but no less than me about this. At the national level compromising with interest of the vested interested quarters and their foreign masters personal and vested cotare’s interest can be easily be acheived by perpituating state power in hands but for that the national interest and self identity needs to be barterted. Like most of the countries of the 3ed world Bangladesh’s politics would be played like wise. There is no reason to beleive that defying this trend Zia would introduce any kind of revolutionary or progressive politics in Bangladesh.

His back ground says it all. He is by no means a Revolutionary, just an ordinary soldier having no political back ground like me. Straight from Jacob line, Karachi to Kakul then an officer in the Pakistan army.

His back ground says it all. He is by no means a Revolutionary, just an ordinary soldier having no political back ground like me. Straight from Jacob line, Karachi to Kakul then an officer in the Pakistan army.

It was just his good luck that he had to be chosen to make the declaratrion on 27th March from Kalur Ghat Booster Station. During the liberation war period he remained an eyesore to Indian and Bangladesh provisional government of Awami League as a cunning and highly ambitious Pakistani army officer, after independence he sustained himself in the army under your shield. Last but not the least due to the two momentus revolutionary uprisings of 15th August and 7th November discovering himself installed in the center of power. This is in short is his life history, but in this whole process how much was his own contribution? That shall ever remain a big question mark! How much attachment did he had with the soil and people of Bangladesh? Like me he can’t also clearly read or write Bangla. How much Zia and me were politically conscious? Did he or I had ever took part in the student or national politics? The correct answer would be absolutely not. Rather we must confess that we were just careerists and that was our only passion. careerists and that was our only passion.

Your stories are completely different all togather. I have come to know most of you are the protégé of political families. Involved as political activists from very young age. Besides, You all had taken initiative to read a lot on politics and practice made most of you politically conscious much before joining the army. After joing the army the ruling cleique you being an insider had the opportunity to see the misrule and blaten exploitation of the ruling cotare sharpening your consciousness even more. This is why you all had been able to take always the right decision at the right time even risking your life. The liberation war has matured each one of you politically much more than your age. People like me and Zia just can’t be compared with you all in any way. I am not ashamed at all accepting this fact.

You guys are completely of different breed than us. Though, we all served together in the same armed forces for some time but our mindset and performance were different than your’s at the need of the hour. I was quitely listening A.V.M. Tawab.

You guys are completely of different breed then us though, we all served together in the same armed forces for some time but our mindset and performance were different than your’s at the need of the hour.

You know on 2-3 November night I was simply shocked to see you and Nur at the 4East Bengal Headquarters talking to Brigadier Khaled and Shafayet Jamil fearlessly! Had I not seen with my own eyes you and Nur that night I could never beleive that any sane person could be brave enough to face the denger of death so easily. To save the country and the nation from a serious blood you both rushed to 4 Bengal HQ without caring for your lives to sort the matter out through negotiation with Brig. Khaled and his cohorts. That night I bowed my head seeing patritiosm and raw courrage that you had menifested. I  saluted you from my heart beibg senior but could not be bold enough to express my feelings in wards! But let me be very candid, that night I hated myself in shame as I considered myself to be chiken hearted and self centered person all through my life.

There was no darth of sincerity in Tawab’s immotional out burst and utterances. Though he did not openly said much about Zia but whatever he said was enough for me to know his perception about Zia. Courrage is a rare gift of Allah. At the most trying moments very few can show required courage. This is a natural phenomenon. The writer had experienced this many a times in the theatre of war and battle fields.

When A.V.M. Tawab visited us in Benghazi Rashid and Faruk some how made him convinced that taking advantage of the religious sentiment of the vast majority of Muslims in Bangladesh he must try to organize a political platform on the basis of ‘Progressive Islamic Socialism’ which has been detailed in Gaddafi’s Green Book but full of self contradictions For this venture, he would be getting as much fund that would be required. On the basis of this understanding on return, he started with Sirat Mehfils. We the members of Sena Parisad thought this venture to be a non starter so stayed away and decided to monitor their activities closely. We strongly believed that just using the religious sentiment of people no political programe can’t be implemented at the national level in Bangladesh.

On return when Tawab started his venture at that time Zia was busy setting his house in order. So, initially Tawab got some latitude to proceed with his Sirat Mehfils. But we knew it would be short lived as at the right time Tawab would become a scape goat in Zia’s hands. Rashid and Faruk would remain out of reach. From his conversation it was apparently clear that his co=existence with Zia not that cozy.

I was pondering about one thing in particular. Tawab is returning to the country after meeting both the brother in laws at Germany. Rashid is at Dhaka, Faruk is at Bangkok. All these together appeared to me an ominus sign! I thought, it would be prudent to take a decision before meeting with Gen. Zia, should the brother in laws finally take some foolish move then what would be the role of Sena Parisad and the left over revolutionaries.

I decided, reaching Dhaka first thing I must do to establish contact with the comrades at Benghazi and members and leaders of the cells within the unites of all the cantonments. I must also quickly get in touch with my friends and our well wishers at various fields political party leaders and friends in Media and social circle to have a clear grasp of the situation prevailing in the country. While I was thinking all these Tawab got ready for landing and commanded me to assist him as his co-pilot. The cockpit crews all stood by. A.V.M. Tawab landed. It was a bit heavy not much to the liking of the Test Pilot Tawab so he looked at me and said

Bloody hell! The landing was a bit heavy isn’t it?

Not much of any concern Sir.

Bloody hell! The landing was a bit heavy isn’t it?

Not much of any concern Sir.

None of the passangers could feel the difference. After landing the captain and other crews took over the control and we both returned to our seats to get ready for disembarkment. The captain brought the VVIP flight carring DCMLA at the tarmac and turned off the engines at the right place. As the doors opened I saw Minufuppu, Shapan, Bappi, Mohua and Keya are standing on thwe lawn of VIP Lounge leaninf on the rallings. Maj. Mahbub Bir Uttam was with them in uniform. Sargodian Mahbub is the nephew of Guderian Gen. Manjur Bir Uttam. Gen Manjur and Col. Ziauddin Bir Uttam popularly known as ‘Dalailama’ both were Sargodian. Good old freedom fighter friend Dr. Kamal Siddiqi (Principle Secretary to President Mushtaq Ahmed & Begum Khaleda Zia) was a Sargodian as well. Mahbub’s sister Mahmuda was Nimmi’s class mate. Since the days of liberation war being convinced with the logic about laying the foundation of the organization that would latter become Sena Parisad and the necessity to prepare for the future struggle against Indian hegemony and people’s emancipation our philosophy and ideals he became one of us and got deeply involved in our covert organizational activities.

In this context some kind of special relation had developed between us and Maj. Mahbub. After independence we all got engaged to rebuild Commilla Cantt and raising the 33Brigade with tireless efforts. After lot of controvercy, argument and counter arguments finally Mujib government had to concede to the pressure of the freedom fighters and agreed initially to raise 5 Infantry Brigades and relivent supportive units along with neucleous of Airforce and Navy.

From the war torne devasteded newly independent Bangladesh, our ‘Friendly Allyed Indian Forces’ had looted most sofosticated top of the line and state of art war materials, armaments and equiptments worth 16000 Crores of Taka left over by the surrendered 97 thousand strong Pakistan armed forces as war booty. They even were not hesitant to take away all electric and senitary fitiings and furnitures from every cantonment. They had also looted all the precious inported and export materials stagged at the land and sea ports. The Indian army supported by the Awami League looted all the shops, mills, factories and took away dismantaling all the machinaries including spare parts and raw materials from all over Bangladesh. Ruling party assisted the Indian armed forces in this looting spree with the consent of puppet government installed in the seat of state power by India. Many freedom fighters had became victims and had to bear the wreth of the government for oppossing such blatend loot and plunder. For the same reason a valient freedom fighter commander major Jalil was arrested at the order of Bangladesh Government. However, against the fierce commotion within the freedom fighters within the armed forces and out side, the government had to release him unconditionally.

With a plea to secure Sheikh Mujib and his government the Indian government wanted Indian armed forces to have a long time foothold in Bangladesh under the 25 years Treaty of slavery. That ios why all the cantonments were handed over to the Indian armed forces. The Awami League government issued an order for the freedom fighters to surrender their arm to the nearest Indian army unit and take Rs 50 as travelling expense to go back to the places they had come from and say good bye. The 3 regular Brigades Z, S, K, forces were kept scatered in places far away from the main cities and towns specially Dhaka. Mukti Bahini were kept close to the border areas totally uncared. Such a humiliating decision of the Awami government was not accepted by the most of the freedom fighter commanders. Specially, those politically conscious freedom fighters who were not ready at any cost to accept Indian domination and were organizing themselves to fight the treal liberation war against the Indian design to turn Bangladesh into a client state or if need be to annex the country to fullfill their cherished dreem of ‘Akhand Varat’ under the cover of liberation war against the Khan Senas(Pak Army)’. At that crucial moment it were they who decided to launch co-ordinated guerrila actions all over Bangladesh on the positions of Indian armed forces and their local collaborators to shatter their morale and fighting spirit to the extent that both Bangladesh and Indian governments become unnerved and forced to decide to pull out all Indian troops from Bangladesh before the prerei fire spreads and engulf the entire North Eastern Reagion of India. Every night hundreds of the occupation force and the lootersof allyed Bahinis were being killed.Mujib and his mentor Indira both became nervous! Such out right loot and plunder opened the eyes of the Bangladeshis. They started looking with suspicion towards ‘Friendly’ India and its real design on Bangladesh. They realized they entered Bangladesh not to help in rebuilding the war ravaged country but devoring whatever was left.

The freedom loving people of Bangladesh stood by the oppossing freedom fighters who dared to fight against the occupation Indian forces and it’s ally prviding support in every possible way. This anti Indian feeling of the people and guerrilla operations completely shattered the resolve and morale of the Indian forces.

Most of the Bangladeshis thought that tey would ever remain greatful and rever our friendly neighbor India for its help and humanetarian assistance during the period of our liberation war but should India tries to turn Bangladesh into a client state than we would be ready to  sacrifice more blood if need be but shall never allow to fullfil their that neferious dream. Evry patriot had the same thing to say the independence has not been acheived to be slaves of India instead of Pakistan. The independence has been acheived sacrifising blood of timming millions therefoe, if need be we shall hold the hard earned independence at any cost with whatever sacrifices it demands. This is how from the very onset anti Indian sentiment and haterate started brewing in the heart of freedom loving Bangladeshis more and more with the passage of time. On the other hand according to the UN charter most of its member countries were reluctant to recognize Bangladesh as an independent country when foreign armed forces (Indian armed Forces) were present in the country. The argument was due to presence of Indian armed forces the piece of land called Bangladesh was considered by most as the ‘occupied territory’ of Pakistan. To resolve this fiasco Indira and Mujib were forced to decide to withdraw the Indian armed forces from Bangladesh.

In this regard also there is no darth of Awami League government to distort history. Their propaganda hjad been that on return from Pakistan it was Mujib who demanded that Indira should take back all Indian forces from Bangladesh forthwith and Indira complied with. Awami League in their orchested propaganda had been harping that this happened to a big success of Mujib! The shamefull cut throat competition between the top political leadership in this regard gives a feeling that they consider the people as fools. They seem to have even forgotten that all these false propagandas would be thrown into the gutter of history.

After the forced departure of Indian troopas from the soil of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujib decided at the advise of India to raise an ill famed most mordern para military force 19 thousand strong called ‘Rakkhi Bahini’, comprising of BLF, Kaderia Bahini and other private Bahinies under the influential Awami League leaders and caders. This force was oprganized, trained, equipted, financed and sustained by India. This force was exclusively placed under the Prime Minister and commanded by his Principle Secretary Mr. Tofayel Ahmed. Though under pressure from the patriotic freedom fighters Mujib conceded to raise 5 Infantry Brigages, supporting armes and afiliated unites and nucleous of Airforce and Navy comprised with the freedom fighters and repatriated officers and soldiers, he and his mentor India could never trusted the national defence forces as their cherecter was not pro establishment but pro people, country and national interest was supreme to them not the interest of any vested interested quarters or of any particular political party.

Some senior officers from airforce came to receive the Air chief. We  all moved inside the VIP lounge together. After uncertain prolong stay abroad I had come home so every one immotionally embrassed me with love and tears. I introduced everyone to A.V.M. Tawab. As he got introduced with Shapan he said

I understand, you are one of the most daring freedom fighter who has been decorated as Bir Bikram for gallentry. The guerrilla Band which conducted most of the fierce operations against Pak Army in Dhaka city, you happen to be one of the leaders of that guerrilla Band. I have come to know that after passing out from Indian Military Academy at Derahdoon you declined every one’s request and refused to join Bangladesh Army and started your own business. In reply Shapan said

Sir, all my comrades in the guerrila band were brave and selflessly dedicated freedom fighters. I was one of them. So, if anything that we had acheived for that the credit should go to all not me alone. Besides,  before the war graduating from Beirut University and returning home after completing higher education from Germany I had established my own business and along side was doing my MBA from Dhaka University. At that jungture the war started and me along with my close friends joined the war to liberate the country. The Independence has been acheived so, I have returned to my own business. I have lost many of my dear comrades! None of us had joind the liberation war with an aim to join the armed forces after the independence.

Shapan, Shahdad Choudhury(Shacho), Fateh Ali, Bodi, Rumi, Kazi Kamal, Badal, Chullu, Alam, Samad, Azad, Ulfat, Tayyab Ali, Meyoa, Fazle, Baccuh, Mokhtar were the main members of this daring and fearful Guerrilla Band organized and trained in sector two and had been operating under its command.

They became haunted terror and night mare in the mind of the members of the Pak Army in Dhaka by carring out unbelievable operations one after another right at the heart of the city under broad day light. The ferocity of their operations sent cold shiver through the spines of the sheet scared Generals at the Kurmitola Headquarters. They were called as ‘Mukti’ by the people as well as Pak Army. The situation was taken to the extent by this fearless Guerrilla Band that if the tree leaves were moved by blowing breez the Khan Senas used to get so scaered that they used to run out of their position saying the Muktis have come! Some people used to call them as ‘Bicchus’. As soon as Tawab came to know that Shapan was trained in Germany, he started talking with him in German for some time then he looked at me and said

He is very sharp and bright young man, I am impressed.

In reply I said

Sir, all of his comrades were the brightest lot in the Dhaka University. All were stars in real sense of the term. Immigration formalities were over and luggage had come so it was time to leave. As we begged leave from the Air Chief, he said

Hopefully, we shall be meeting again before you leave? And Shapan, do remain in touch.

If situation permits. This is how we departed and reached Mali Bagh.

He is very sharp and bright young man, I am impressed.

Sir, all of his Comrades were the brightest lot in the Dhaka University. All were stars in real sense of the term. Luggeses have arrived so it is time to leave. When I begged leave from A.V.M. Tawab he said

I am sure we shall meet again before you leave? Shapan, do remain in touch.

If the opportunity avails itself. Saying so, we all departed and reached Mali Bagh.

Reaching home I found everyone there was axiously waiting for my arrival. Each one fired the same question, why did I not bring Nimmi along? In short I replied evaluating the impending situation I decided to leave her behind at London with Khalamma and all. After a while Mahbub whispered

Sir, kindly inform Shishu Bhai about your safe arrival. While talking he picked up the receiver and dailed a number and handing me over the receiver said that Shishu Bhai is on the line.

Assalamualaikum, Shishu Bhai Dalim here.

Wassalam, nice to hear you, how was the flight?

Not bad but interesting!

Great! Listen do come over at the residence at the evening we shall dine togather. Tony, Laju, Kaju all are anxiously waiting to meet Nimmi. Haven’t brought Nimmi along, I left her at London.

Why? You could bring her quite easily to meet the near families.

I could, but was not too sure what is on the card. So, left her at London with out taking any risk.

I see! Any way you are coming at my place in the evening. One more thing, Mahbub being one of your closest has been placed at your disposal. He would be at your beak and call. He would be doing everything that you want at any time you call for. He is your full time companion if you like, rest over dinner.

As you desire Shishu Bhai, thanks a lot, I droped the phone.

As I finished Mahbub said

Sir, I shall beg leave now saying so he passed on a chit with two telephone numbers. I shall escort you to Shishu Bhai’s residence, just give me a call when you are set to go.

Okay fine, Thanks for everything.

Okay fine, Thanks for everything.

He gave me a warm hug and took leave from every one and left. Mahbub is well aquented with the family. Abba suddenly said

Mahbub would be your all time companion that gives me lot of comforts! The country is in a mess. Stability within the armed forces is yet to be restored fully. Meanwhile, one day Zia through Shishu sent a request to see him and urged to help him politically. He wants to form a political party based on his 19 points programe. I found some sincereity in his approach so, I, Shamsul Huda Choudhury, Shah Aziz, Jadu Mia and few other old friends and colleagues accepted his request and working to form the party. BKSAL and anti Indian hegemony would be the cardial philosophy of his politics as we understand. If he is true to what he says then we should help him. Besides, Zia is one of you that is known to almost every one concerned. Mustaq had also tried to pull us to join his party. But in our assessment we think Zia as of now is more popular than Mushtaq. So, Zia is going to be the winner in the election. But Mushtaq shall stand out to be the leader of a strong opposition party and thus after election he would become the leader of the opposition. AWAMI-BKSALITES would virtually be extinct before the election due to factionalism on the question of leadership. Already the party is in deseray and inable to hold its convention, what do you say?

Abba, after leaving abroad for quite long had just came back. Therefore, with out knowing and understanding anything I do not want to make any comment. But Zia is a srewed player. I think he would be doing his politics after compromising with India so, Awali League would be wither away all together that presumption might not be proven to be correct. All of you are old politicians so you are compitant enough to take prudent decision. In such case I do not think you should be dependant on my views to take any decision. Whatever you would find correct you should feel free to do that. But do know one thing, every human being is prone to change. It is equally applicable for Zia as well. Don’t get surprised if you see one fine day that Zia himself welcoming Hasina back to Bangladesh ending her exile in India and rehabilitates Awami League once again in the main stream of national politics under her leadership.

How could it be possible?

In the politics of power everything is possible. Besides, in the prevailing politics there is nothing known as the ‘last word’.

Why Zia had called for you?

He weants to discuss about our future.

What there could be to discuss about?

That I don’t know. He being now the Boss has summond so here we are!

A call came for Abba. Attending the call he said

I got to go out, you take some rest. From tomorrow you would almost become invigible! Be careful and keep your eyes and ears open. As he left, every one laughed. Keya said

You know Bhaiya, bands of soldiers keeps comming of and on to enqire our wel fare. Most are your die hard followers. They had been requesting us that we should ask you to return home. They were also disapointed as to why are we waiting for Zia’s call! They sounded doutful about Zia’s intention.

Is that so?

Quite so.

After this we had our lunch and then laused around for a while and said

let me be off now. Mohua please get the phone to my bed room as I need to make some important calls to prepare myself before encountering Zia.

Mohua is cool operater and very wise. Like Nimmi she is also lady with few words. Perhaps that’s why they are also best of friends. Within minuites she fixed up my room and came back. As I stood up Mohua said

Bhaiya this car and the driver will remain stand by here for you 24 hours.

Was it necessary?

May be not but this arrangement shall be in force till you are in Bangladesh.

Okay, as you desire.

I entered my room and locked the door and started making calls one after another. Leaders, Caders of Sena Parisad, officers, soldiers who were still alive in different cantonment, confidants in the University, cultural field, Media, bureaucracy, business circle, trust worthy youth and student leaders and workers, leaders and activists of different nationalist and religious political parties, labor unions, like minded friends from different circles were contacted to know the over all prevailing situation in the country, Zia and his intention as well as people’s perception about Gen. Zia. They gave their sincere openion and observation. From every quarter though I got a mixed feeling but almost all who were politically concious had said one thing in common that Zia would play the same old game of politics of power by remaining within the influence of India and other world powers and maintaining statusco withe vested interested quarters of the country through compromise. Zia would not go for any revolutionary step to bring in any fundamental change in the socio economic sectors. His poitics would also not be pro-people as expected. Such politics of compromise and apeasement would bring how much good to the country and the nation that is hard to say but one thing can be said quite surly that this kind of politics would certainly flung open the door for his own family and immediate family members and his chosen political leaders of the party to make enormous fortune over night. Cleaverly he would keep himself above any physical corruption and would allow his party leaders and workers to be corrupt so that he can keep all of them within his fist as ‘yesmen’. This how he will usurp all power and run the state at his whims. There would be no voice of decent or oposition within his party. Under the cloke of democracy Zia would emerge as one of the most dreadful autocratic  leader.

For power how much cruel Gen. Zia, the man who believes in hear say can be that he had already manifested by cold blooded murder of around 3000 revolutionary members and leaders in the armed forces through stage managed dramas of uprising against his regime orcastered by his trusted cronies heading the intelligence agencies. The dead bodies in uniform and boots were buried in the mass graves at different cantonments in the darkness of night under strict secrecy and vigilence. Most of the friends however opined that the gimic he has created establishing mass contact with the story of his broken suite case, torne vest and walking around the villages with the sped on his sholdier would be short living. People though had been enchanted to some extent with his such enovative cunning ploy at the beginning but would be catching his bluff very quickly. Many had informed that he had already established contact with India through Dr. Kamal and had decided to rehabilitiet Awami Leauge under the leadership of Hasina in the main stream of politics once the multy party politics resumes at the national level to appease India. The consequence of such an ominus decision would be horrifying for the country and the nation. If such a suicidal decision is taken just for power sake then Zia, the patriot who made the declaration of independence in’71 would be judged by the history as an opportunist, national traitor, blood thirsty power monger hypocrite. His own ending would also be very pathetic indeed!

I informed everything to my comrades at Benghazi and wanted to know their views on the role of Sena Parisad and myself in such a complex situation. Comrades gave their aninamous views. They said

Present situation is more complicated and delicate than 2-3 November. Keeping this in mind Sena Parisad must be kept aloof from any cionflict with Zia for tactical reason. Not only that should two brother in laws takes any untowards reckless move then they should be told candidly that Sena Parisad would have nothing to do with that kind of action and if need be Sena Parisad would go against them and would do whatever possible to thowart any such adventurism for the greater interst of the country. Zia might be benifited at such decision but we must remain firm to our principles that the interest of the country and the nation is above the interest of any individual. The way Zia is dragging the national politics we must wait for the opportunity to face him politically.

It is a irony of fact that taking the advantage of Col. Taher and the cells of his Biplobi Shoinik Sangstha’s senseless killing of few officers within the armed forces in the name of infantile class struggle Zia’s indiscriminate killing of the members of the armed forces considered to be his opponants with out fair trial did not get acceptability to the ordinary members of the armed forces and the people of the country at large. He used the same opportunity to organize meticulously planned 18-19 stage managed coupd’etats and martyared almost 3000 members of Sena Parisad of various ranks, ordinary patriotic officers and soldiers, freedom fighters and like minded leaders and workers of various nationalist and Islamist organisartions within the civil society. He thrown many in Jails and sent home on compulsory retirement. This is how Zia had cunningly cleared the thorns on his way to power.

As the common people are not aware of these facts sly Zia still could manage to maintain an image that he is one of us. Against such back drop, if we indulge into any confrontation with him that wouldn’t be palatable to the people and every possibility would be whatever streanth Sena Parisad still have within the armed forces that too would be totally eliminated in the process. Both our image and streanth would also be turnished. Shishu Bai’s prudent advice in this regard deserves serious consideration. In view of their valid rational considerations the decision taken at Dhaka was at this point of time Sena Parisad shall not get involved in any encounter with Zia rather it will take stand against any such encounter.

After the sun set Mahbub escorted me at the residence of Shishu Bhai. Shishu Bhai wasn’t back home yet. Tony Bhabi, Laju, Kaju all literally charged me why did I not bring Nimmi along. I could manage to passify them in simpliest terms. Shortly Shishu Bhai arrived after hearing from Mahbub that I had come. Usually he never returns home before mid night Tony Bhabi informed earlier. The whole day long at the JAGO DAL office he remains bussy in political altracation, marathon meetings of burgaining and compromise. With all these relentless hassels he returned home completely shattered and fagged out.

Shishu Bhai you are looking very tired.

Don’t mention that. The JAGO DAL office can only be compared with a fish market if you like. All the leaders of different parties and organisations are awafully selfish and oppurtunists. All these splintered doves have no loyalty to anything but only running a rat race to further their self interest over the shoulder of one another if need be stabbing at the back. Most of their charecters are avorsive and filthy. How low one can stoop down for self interest that I couldn’t have realised had I not accepted this responsibility. For me, this assignment has provided with an amazing oppurtunity to gather unique experiences about human nature! Please allow me few minuites to freshen up would you?

Sure, plese go ahead and take your time.

Shishu Bhai begged leave and returned shortly.

How are you and the others doing at Benghazi?

To be honest Shishu Bhai, we havn’t changed and remain to be the same as before.

You could bring Nimmi along.

Yes, I intended to but later decided to leave her at London with Khalamma and all.

It appears Rajputin’s time is passing in a mix of good and bad?

Beleive you me Dalim, I have already become disapointed. How can the destiny of the cuntry and the nation can be changed for better with this kind of mistivious and corrupt leaders and workers!

But Gen. Zia, the present strongman had considered these lot more trustworthy than us and decided to do politics with them. Shishu Bhai thought for a while and said

The outsiders might think whatever they feel like about me but to you all my outer and inner selves are equally transparent so I am telling you with out any hesitation, I am totally frustrated with the current state of affairs, you guys had created an tremendous opportunity to build a self respecting and self relient progressive nation but that opportunity would be lost. The kind of politics Zia is going to introduce that wouldn’t be good enough to secure national independence and sovereignity. To change the fate of the people for better the kind of fundamental revolutionary changes are required in socio economic sectors would not be possible for Zia to implement. Though from the point of human and natural resources Bangladesh is  very much a prospective nation.

I am totally frustrated with the current state of affairs, you guys had created an tremendous opportunity to build a self respecting and self relient progressive nation but that opportunity would be lost. The root cause of such unfortunate consequence would be the wrong politics of Zia. His politics would be just like most of the other underdeveloped countries of the world. Be it a despotic regime of military-civil bureaucratic combine, under the disguise of sham democracy an autocracy or a family plutocracy whatever that would be controlled by the vested interested quarters and their foreign masters against the interest of the vast majority of people and the country. Thus all pious dreams and expectations would turn into mirage! People would be attracted towards the golden deer but it would be kept always beyond their reach by the powerful ruling and social elites. I have no doubt in my mind in this regard what so ever. I apprihand, Zia would have to pay heavily for his mistaken ideas. Along with the country and the nation his plight is going to be very pathetic and miserable! I have my own limitations otherwise, perhaps I would have been one of you! This short comming still bugs me a lot. My innerself is humiliated and at times I feel very small of myself. To one of my most trusted buddy I am lightening myself. So, please don’t interrupt but allow me to say said Shishu Bhai in a soaked voice.

Even then I tried to cosole him

Shishu Bhai why are you getting so up set? Taking all the risks and with out caring for our lives whatever we had done for that we have become captives in Zia’s hand to day, if you would have joined us then perhaps your fate would have been the same like us.

Shishu Bhai was furious. Not at all. Had I been one of you during war and revealed to you all the charecter traits of Zia with facts and rationale then in no way you would have accepted Zia to be the ralling figure of your organization and in that case long drawn arduous activities, selfless sacrifices wouldn’t have been betrayed and gone down the drain. Shishu Bhai while opening his innerself became quite immotional. I could see his eyes were getting wet. He was not bothered about any thing and kept on talking his heart out and I was listening quitely.

Though, I am a weak person, Your Shishu Bhai would tell you certain thing that you must remember. Only the time would prove the truth of what I am going to tell. Unprecedented selfless patriotism, prudence, foresight and vision, morale and human character, spirit of self sacrifice and politically revolutionary ideals and philosophy and unflinching commitment to fight for the rights of the have nots relentlessly disregarding the red eyes of the powerfulls is the only way to implement the spirit of ’71 and dream of hundreds and thousands of martyers and millions of suffering down trodden. It is only in this revolutionary prossess it would be possible to build a genuinely independent, self reliant, progressive, happy and prosperous Bangladesh.

For a short while the ill informed vast majority of the countrymen, sold out intellectuals and the self styled leaders of civil society being attracted to the alms thrown towards them by the present government which represents the local vested interested groups and their foreign mentors in cash or kind might potray you as desired by them but one day the Bangladeshies shall be able to dig out all the factual truth and on that day of judgement on their scale if Mujib and Zia are placed on one side of their scale and on the other you all then you all would be identified as the national heroes and both Mujib and Zia would be thrown into the dustbin of history as the national traitors.

I sat dumb founded! Shishu Bhai, whom we had been at times teasingly called ‘Nabalok Bhai’ and being very close often we used to make fun out of his cowardise. Apperently one of Zia’s most trusted person and ‘Rajputin’ of Bangladesh that very Shishu Bhai to day has been imbued with what spirit that is forcing him making such self confesssion! Our relation is not of any give and take it had never been. True love and trustworthyness happens to be the bondage between us. I presumed this had irrupted his accumulated dorment feelings in view of prevailing flow of events. His conscience is refusing to accept all the activities that are being done by Zia and his cohorts. I could not find any mockery in his sincerity so, love and respect that I charished for him had deepened further unknowingly. If Allah willing He can cjange the mind and heart of any person instantly. I had to accept today’s Shishu Bhai is a glaring example of that devine saying.

Tony Bhabi came and said the food has been served. Shishu Bhai showed me the way to the dinning room. Tony Bhabi has already called Mahbub. On the table I noticed varity of dishes of small fishes of different kind which I like the most. Besides, different kind of smashed vegitables(Vorta) and home made pickle(Chatnis)were also served. I was amazed at the luxury of the items and delicacies and exclaimed

What have you done Bhabi!

I know the dog can’t digest the pure butter that is why such selections. We all laughed. Taking the advantage of the situation Shishu Bhai taunting towards me said jockingly

I was not aware that the conosure of good food Dalim, had also de-classed himself as well in the mean time as far as food is concerned!

Stop it and start eating as the things are getting cold. She herself very affectionately started serving me with the items that I like. After  finishing our dinner we returned to the sitting room again. Nimmi had bought some gifts for all so, I called Bhabi, Laju Kaju who came into the sitting room and received the gifts. On board I bought some stuff for dear Shishu Bhai from Sky shop that I handed over to him. Every body liked their presents but Bhabi asked

Why Nimmi had to do all these, it was not necessary at all?

Some tocken of love and affection I presume.

My God, you are even a step forward than Nimmi! But I must admit Nimmi has a taste.

How very intelligent you are, the whole of Dhaka city knows what you are telling Dalim. Now, please leave us alone as we have something important matters to discuss requested Shishu Bhai. Bhabi took Laju and Kaju along and left us alone. But Laju and Kaju both before leaving gave me a warm hug and kisses.

I heard you and A.V.M. Tawab came from London in the same flight?

Yes, he himself had flown the newly leased aircraft. We both were at the cockpit and reached Dhaka talikbg all the way.

What did you talked about?

I explained everything in short and said

Shuishu Bhai, If two brother in laws finally take some unscrupulous action then what do you expect us to do?

Rashid had refused Zia’s offer. He informed Zia clearly if Zia does not bring them meaning by Rashid and Faruk back in the army as had promised they would not accept any government assignment.

Whatever Zia had done within the armed forces in that back drop it would not be possible for him to bring you all back and rehabilitate in the army. At the same time if you all remain togather anywhere in the world that is also a matter of serious head ache to him. All though he had taken a vow to act togather politically with the aim and spirit of 15th August but again that is also not possible for him now. Specially, after compromising with India on the condition to bring back Hasina exiled in India and revive Awami League afresh in the main stream of national politics under her leadership, it is impossible for him to do politics with you all and Sena Parisad.

Now Zia is trying to make every one that he had no connection with the revolutionary uprising of 15th August and killing of Mujib. All though, after being freed he realized very well that the main force behind the Sipahi Janatar Biplob on 7th November and the 15th August was the same that is Sena Parisad. On 7th November Col. Taher’s Biplobi Shoinik Shongstha was just a supportive force to Sena Parisad. He is also fullyaware that both these historic events are the links of the same chain.

The Indian Chanakys have corectly assessed Gen. Zia. They realised that Zia is no revolutionary. His politics would be guided by compromise for power and therefore, for his own interest he would be forced to compromise with India. At the same time he would try to eliminate selectively the genuine nationalists and Islamists from the armed forces and other sectors of the society to perpituate the sate power. Their analysis has proven to be right!

As Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed refused Zia’s request to take over again the responsibility of the President of the Republic after 7th November, it became easier for Zia to take all powers in his hand keeping Justice Sayem as the show piece President for a while and then throw him out of Banga Bhaban. Then he started the inhuman blood bath. Ruthlessly he killed around 3000 members of the armed forces with out trial after mechanising stage managed anti government uprisings. Many leaders and workers of different patriotic political parties and groups were also killed and jailed. By doing so, Zia is thinking that he has consolidated his power base within the armed forces by minimising the streanth of Sena Parisad. Shishu Bhai’s sayings were not unknown to us. His sayings only proved correct what all we knew.

Gen. Zia is thinking there is none to challenge his power. He is leaving in fool’s paradise. He does not know, the revolutionaries can be killed but it is impossile to kill the spirit of revolution. The way within the armed forces, resentment and anger against his barbaric atrocious cold blooded masacare is fuming if at one point it errupts then what would happen to zia that is not of any concern. What we are concerned with if at the Indian instigation, direct or indirect assistance Zia had done whatever he had, then where the fate of the country and the nation is going to be sealed!

Shishu Bhai, I can see you have by now already become a political analyst and philosopher!

Nothing of that sort. I just tried to present to you the factual truth of the flowing events as I understand. There is no question here of any gain or loss. I adore your courrage, self sacrifice, patriotism and uncompromsing traits of your charecters. I love you all from the core of my heart and beleive your values and principles.

I was listning what he had been saying with a smile of gratification. Shishu Bhai noticing that smile said

are you teasing, well, you have every reason to do so.

Not the least. I am trying to discover a new Shishu Bhai! But you haven’t said what would be appropriate for us to do?

I had said it before and saying it again

Each one of you are very precious stones. Out of 8-10 Crores of people if some one tries to find as much dedicatedly commited pro people elements like you he wouldn’t find none that I can vouch with my experience that I have gathered. All your adversaries are keeping a close watch on you so, at present don’t fall into any trap and finish yourselves.

It is quite late and you got to go to the office early in the morning so let us call it a night. Shishu Bhai was walking along up to the parked car. I said while stralling

The way you have placed us so high I fear, we don’t fall flat!

Look Dalim, what I said wasn’t a joke, I meant each word of it and you must take them seriously.

Okay Sir, Thanks for everything also to Bhabi for such a sumptuous dinner. Take care, Allah Hafez.

Same to you, get in touch whenever you want.

Wilco. Do remember me in your prayers.

If Allah gives me ever the opportunity and fortitude then I shall definitely reveal this aspect of our ‘happy go lucky type’ Shishu Bhai to the fellow countrymen In Sha Allah.

Look Dalim, what I said wasn’t a joke, I meant each word of it and you must take them seriously.

Okay, Thanks for everything also to Bhabi for such a sumptuous dinner. Take care, Allah Hafez.

Same to you, get in touch whenever you want.


Shishu Bhai embressed me warmly before opening the door of the car. I got in. Mahbub sat beside me. As the driver started the car, Shishu Bhai came closer to the side window and said

May be you would be called by Gen. Zia at his CMLA’s office.

Not for Court Marshal I suppose!

Who would face what kind of trial and punishment that is known to Allah alone said Shishu Bhai. We three laughed aloud and the driver sported a quite smile. After reaching Mali Bagh Mahbub asked

Sir, should I stay back?

Are you mad! Is it palatable to be so coward? Besides, this whole area is ours. Why are you forgetting that the Khan Senas(Pak Army) raided this house but failed to get Shapan.

Fine Sir, but a few plain clothed soldiers would be guarding the house, I shall not listen to any reservation that you might be having in this regard. The way Mahbub looked at me, it was hard to disagree so, laughingly I said

Hope I don’t die in the cross fire. Mahbub smiled quietly and said

If Chief calls then call me and I shall be here to escort you upto his place.

Okay, Allah Hafez.

Allah Hafez, Mahbub left.

As I entered Keya’s room I found Mohua, Keya, Munni are all gossiping around the Paan Plater and waiting for my return. Keya came forward and put a paan in my mouth and said

Bhaiya,(as they all adress me) we have some serious discussion with you lets go up to Shapan Bhaiya’s room as we don’t want Abba should hear about our discussion.

Thats fine, but Mahua wouldn’t you go home? It is already so late!

I shall be leaving in Mali Bagh as long as you are in the country. I have told about this to Litu and my mother in law. I brought along Bishal as he remains much happier at Mali Bagh, so no problem. This arrangement is to look after you as aunty would not be able to manage everything alone.

Why? There is a hard of old trained people at home so what is the problem? Anyway, lets go up staire to Shapan’s room. On the carpeted floor of Shapan’s bed room we all sat comfortably with cousions of different size.

Mahua started

You know Bhaiya after you all had left the country the soldiers loyal to you used to visit us quite often to know our welfare. Every one had to say the same and request us to tell you not to wait for Zia but return to the country forthwith as they are becoming suspicious about Gen. Zia day by day. They thought Zia don’t want to bring you back. As the things are moving their suspicion can’t be ruled out off the cuff.

Trying to console the defeated revolutionary isn’t it?

What did you say? A defeated revolutionary? The revolutionary process has not come to an end. It is going on and shall continue to go on. So the question of victory and defeat is very much irrelivent here.

Zia is digging his own grave, interrupted Keya.

Keya is right. Zia has to pay his debt for his Munafikat but that is not the issue for me to be bothered about. Revolution would not be dying with Zuia’s death. Revolution is a natural flow of event in the political history of mankind.

Good heaven! Being a Millionaire’s wife you are talking about revolution, I am realy confused!

Why? If you can be a revolutionary born with a golden spoon in your mouth then whats wrong if your sister becomes a revolutionary?

At present those who had accumulated enormous wealth through unfair means and misuse of power and position had already made the society captive in their fist. Whatever they have erned leagaly or illeagaly is from the national resources but most of them all are traitors. Their heart and soul are croocked void of any morality. I might be the wife of a Novo rich but I have a self identity. I have not mortgaged myself to any one. I am educated so, whatever I am today for that I should be indebted to my country, I have the capacity to understand that. Therefore, it is my obligation and responsibility to think anout the country and the people. Can you deny that? Besides, in the independence war did we had no contribution at all? Were we not been persecuted? Did we not take the risk of our life? These are well known facts to all. Bhaiya, you are learned, vast is your knowledge as you read a lot. In this back drop I being your sister would like to say that in the revolutionary struggle there would be ups and downs but for that it would not be correct to get demoralized. Accepting all the hard realities one must endeavor to move ahead. You can’t just withdraw yourself from the struggle. The nation expects a lot from you all. You might not know this being away from the country but we know this very well. If you have faultered then face it with practical acumen not immotion.

Upright and brave but calm and quite natured Mahua can hourber such spark within herself that is really very hard to fathom. There might be millions of hearts where such pieces of char coal is burning dormently. To accumulate these pieces of burning char coal creating a praire fire is the key to success of the revolution. I diverted the topic and asked Shapan

How is your business going?

Going well. After 15th August as you and Nur Bhai wanted I closed down SANS INTERNATIONAL and concentrated in import and export under my company’s name. Simulteniously, I am thinking to get into riverain transportation. My own designed machine to produce barbed wire, nails, screws, nuts and bolts has been purchased by Meher Industry paying a handsome price. With that money two steel plated double decker launches are being constructed as per my own design again. Each would have the capacity to carry 500 passangers. The root I have selected is from Sadar Ghat via Chandpur up to Barishal and back. I presume the capital return within eighteen months maximum. If that happens then shall go for two more. After 3-4 years if all goes well then I shall sell off those and under ‘Bonded House System’ I shall go for a joint venture to produce readymade garments factory either with Korea, Hongkong or Taiwan. This is a labor intensive field and most of the workers would be female. This would be 100% export oriented business. So, earnings would be in foreign currencies.

In Hong Kong and Singapore many Korean and Taiwanese companies have opend up offices to facilitate business in this sector. I shall chose some reputed one for the joint venture through them. Jhilu Bhai(Nurul Kader Khan EX-CSP) is also thinking the same.

About business Shapan’s foresight and prediction is beyond doubt. Whatever he might decide to do that would be done with utmost caucious deliberation. In 1974 Mujib’s government took the decision to sack selected 62 officers from the armed forces presumably for their anti government sentiment under PO-9(Presidential Order No-9). I and Nur were heading the list of first lot of 12 officers who were sacked. After sacking Mujib called me and Nur to Rd No32 and told that he would be ready to do anything to get us established in the society. If we want to do business then we could do business with his brother Sheikh Naser being his partners or else if we want to go abroad on diplomatic assignment then he would be ready to send us where ever we want to go. We humbly refused his offers and came out. Thereafter, we had been thinking what we should do to maintain our families.

At that critical juncture Shapan was generous offering us to join him in business. One of our very close comrade and valiant freedom fighter officer Col. Akber Hussain before being sacked had resigned and had joined us. Col. Akber, the son of Sajed Mokhtar of Comilla was a child hood friend. Coined with the initial letter of the four names of ours a company at the office of Shapan on the Toyenbee Circular Road SANS INTERNATIONAL LTD was born. Within a very short time, because of covert sympathy and patronization of many well wishers our business was flourishing faster than we had immagined. This had solved our bread and butter problem. At that point of time, Haider Akber Khan Rono, Rashed Khan Menon, Kazi Zafar and Col. Akber formed a new political party named United People’s Party. In short UPP. They requested us to join hands with them. Welcoming their intitiative we had told them

We all are same in our political philosophy and principles so, you go ahead in your own ways and we shall do the same in opur way and surely at the right time for the greater cause of the country and nation we would very easily be able to march together shoulder to shoulder. Meanwhile, to avoid the on slaught Maj. Shahriar had also resigned and on Shapan’s advise opened an electronic items and reparing shop named SHERRY ENTERPRIZE on the Airport Rd. His business also caught the wind quite easily within a short span of time.

Suddenly Shapan said

Listen Dalim, I would like to say something quite important. I don’t know why Zia had called you. But the present reality is that Zia had been trying to up root your streanth within the armed forces in some pretext or the other from the day he had been reinstalled in the center of poqwer as the Army Chief. Whatever understanding you might have had that carrys no meaning to Zia of today. Not only that, now he considers you to be the main obstacle on this way to usurp the state power. He had nothing to do with 15th August that kind of propagandas are being systematically being carried at his signal. Zia even is not hesitating to address Mujib as ‘Banga Bandhu’. The aim is very clear. Zia would do his politics after compromising with India. If need be he is quite prepared to make consession to revive Awami League again under Hasina’s leadership. Like a clown going around the villages with spade on his shoulder he some how managed to gain his personal popularity and acceptance to the commoners for a while. Awami League will nt be able to defeat him in the coming election. Zia is not thinking anything now on long term basis. But he might try to establish some kind of rappot with People’s Republic of China(PRC), Oil rich Gulf countries and the Muslim countries of OIC to counter balance India. But make no mistake, no matter how much concession he makes to India, India would kill him at the first opportunity whenever they would find a dependable henchman in Bangladesh. They will not only depend on Awami League for getting rid of Zia. Meanwhile, at no cost India would like Zia to be surrounded by the genuine nationalists and Islamists forces within the armed forces. Unfortunately, because of his shallow political acumen Zia himself is annihilating those very forces and thus getting himself isolated from the Nationalists and Islamists being ill advised.

But make no mistake, no matter how much concession he makes to India, India would kill him at the first opportunity whenever they would find a dependable henchman in Bangladesh. They will not only depend on Awami League for getting rid of Zia. Meanwhile, at no cost India would like Zia to be surrounded by the genuine nationalists and Islamists forces within the armed forces. Unfortunately, because of his shallow political acumen Zia himself is annihilating those very forces and thus getting himself isolated from the Nationalists and Islamists being ill advised. Who knows, perhaps India is already creating by now the condition to send him to the grave in time laughing like Hyenas! Zia and his cohorts would not be able to hang on to power very long either compromising or countering the mistchivious moves of the Chanakyas. Zia should have moved along with the forces that brought him to the center of power. That would have been the best way for him t go about.

Having very shallow political acumen leaving that path the cob weve that he had created to day he is totally entrapped in that having no way out. Very soon the bluff that he had created with the gimic of broken suite case and spade on his shoulder would be caught by the people. They would also know about his hair raising brutal killing spree. But I think he would be killed before that sadly! In that case, his party might survive for some time selling dead Zia but not for long. His party would also be perished prematuredly at the end. But Awami league would remain as the main political party in Bangladesh and Chanakyas of India would have the last laugh. Shishu Bhai understands everying and tried to get away. He along with his family would leave for America the moment he receives the immigration papers in hand.

One more thing I must mention. At this peculier scenario should any kind of move is taken to oust Zia that would only benifit the national enemies and their foreign master India. Bangladesh would turn into a vessal state and 10 Crores of Bangladeshis would be enslaved for long period of time. You may disagree with my point of views but my earnest request wopuld be please do give a serious thought on vital issue before contemplating any move. Now the issue I shall dwell on  is purely domestic. Zia some how succeeded to draw in Abba, Shah Aziz, Shamsul Huda Chacha in his party. The episode is some what like ‘Watering on top after cutting the roots’ if you like. With this clever move with out uttering anything he is projecting that whatever he is doing that has full concent of you all. Those of your followers who are still alive within the armed forces are liking it with a happy note?

Not at all, they wouldn’t. But they all are politically conscious.

They have already by now known Zia’s real face. Zia will not be able to brake our unity. In future whatever we do that we shall be doing for the greater interest of the country and people not Zia or any ome’s personal interest. Be rest assured. It will not be possible now to bring back Abba and others from Zia’s net as he is vindictive and strongly believes in hear says. They have to understand Zia from their own experiences. There is no other alternative Shapan. We always take every decision only after threadbare analysis of all gathered informations from various dependable sources. However, I must confess so far we made only one fetal mistake and that is to understand Zia’s real character. But how do I justify in saying that we made the mistake, after Zia took the oath to be one of us during the war touching the Holy Quran!Due to the Munafikat(Betryal)of that very Zia today we are defeated even after victory! But be sure, it is not we alone the whole nation will have to pay for his betrayal in future. The golden opportunity to implement the spirit and dream of the patriotic freedom fighters into realities had been shattered after Zia’s betrayal with the Sena Parisad! He closed all the avenues just for his own power after compromising with India. Long drawn arduous relentless struggle, hard work, sacrifice, fortitude all went down the drain just for the betrayal of one person my brother. Not only that, he had also stained his hands with the blood of those dedicated comrades with unprecedented ruthlessness who shielded him against all odds since the days of war and finally successfully installed him in the center of power as planned. Do you think he wouldn’t be punished by Allah Subhan Wa Tala?

Surely, he would be. Yes, he would definitely be tried for his heinous crime here or here after.

One more thing, do you know why Shishu Bhai has deputed Mahbub Bhai to stay with you shadowing 24 hour?

I can guess to some extent, may be for my security. But security threat from where that I am failing to understand.

Let me clear your threat perception. Shishu Bhai is not trusting Zia as far as you are concerned and that is why he took the initiative and assigned Mahbub as he is currently working in the MI Directorate to be with you to ensure your security and nothing untowards happens. Shishu Bhai respects and love you all particullarly you. I am sure you are now absolutely clear about the situation. It is already late so go and have a good night sleep while thinking about your discourse with Zia, should the meeting takes place tomorrow.

We all retired to own bed rooms. I hit the bed straight away. At one time I fell asleep while pondering on what Shishu Bhai and Shapan had said. Around 10 AM in the morning Mahua knocked at the door and waked me up saying that Gen. Zia’s ADC has phoned from the office of the CMLA’s office.

As I picked up the receiver the ADC said the General would like to meet me this evening at his office at the old Parliament House on the Airport Rd at 5PM over a high tea. The meeting would take place there.

That’s fine with me, I droped the line. I informed Mahbub about the call and he said that he would escort me at the right time. Then I called Shishu Bhai

Sir, The Chief desires to meet me at the CMLA’s HQ this evening at 5PM. Mahbub would take me there.

That’s fine. Remember one thing, talk less and listen more.

Okay Sir, shall do as you said. Allow me to beg leave as just got up from sleep.

Be polite and listen what he says. But be firm in whatever you say. Prepare well and take care. Later we shall meet and dwell on what ever transpires.

Shishu Bhai, please do accept my heart felt thanks once again for last night. We love you all and respect from the bottom of our hearts.

Me too bye. Shishu Bhai dropped the line.

Mahbub arrived at the right time. We reached CMLA’S office. ADC was informed about our arrival and he came up to the poarch to welcome us in. Mahbub took a seat at the ADC’s room as I entered the huge office of the Chief Martial Law Administrator through the connecting door. Gen. Zia in uniform was seated waiting on the other side of the large glass top secretariat table of Burma Tick wood. His trade mark bottle green pair of Ray Ban glasses was lying on the table. There many stories floats around about his glasses. But  the real fact is he used to wear them most of the time as was slightly cock eyed (Lakkhi Tera). But this discrepancy was very difficult to detect unless one could get very close to minutely scrutinize.

As he saw me entering he quickly came accross the table and embressed me and said

Happy to see you after a long time. How are you and others keeping? Having said so he returned to his revolving chair on the other side of the table pointing towards a chair for me to sit on. Taking the chair face to face, I said lightly

The way you have kept us Sir.

Listning my answer he thought for a while and asked

What would you like tea or coffee?

The word coffee took me in the past. Whenever I used to visit him at hs resident quietly then in the Lawn or at the sitting room he himself used to make coffee and serve. Zia talked to the ADC and asked him to send coffee through the Inter Com.

Tell me, how are you passing your time at Benghazi? How do you find Gaddafi?

As state guests we are passing our time in lavish luxurious environment. Gaddafi considers himself to be an Islamist revolutionary. He is trying to spread his political philoshophy all over the world through his ‘Green Book’. Simultaniously, Moammar(Great Leader) as he is known as, being a staunch anti Imperialist and against expansionist exploytation based on capitalism, is helping generously with his Petro Dollars to all those people who are organizing and fighting against  the ruthless exploitation of imperialist powers and for their independence in any corner of the Globe.

Most of the Kings and Amirs the leaders of the ‘Muslim World’ living in luxury in palaces dreams about the freedom and resurrection of Islam but this young leader however leaving in the palaces is working for the revolution as he understands according to his thoughts and ideas. Initially he got thrilled with Naser’s ‘Pan Arabism’ and got inclined towards ‘Pan Arabism’ He firmly believes that one day the Muslims of the world would regain their Imanic devine streanth and imbued with revolutionary philosophy of Islam get united as one to fight the Imperialists and Zionist’s expansionism and exploytation and bring their down fall. For the persecuted people of the world, revival of Islam and particularly America, the paria of world capitalism and all the capitalist and expansionist powers his vow to fight on is unflintching. That is why he is daring to extend his helping hands to provide financial or any other kind of support disregarding red eyes of America and other Western powers towards Sinfin movement of Ireland, Hizbullah in Beirut, Fidayeens of Palestine, movement of self determination in Iritriya, Alzeria, movement of self determination of the Muslims of Mindanao, Bosnia, Hazargorvania, Croshia and the national liberation struggle of every nation across the world.

He avores the Kingdomes and Sheikhdoms within the ‘Muslim World’. He thinks all these kings and the Amirs got the state power with the help of the imperialist powers and doing immens harm not only to their own countrymen but the whole Umma. All those lakys at the behest of their masters got the Muslim Umma dvided into uncountable factions with their money power. It is again them who raises different issues from time to time as suites them to create disentions and fatricidal conflicts between the Umma to highten the divides. Unfortunately, this hinious crime can be perpituated taking the advantage of dire poverty and illiteracy of the Muslim population of the world. Such utterances send chilled shiver down the spine of the fabulously rich and resourcefull Kings and Amirs and therefore they are leaving no stone unturn to turnish his immage as an ‘Extremist’, ‘Terrorist’ etc to keep him isolated. But Gaddafi is least pushed about their efforts. To support his kind of activities perhaps some poet had written, ‘If none comes along then move alone’. All though there can always be a different openion about the universal acceptability of his philosophy and ideology. Even then I must say, with all his limitations a second progressive leader like Gaddafi can not be found in the entire so called ‘Muslim World’. I had the oppurtunity to meet many leaders of different countries who atre struggling and fighting for their causes, to all of them regardless of religion, creed and color Gaddafi is a name to be taken with respect and admiration. He is also considered to be a sincere and dependable friend by all of them. Of course out of those leaders some I found to be oppurtunist and cunning like a fox. I looked straight into the eyes of Zia. He was not at ease and quickly moved his eyes at the door.

I saw ADC at the door, guiding the smartly turned out Mess Waiter with the trolly in. Both went out after leaving the trolly. Gen, Zia left his seat and prepared two cups of coffee. One he gave to me and he took the other himself. About the bites he said, ‘Please help yourself. Let’s start and feel free’.

Of course Sir, I picked up a few peices of bites of my choice in a plate.

I suppose, Gaddafi is quite sympathetic towards Bangladesh?

Sir, Gaddafi is very much optimistic about Bangladesh and seriously wants to develop brotherly relation with Bangladesh. He is also ready to provide all kind of assisstance to build up the newly independent war ravaged country. With out any hesitation he openly said to us that he strongly beleives that under the revolutionary and dynamic leadership Bangladesh would be on its way to progress and prosperity much faster even from Pakistan or any other country of the ‘Muslim World’. Bangladesh being the second largest non communal Muslim country of the world who had earned freedom sacrificing blood would surely take its place as a self respecting nation with it’s head high in the comitee of nations. It would grow as a self relient, progressive, prosperous, peaceful and happy country within shortest possible time. He confessed that after exchange of views with us his conviction has streanthened even further. from the corner of my eyes I noticed Zia’s face was stiffening.

What impression he carries about me?

Let start and feel free.

Of course Sir.

You are one of us that is what Gaddafi knows so, there was no need to discuss you separately. Of course, if it is required then there is scope to do that as well. Besides, if he did not have positive impression about you then why had he accepted to take us as state guests and sustaining at your request? As the oppurtumity presented itself, I pricked his conscience and his dark face blackned more. It was quite emusing to watch constibated embarassed Zia, the camilion.

Suddenly, Red Telephone rang. Gen. Zia the CMLA picked up the receiver. I did not know who was on the other side and what they were talking over. Zia was listning with serious interest what had been conversed and was staring at me of and on. I was at ease and was devoring the testy bites and sipping coffee. A few minuites later he droped the receiver on the creddle and said, ‘Okay, I am looking into the matter’. Unnurved Zia was thinking of something with a gloomy face. The Red telephone kept ringing with short interval interrupting his thought process as he had to answer the calls with ‘Yes’ ‘No’ terms in short. At one point he got irritated and hanged the Red Telephone and instructed the ADC not to transfer any call to him till he tells him to do so. From this I could understand something very serious has had happened.

Dalim, something totally unexpected had happened! Col. Faruk is now at Bogra. Brigade Commander has been kept under house arrest and he has taken over the Brigade. After contacting the troops from Bangkok he arrived at Dhaka by a Thai flight. He was warmly received by a contingent of heavyly armed troops who first took him to the Tank Squadron of Bengal Lancers stationed at Savar, from there he was taken straight to Bogra Cantt. the main body of Bengal Lancers is stationed there. The news of this incident and arrival of you and Rashid somehow has reached to all the cantonments as such in every garrison troops are getting immotionally agitated. The troops had already had taken Rashid inside 2Fd Regt Arty. All the GOCs are making frantic calls urging me to come to terms with you all forthwith. Otherwise, they are scared and apprehand that there would be armed revolt in every cantonment including Dhaka which they or I would not be in a position to control. Intelligence report of Indian troops movement across the border are also being received. Faruk is preparing to march towards Dhaka. Already some troops from Savar had proceeded to secure Aricha and Nagarbabri Ferry Ghats to facilitate Fasruk’s advance to Dhaka. Units from Jaydevpur have already taken control of Dhaka-Aricha and Dhaka- Mymensingh high ways to wel come Faruk. Enthusiastic troops from Chittagong and Comilla had taken up position at Daudkandi and Shovapur bridge. GOC and all other senior officers, their families in every cantonment are baffled and scared as the troops under their command are not adhearing to their orders. Don’t you have any idea about all these?

I am finding your question very surprising and shocking! I am seriously pondering whether I should or shouldn’t reply as the reply would not only embarrasse me but you too. But as you have questioned me with you suspicious mind, I must reply, no matter how crude that might sound to you. This is not our creed to mistrust any one unless there is some valid reason to do so. For a man of your intelligence after having long association with us it should not have been difficult at all for you to understand that. I hope, you haven’t forgotten about the kind of relation that you have with us and Sena Parisad. You are also not uninformed about the kind of relation we have with both the brother in laws-Rashid and Faruk. In view of that, how could you ask me that mind bogling question? Had I or those of us whom I represent been a part of Faruk’s plan then why I am sitting in front of you right now? Why the others are in Benghazi not in the country? I don’t want to tell anything more than this. As I have been informed that you have called me and Rashid to discuss separately about our future. But the unexpected situation that has evolved might not allow you to discuss that now so, if you allow Sir, then I shall beg leave. Once the present crisis is resolved then call me if you like then we shall meat again. Saying so, I just stood up when strong man Zia came around the table and took my hands and vertually begged me to be seated as he also sat beside me on a chair.

Dalim, if Faruk rolled inside Dhaka Cantt with his Tank convoy then entire chain of command within the armed forces would brake down through out the country. The whole nation would plunge into a chaos and confusion, taking that advantage Indian armed forces might move in to reinstall Awami-Bkshalites again in power by force…

Please Sir, for heaven sake stop all these. I am not here to take lessons from you in this regard. What I know is that you and your cronies wouldn’t be able to resist Faruk and he shall oust you all from power. This is your only concern at this moment. Instead of surmoning me you listen to my few words.

Indian armed might move in to reinstall Awami-Bkshalites again in power by force….

Please Sir, for heaven’s sake stop all these. I am not here to take lessons from you in this regard. What I know is that you and your cronies wouldn’t be able to resist Faruk and he shall oust you all from power. This is your only concern at this moment. Zia was totally peiced off and said

Okay, say whatever you want to.

After a long gap I am talking with you face to face in private for about an hour isn’t it?


In this short time I got one thing clear, the Zia we knew and had been protecting all through with absolute trust from the days of liberation war, you are not the same Zia to day. The ultimate result of the chanmge that you have brought to yourself would be good or bad that time will make you understand. Be informed that the history never spare any one.

For some reasons you have already denied many truths and still trying to supress them. To get me right let me sharpen your faded memory if you like. Since ’71 whatever had been happening on the chess board of national politics openly that is well known to the countrymen and the outside world alike, but behind the sceen manything had happened about those not only the country men but the so called ‘well informed insiders’ are also not informed. Some might have guessed partially to some extent but nothing more than that. We all are directly involved in those events so, we are not ignorant.

In 1971, after the army crack down you did not take any initiative yourself to revolt and make the declaration of independence from Kalur Ghat. You were dictated by the ground realities and pressure from your subordinate officers and soldiers under seige. So, you alone can’t claim all the credits as it goes to all your co-fighters. But till this date you have maintained a wired silence about this. For that declaration of yours to the provisional Bangladeshi government at Mujib Nagar and Indian government Maj. Zia, that is you became an eyesore as an ambtious officer of Pakistan army. Because of that right at the begining you were withdrawn from the active command of Chittagong Sector and dumped at the Mukti Bahini’s HQ at No8 Theatre Rd at Calcatta. Your residence was allocated at Kallyani. At that time knowing the attitude of provisional and Indian governments attitude towards you, very few people used to meet you. At that time it was me who at my own initiative met you as an old aquentance quitely at Kallyani and discussed about liberation war and Awami League provisional Govt’s 7 point agreement of slavery, Indian conspiracy and their far fetched blue print regarding would be independent Bangladesh on the basis of mutual confidence and trust. To counter this hinious design and impliment the real spirit and dream of our freedom struggle on the soil of independent Bangladesh we have also worked out a long drawn plan and working hard to develop a covert organization under the cover of the present war, conveying this I had also told you that we want you as the rallyng point of our organization in our endevor should you agree. You took considerable time to ponder and deliberation.

After due deliberation beleiving in our aim and ideals and political programe you pledged yourself to work as one of us after taking an oath keeping your hands on the Holy Quran. from your side there was only one condition that your association with our organization should be kept secrete till the appropriate time. In reply, assuring you I had given my words and kept that till you are installed in the center of state power with the Rahmat of Allah. No one other than a few concerened persons of the organization would know anything about our relation In Sha Allah. Our contacts with you would also be at the minimum level.

There after, during the war when the provisional government with the assistance decided to raise two regular Infantry Brigades named ‘S-Force’ and ‘K-Force’ at that time how and why the provisional government was compeled to raise the third Brigade called, ‘Z-Force’ to be commanded by you! You know it quite well.

After liberation we were at Comilla togather. You were the first Brigade Commander. But within a short time Mujib Govt. removed you from the active command and again dumped you at the AHQ and as a part of the conspiracy to send you out of army the first initiative was taken to throw you out of army as a Brigadier. The decision was taken by the government to send you away as the Military Attache’ to Burma. At the same time Shafiullah was promoted as General and appointed him as the Army Chief superceeding you forcing you to take voluntary retirement in humiliation. Here again, which force came into play to put pressure on the Govt and foiled their conspiratorial move  that you are nither sent out from the army nor forced to work under Shafiullah as one of his PSO; instead was compelled to create a semi independent post of DCOAS and appont you there with the same rank that of Shafiullah? Sir, you are also aware of the everything that had taken place behind the sceen in this regard.

After this when unexpectedly we got prematuredly retired under PO-9, you got very nervous. At that time I told you not to be worried at all as everything would be just fine in time.

Then after the revolutionary uprising of 15th August, Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed our nominated President removed Gen. Shafiullah and appointed you as the Chief of Army Staff as planed before you know it very well. At that time though Khandakar Mushtaq was the President but behind his government the main force was Sena Parisad and you as being their nominated Chief got installed at the center of power. The aim was one to materialize the true spirit of ’71 and the dream of our freedom struggle taking revolutionary steps at the national level in the socio economic sectors step by step.

There after from the blues the most reactionary counter revolutionary coup det’at of 2-3ed November night ’75 had comenced instigated by Brig. Khaled and Col. shafayet. For such unfortunate event how much you were responsible that is not required to be reminded you here. We had faced that crisis too keeping you alive under house arrest. Though, we were much stronger than Khaled and his cohorts even than we decided to avoid any direct confrontation but chosen to tacle khaled indrectly and after finalizing the plan to oust khaled through another uprising we tactically left the copuntry along with Khaled bhabi and Huda Bhabi and took position at Bangkok. The glorious soldiers and people’s revolution(Sipshi Janatar Biplob)of 7th November was directed from Bankok that you understood very clearly the moment you were freed and placed again at the center of power as the Chief of Army Chief.

If Col. Taher was the main force behind 7th November then you had to be a puppet in his hands isn’t it Sir? But it didn’t happened that way and you were instead taken to 2Fd Arty HQ by the revolutionaries who freed you from captivity. Thus you were saved saved you from his clutches. Not only that, the same force at one point of time when he was bent upon to take you out of cantonment had ordred him to get out of the cantonment. He was also told in no uncertain terms not to try to enter the cantonment ever, isn’t Sir? That force was none but Sena Parisad, was it difficult for you to understand that, Sir?

After talking to us, as we wanted you had talked to Khandakar Mushtaq requesting him to take over as the President again but he refused your request. The reason that he gave you and also spoke in his address to the nation was, such a take over would create constitutional complications. But in the same address he reminded the nation that in his address to the nation on 3ed October 1975, he pledged that from the 15th August 1976, fully democratic multy party politics would resume in the country and on the 28th February 1977, nation wide free and fair general election would be held. In the election if the people place their confidence on him then he would be  taking over as the elected President of the country once again. Is in’t so Sir?


But constitutional complications were not the real reason for him to decline your request.

What do you mean?

While talking to you he advised you to bring back all of us to the country forth with and post us back in the army at our respective positions. It was not possible for you then to out rightly refuze his advise so you replied, ‘ You need some more tme to decide on this issue. what do you think Sir, am I talking the truth?

Yes, you are telling the truth.

Khandakar Mushtaq, a man with razor sharp intilligence had understood all whatever he needed to from your reply. He informed us that he has become apprehensive about your intention(Niyat)that is the reason why he refused to accept your request to take over the responsibility as the President again and had cautioned us about you. Knowing his decision Gen. Osmani was also surprised and wanted to know the reason for him to decline your offer. He did tell Gen. Osmani his reasons in detail. Gen. Osmani after knowing everything told Mushtaq with despondancy, ‘It is really hard to know people in this world’.

Would you beleive Sir, even after what Mushtaq confered, we were failing to disbeleive you. Leave it, After the decision of Mushtaq were no hurddle on the way to the top within a short period of time it was very easy to remove President Sayem and take over the state power declaring yourself as the CMLA. You are running the country still now quite comfortably as the CMLA. At the night of 2-3ed November and after 7th November whatever had happened within the armed forces common people are not much aware of but are you and us also in dark like them? But mind you Sir, it would be you alone resposible for whatever had happened or happening under your absolute dictatorship. At that time none of your today’s close confidants and trusted advisors would be found around, the same thing I had also told Mujib in our last meeting when he called me and Nur to see him at Road No32.

You are right at this crucial juncture Indian physical intervention would be horrifying for the country and the nation! But it is again you who had already compromised with India to gain their sympathy and blessings pledging to resurrect Awami League in the main stream of national politics through ‘Fair Weather Bird’ Dr. Kamal hussain when the party was withering away being fractured into several segments due to inner power struggle. Such a decision is nothing but self defeating intitiative digging tunnel to bring in the crocodile. The information Is true or false Sir?

Zia had no answer to what I said so, just sat dumb founded with darker face and head down.

Sir, it is not known at who’s advise you thought it would be possible to persue nationalist politics compromising with India! After going through so many ups and downs how could you fail to understand, no matter how much consession you make you would never get acceptance to India but would be used to serve their interests. Once you would have nothing more to offer your utility would be finished and then what would be your plight have you ever thought of that?

Besides, the divergent contradictions in everry sector between Bangladesh and India are permanent in nature from self interest point of view. If Bangladesh emerges a progressive and prosperous self relient country then this would embolden the different independence movements that are going on difying artificially created Indian Union by British colonialist now being suppressed with brute force. They also will be more confident that if Bangladesh being separated from Pakistan can grow as a prosperous independent nation why can’t they? That means within no time Indian Union will get fragmented and would take shape as had been historically for ages and have its natural death. In that scenerio, it is just impossible to do nationalist politics on the basis of our distinctly different cultural and religious values compromising with India. Those who are now your trusted advisors with out questioning how knowledgable they are about the basic defination and fundamentals of politics I would just only say, what to talk about the politics here they hardly had been connected with the land and the people of this part of earstwhile Pakistan. They have seen Ayub Khan’s politics, politics of great imposter Bhutto and the crooked power hungry generals.

However, right from the begining the mind set and thought process of the peole of earstwile East Pakistan now Bangladesh had been all togather different from that of the ruling elites of West Pakistan. But even the self boasting and awefully proud Ayub and Bhutto could not hide their real self too long from the people of West Pakistan. Whether you be able to that remains a question. I don’t want to embarrass you talking about how much is your own contribution to be seated on the chair where you are sitting now, the center of all power. But those taking risk of their life and immense self sacrifice accepting you to be the rallying point little by little organized Sena Parisad, in that process I was the main link man between you and them. Therefore I would like to inform you very clearly, whatever you might have done to the country, nation or us for that we cherish no anger, vingience or even an iota of despondency. Because, we all believe every human beibg is responsible for his deeds equally here and here after. Besides, for the grater interest of the country and the people Allah has given us fortitude to bear everything what may come. More over we are above all worldly desires and wants Alhamdulillah. No one else other than you should know this better. Before begging leave I must tell you onething more, whatever crisis you are faced with now you would have to face more severe crisis in future on the way of your this kind of politics of compromise.

Sir, listen and remember, Pasha, Shahriar, Nur, Huda, Dalim are not double faced. In and out they are the same. People usually trys to measure others with one’s ownself. We trusted and had accepted you to be one of us from the core of our hearts. You have made mistake in understanding us. May be now you are considering us to be your main opponants. But Sir, you can be rest assured even if we had become your opponants we would never cause any harm to you. Because, we beleive that one day you would realize that it was not the leadership of Sena Parisad who had pushed you in the endless dark dungeon. This had been done by the selfishly oppurtunist conspiratorial inmates of yours. You would also realize that we beleive in humanity, morality, trustworthyness, sincerety and fellow feeling, you must have by now got proof of that. These are some bitter truths I revealed to day. Later some time should you care to ponder on these that might give you some divident though water had flown a long way down the river. As I got up saying

I would beg leave now, uneasy nervous Zia spoke out

Are we not togather any more? A very wired question indeed!

It seemed that so long I had been talking to the walls. After talking so long such question can be taken as nothing but a joke!

\I was about to leave when Zia got hold of my right hand with his both hands and anxciously said

Please Dalim, do something whatever possible to make Rashid and Faruk understand.

Faruk had not come asking me, he has come at his own will.

Please Dalim, do something whatever possible to make Rashid and Faruk understand. He thought for a while and said how about doing one thing?


Let both of us fly to every cantonment and speak in the Darbar that we are still togather and we remain promise bound to impliment the spirit and dream of 15th August and 7th November shoulder to shoulder. You would also make everyone understand that for the interest of the revolution you have decided to stay abroad for a while. If you consider this to be not fisible in that case the representatives of every unit from all the cantonment could be brought at Dhaka to hold a Darbar on emergency basis.

That might be possible but under any circumstances it would not be possible for me to address the troops as you desire standing beside you. Reason beeing you have already closed that door. How, that you know better yourself.

Zia was cowed down at my answer.

I don’t know if it would be possible for me to do anything but surely, I would avail any oppurtunity that presents itself to do anything for the greater national interest. Saying that I came out. Mahbub sitting at ADC’s office by then came to know everything. ADC saw us off. As we got into the car and told Mahbub

Lets go to the suit that has been arranged for me to stay at the Brigade Mess. On the way, I noticed the people were moving around as usual totally uninformed about the explosive situation just like the night of 2-3ed Nvember’75!

People from various segments of the society are trying to talk loud about freedom struggle of ’71. Particularly, about the spirit of ’71. But regretably most of these learned and all knowing intelectuals had no direct assocation with the war. Therefore, in what they say or write are mostly based on hear say and fictisous facts and that is why  one can find glaring contradiction and lack of clarity and get confused. Greater section of the present generation vertually remains ignorant about the factual events of that time and hence get confused very easily with destorted propagandas of those all knowing champions! This is but natural and the freedom fighters are to a great extend resposible for this. For some reason or the other, they failed to leave behind the whole truth and historical facts known to them behind to be the part of true history.

I am a freedom fighter. As the Guerrilla Advisor to the Sector Commanders had been moving around every nook and corner of the theatre of war and had the privilage meeting the freedom fighters, people, young and old who crossed over from different sectors and profession of the society, the youths and the refugees who were in the youth and refugee camps scattered all along the boarder. To the majority of those what was the siprit of the freedom struggle and liberation war ment that I shall try to share that with the readers and particularly our younger generation.

The spirit of freedom struggle was not restricted only within the bondage in defeating the occupation forces just to acheive an independent geographycal state, a national flag and a national antheme. Every one expected that after the independence the new Bangladesh that would emerge would have to be built a new. There we shall not be under the repression of a dominating small vested interested group of people and their foreign masters. They have to be up rooted from every institutions of the state and the society. The corridor of state power, admistration, judicary, law enforcing agencies, cultural and religious organizations  and must be thrown into the dust bin of the history. We must establish ourselves in the map of the world as a self respecting, self reliant, progressive, prosperous nation with united efforts. Only by ensuring justified rights of the persicuted and deprived majority establishing a transperent. equitable and just socio-economic order  such a steel like national unity can be acheived. In this process the vanguards would be the tested pro people, not greedy, selfless, brave political leadership and the conscious freedom fighters. On the question of religious values and nationalism they shall have to be absolutely non compromising. It wouldn’t be possible to build such an Bangladesh with out taking revolutionary steps. It would be necessary to bring fundamental changes in the rotten and eroding state and social order of the colonial past, only then it would be possible to establish people’s jutidfied rights. Such a sate and society can only be established with sponteneuous people’s participation in the nation building process. where every citizen would be ensured equal oppurtunity to excel his telent, work potential and creativity to the maximum. There is no other way to rebuild a new Bangladesh progressively moving towards prosperity from the war ravaged ashes. This is what was in short the spirit and the dream of’71. In short, the nation aspired for a country that would be reshaped where they will enjoy fairly equitable socio-economic status, rule of law, protecion of life and property, impertiality from the judiciary, admistration and law enforcing agencies. A peaceful, prosperous and happy Bangladesh.

But this spirit and dream was against the interest of India. That is why in conivence with the provisional government of their hand picked people to crush this spirit and the dream the Chanakkyas formulated a far fetched blue print to turn Bangladesh into one of their client state totally depended on India in due course of time. With a vow to foil that hegimonistic design the politically conscious freedom fighters under the cover of liberation war comited themselves to organize an covert organization. After the independence most of the associates of that organization were inducted in the armed forces and the organisation was named as Sena Parisad.

To streanthen self confidence for any nation it is imperative that they know their heritage, true and factual history. They must also know what is their potentials and resources. What are the impediments on their way to progress. They must also have clear perception about their friends and foes. Particularly, the armed forces must be very clear about all these. Because, armed forces happen to be the back bone of any nation. In the on going process of the rat race to destort history being a freedom fighter and a humble comited worker actively involved in the process of raising the armed forces from the scratch would like to share some facts that I have experienced with the readers.

The history of our armed forces is not like most of the armed forces of any 3ed world country.

After the independence the armed forces were raised basically with the patriotic brave freedom fighters. Later the repatriated officers and soldiers from Pakistan had been inducted in the Bangladesh armed forces. This had enhanced the quality and streanth of the armed forces. Most of the repatriated lot were also patriotic and strong beleiver in Islamic values. In view of this we did not have to face much dificulty in organizing Sena Parisad as a value and principle based organization. At the same time the armed forces had been successful in enhancing their image in handling every national crisis when the government had called the armed forces in aid of civil power. Every time instead of being used as the repressive tool in the hands of the government they supported fearlessly the just interest of the people ignoring red eyes of the government. The source of such courrage was morality and sincere patriotism and feelings for the fellow countrymen not greed for power. On the question of the country and the nation’s interest the armed forces were absolutely non compromising on their dream and agenda.

When Maj. Jalil was arrested treacherously the whole armed forces raised their voice. The conspiracy that was hatched up to throw out Zia from the army was also thwarted by the conscious members of the armed forces. There after, when Mujib’s government flouting the Army Acts promoted and appointed Shafiullah as the Army Chief superceeding Zia then also the righteous members of the armed forces protested against this gross injustice with anger that forced Mujibur Rahman to accept a compromised solution to pasify the armed forces. As Mujib expressed inability to reverse the decision, the army proposed to create a semi autonomous post of DCOAS and appoint Zia there with the equivalent rank of Safiullah. Mujib conceded under pressure. He had to promise also that after 2 years term of Shafiullah Zia would be made the Chief. That is how the government’s move to place Zia under Shafiullah as one of his staff officers was made unsuccessful and Zia could continue serving buying his time. The writer had played a humble role on that occation being a leader of Sena Parisad.

Government had called for armed forces in aid of civil power to control anti smuggling, rerstore detoriating law and order and to recover illigal arms. In every occation in the strictly non partisan scessarion operation the main culprits apprehanded were the influential leaders of the government and ruling Awami League, big fishes and unethical  government’s henchmen. As a result the Prime Minister was compelled under pressure of his party to stop every operation and had ordered the armed forces to return to baracks midway to hide their weakness and save the face of his government and party though the successful operations were appreciated by the people country wide. On the other hand to the whole nation pro people patriotism of the armed forces became evidently much more clear. People realised that because of the reason ‘Chiken was given to the foxes to be roosted,’   Bangladesh has earned the stigma as ‘Bottomless Basket’ in the world. The national armed forces organised on high moral values was not trusted by the Mujib government so, as instigated by Indian government and RAW, Mujib decided to raise a notorious and illfamed Para Military force called ‘Jatiyo Rakkhi Bahini’ comprised of his party caders, Kaderiya Bahini of Kader Siddiqi and Mujib Bahini to counter the National Armed Forces.

Present and future geberation must know all these facts. These facts are also equally important for the historians to write the correct history of Bangladesh. The authentic history and national heritage is the bastchion of inner strenth and beacon to move forward.

After the 1st and 2nd World Wars when all the colonial powers reached to their doom the demand of freedom spread all over the world and people raised their voice aloud. In some countries armed struggle had started. Devasted colonial powers nither had the ability nor means to supress those legitimate demands and struggles. At this back drop shrewed colonial powers decided to back their handpicked local lakys and the leaders of vested interested groups to be the champion of those struggles and handed over power to them in all the newly independent countries after imposing bondage of slavery to perpetuate their interest through this vicious circle before leaving. Due to direct support of their masters this coteri gradually established their henchmen in the national politics, in every inistituon of the administration and in all organizations of socio-economic sector. Thus they captured the whole of the country, over 85% of national resources and usurped all means of production. As a result this exploitative ruling coteri though not represent not more than 1/2% of the population they are enjoying power being at the helm of affairs till this date. On the otherhand,  rest 98% of people being deprived of minimum means of survival have become their slaves strangulated under their oppression and cohersive misrule.

Misrule of all these blood suckers, their unabated corruption, exploitation, just for power sake handing over nationasl resources to their foreign masters through unjust treaties all these countries are not only being made bankcrupt but gradually by weakening the backbone of the nation all these newly independent countries are being forced to turn into dependent countries. To counter the nefarious conspiracy to erase self identity of these nations these anti state vested interested cotaris can not take any decision in the interest of the nation and the country due to their selfish lust of power. In view of this, it is needlss to say, all those who advocate that progress and prosperity can be acheived through fursical stage managed marry go round elections taking the cover of sham democracy are nothing but part of those vested interested quarters.

In South Asian Sub-Continent all those countries which acheived independence after the end of colonial rule their saga justifies the above statement. All these countries acheived their independence through compromise with British colonial power. Only exception is Bangladesh. This country acheived the independence from the occupation forces fighting a bloody national liberation war. The spirit and dream of all the fighting eliments was one and the same. To establish a new Bangladesh healthy, happy and egalitarian socio-economic society removing all irrational class barriers. To stand in the comity of nations with head high as a self respecting, progressive and prosperous and self relient nation. But that aspiration was nipped at the bud by the neighboring expansionist India. They refused to accept this struggle as a national struggle of the Bangladeshis. Instead, as per their blue print to turn Bangladesh as their client state imposed the leadership of their lakys Awami League forming a provisional government in exile after Awami League had signed 7 point treaty of slavery supported by pro Soviet Moni-Mujaffar gong. The genuine nationalists, patriotic and commited freedom fighters and larger section of the people though saw through the long dtrawn mistchivius plan of the Chanakyas decided to remain quite at that point of time to carry forward the liberation war and with a burning desire that should the liberation war is allowed to be prolonged in its natural course then during the struggle it would be possible to organize genuine nationalist and patriotic leadership and freedom fighters to fight against the vicious Indian design after independence. But being apprehensive of that possibility the Chanakyas denyed even that oppurtunity to the freedom fighters and the patriotic people.

Taking the opportunity of the weakness of the unscrupulous Pak military Junta and due to provocation of Soviet Union conspirotal Indo-Pak war was declared. In that war most humiliating defeat in contemporary history befell on Pakistan as fait accomplee. At the same time natural flow of liberation war was not allowed to proceed and a premature independent Bangladesh was given birth through that scessarion operation and Indian puppet regime of Awami League was installed on to the state power.

After Bangladesh was born, through negotiated settlement based on understanding between India, Pakistan and major world powers Sheikh Mujib returned to Bangladesh via India and took over as the Prime minister himself becoming a demi God. To facilitate Indian blue print to be implemented he took no time to replaced 7 point treaty siging 25 years treaty of slavery with India mortgaging the country and the people. He also threw Mr. Tajuddin Ahmed, the sitting Prime Minister of the independent Bangladesh and earstwhile provisional government into the dustbin in a humiliating manner. Parallaly, at the advise of RAW and Indian government’s help he also created illfamed most notorious Para Militaery force named Rakkhi Bahini with his party caders and goons to counter his political opponents and National Armed Forces. Hundreds and thousands of political opponants, conscious cmmon people who dared to oppose or raise voice against the Awami misrule, corruption, loot and plunder, exploitation, tyranny and oppression had been eliminated by that brutal force which was under directly under Prime Minister’s political secretary Mr. Tofayel Ahmed. The patriotic freedom fighters and members of the armed forces were also not spared. Rakkhi Bahini’s hands were tainted with their blood.

Soon after sitting on the saddle of power Mujib took the initiative to formulate the first constitution of the new born country based on the imported four pillars- Nationalism, Socialism, Democracy and Secularism which were also the pillars of Indian Constitution. An unique admixture of contradictions. Why I said imported because these were never had been the aspiration of the majority people of the than Pakistan what is now Bangladesh. That’s why these were not mentioned in the 1970 election manifesto of Awami League. Not only that, poet Nazrul Islam who is acclaimed  worldwide for his versetile qualities though was declared as the National Poet but a poem of Rabindra Nath Thakur, an Indian national and extremely communal was chosen as our national anthem by Sheikh Mujib’s government brushing aside the sentiment of the people of Bangladesh though concurrently, Rabindra Nath Thakur happens to be the writer of the Indian national anthem as well. In the whole world second instance of such a simili can’t be found. The present and future generations must also ponder on these issues seriously.

Rabindra Nath Tegore is the same person who became very vocal and disowned his Nighthood in protest of the partition of Bengal but vehimently wanted the Bengal to be partitioned in 1947, when Muslim majority Bengal wanted to be part of Pakistan to safe guard the vested interest of the Calcutta based Hindu aristrocacy(Babus) comprised of higher cast. His ‘Kuthi Bari’ at Shlaidaha still stands as the relic of this crule and oppresive Jamidar’s(Feudal Lord) psycic mindset in Bangladesh.

Introducing language based Bengali Nationalism created division among otherwise united Bangladeshi people. In the name of socialism through out right nationalisation and rampant loot and pluner by the ruling patry stallwarts, leaders and caders the backbone of the national economy was devastated and crippled senselessly. Under the empty slogan of nationalism gradually human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of Media and independence of Judiciary was gagged and killed by enacting and adding necessary Acts in the constitution by Awami League. Inspite of being highest receipient of froreign aid in cash and kind to rebuild a war ravaged country within the short span of Mujib’s reign Bangladesh was shamefully identified as the ‘Bottomless Basket’. In 1974, due to unabated corruption of the ruling elites and their henchmen uncounted old, young, infant men, women and children had to die due to man made famine. Young girls had to protect their sancity covering their body with fishing net as they had no clothings to wear. Due to blatend politisization the state administration totally colapsed at every level. In the name of secularism Mujib sowed the seed of self destructive aithism to destroy all values and morality including religious beleifs of the people. This is the kind of Golden Bangla(Sonar Bangla)was presented by the despotic autocrate Mujib to the nation during his tyranical regime.

Even after all this just to usurp state power Mujib amending the Constitution introduced avorcive one party rule in the country by killing democracy. Existing Parliamentary form of government was replaced with Presidential rule and declared himself as the ‘Life long President’.

The epic leaders of Sena Parisad with their selfless sincere efforts could earn confidence to most of the leaders and the caders of the patriotic and nationalist progressive parties as well as politically conscious intellectuals, press and Media, business comunity, many highly placed bureaucrates and leaders of civil society. Thus, through discussion with those people of confinence the leaders of Sena Parisad could gather useful authentic analytical feed back about the prevailing political situation, their views and many important inner information and facts about the government and the ruling party. Not only that, during those discussion most of the patriotic leaders and caders and other concerned responsible people openly said that logically it was the resoponsibility of the opposition political parties to overthrow this autocratic one party regime of BKSAL by organizing countrywide fierce people’s movement but in prevailing reality the way the government is crusing the streanth of all opposition ruthlessly unleashing reign of state terrorism it would not be possible to remove Mujib from power even if they fight all together unitedly. Against this crude reality there is only one way the nation could be liberated from the suffocated strangulation of the one party dictatorship. Should the tested patriotic members of the armed forces spearhead any move against Mujib and his government for the greater cause of the people and the country then not only all the progressive nationalist parties, groups and patriotic individuals from every sector of the society but the overwhelming majority of people would spontenuously welcome and support them. The leaders of Sena Parisad were allways very careful in maintaining their contacts with utmost secrecy.

After threadbare analysis of all gathered facts and information in this way it was possible for Sena Parisad to stage the successful revolutionary armed uprising of 15th August toppling Mujib’s fascist one party regime of BKSAL playing the vanguard role freeing the suffocated nation pressed under the steam roller of brutal persecution. The bolted door got flung open to fullfil the spirit of ’71 and the charished dream of millions. To close that door again Brig. Khaled and Col. Shafayet & their cronies played as pawns in the conspiracy hatched by India and attempted the reactionary putch of 2-3ed November. But that conspiracy was also foiled on 7th November through Sipahi-Janatar Biplob(Soldiers and people’s revolution). In this revolution it was again Sena Parisad being the main force played the vanguard role. With this successful revolution the doors got flung open once again for the second time. Thus, the golden oppurtunity presented itself by the kind mercy of Allah Subhan Wa Tala to impliment the spirit and dream of ’71 into reality on the basis of ideals and principles and revolutionary programe of Sena Parisad step by step.

We thought, after going through many ups and downs and lot of sacrifices as we have been able to defeat Sheikh Mujib, the despotic dictator and conspiratal putch headed by Brig. Khaled through 15th August and 7th November revolutionary armed uprising it would be quite easy for us to accomplish our remaining action programe. By implementing our aim and the dream on ground we shall be able to reach the just benefits of liberation war to the door step of each one of 8 Crores Bangladeshies without any discrimination. With this achievement we shall also be able to fullfil our commitment given to our Shaheed fellow freedom fighter comrades.

But due to the unexpected betrayal of Gen. Zia right after the victory of 7th November all our dreams and aspirations got shattered like a nightmare!It was a bolt from the blues! Soon after Gen. Zia was brought to the center of power he not only betrayed with the ideals and future revolutionary road map of Sena Parisad, he did not even hesitate to deny his relation with us under oath for the sake of politics of compromise. Being ignorant about the basics of political science ambitious Gen. Zia and his power hungry advisers thought that by killing a few hunderd revolutionaries they would be able to eliminate revolutionary spirit and zeal for ever. Revolutionaries dies but the spirit and aspiration of the people for revolutionary changes in a unjust society never die as the spirit for the just cause is immortal. It remains alive like a burning charcoal may be dormant at times. Gen. Zia and his cohorts were unaware of this age old historically proven truth.

Maintaining the colonial state structure and compromising with their created vested interested groups it had been never ever possible to do anything good for the vast majority of deprived people any where. The main reason why handful of such newly independent countries where the people had got the real test of independence after demise of the colonial powers was, in those countries in the post colonial erra the state power was taken by the tested revolutionaries imbued with the spirit of true nationalism and selfless patriotism. They threw away the termitted colonial state structure and the vistiges of feudalism in the dustbin of history and rebuilt a new state structure compatible with time and aspiration of the people by taking revolutionary steps. Similarly, they had also taken revolutionary steps required to bring necessary changes in the socio-economic sectors reflecting the aspirations of the people. As a result, every citizen was ensured equal rights and oppurtunity to exel and optimze one’s merit and enovative productive telent. This is how independence became meaningful and cohesive nationalism got ingrained deeply in the every sector of the society.

We had succeeded to create such oppurtunity for the people of Bangladesh but failed to acheive our revolutionary goal. The day when trure history would be witten that day, the historians would surely analyse factual events and shall determine that it was Gen. Zia who was responsible for this failure. Had he not betrayed the revolutionary process initiated from the days of liberation war and his revolutionary comrades who took the initiative to start that process and had brought Zia, an aversive and neglected person all through(for declaration of independence) even after independence overcoming all hurdles to the center of power and had remained loyal to go along with them as he vowed to impliment Sena Parisad’s ideals and political programe then the aim of the revolutions would have been surely achieved. But when Zia willingly decided to take himself away from the right path and just to survive in power started trodding the wrong way introducing the dirty politics of compromise at that very moment the revolution and revolutionaries were defeated temporarily and the nation was deprived from the golden oppurtunity of getting real benifits of independence.

Prime Minister of the country Sheikh Hasina the pet daughter of India before returning to Bangladesh after long 8 years of exiled life due to the kind curtesy of Gen. Zia. While returning Hasina clearly sated in no uncertain terms in a interview she had given to esteemed and worldly acclaimed journalist Mr. Sherajur Rahman, the head of Bengali section of BBC. Hasina said, “ I hate politics particularly the ungeartful people of Bangladhesh who did not care to morne the demise of my father, I am returnng to Bangladesh politics just to take revenge of my father’s death.” Blood thirsty Hasina succeeded to take the revenge quenching her thurst by sending to gallows killing 5 brave hearts Col. Faruk, Col. Shahriar, Col. Mohiuddin, Col. Mohiuddin and Maj. Huda unlawfully violating the Constitution through mockery of trials on 28th of January 2010. They all were valiant freedom fighters, some even decorated for their outstanding contribution in the liberation war. Brushing aside the world openion this brutal act of Hasina was possible with the tacit support of the Jote under Khaleda. The reason being, when the Act of trial was passed in the Parliament ultra Constitutionally and unlawfully the leader of the opposition Begum Khaleda’s BNP and Jamaat E Islami combin (জোট), so called champion of ationalists and Islamic values maintained duvious silence with even after more than 120 seats and quietly left the house with out any protest. They might have then had forgotten the story anout the wolf and the siblings of the goat. There remains more to be said even after that.

In the year 2001, Khaleda Zia’s Jote after having land slide victory with more than two third majority passed an Indemnity Act providing Constitutional immunity to all involved in the ‘Operation Clean Heart’. But ironically Khaleda Zia being Prime Minister did not care to restore the Indimnity Act that was passed by the Parliament with over two third majority due to which the Act became the part of the Constitution during President Zia’s time about 15th August and 7th November revolutions of 1975, which was revoked without two third majority violating the Constitution by Hasina after coming to power in 1996 and had initiated criminal trial of murder against the leaders of the successful those two revolutionary uprisings. More questions remains to be answered. What was the role of Khaleda Zia’s Jote after the massacare of BDR carnage? Even after clear proof of Hasina’s governments connivance and involment in this conspiratorial episode why they did not organize on this issue an all out country wide movement to oust the Hasina government? Due to these treacherous activities at present when Hasina as the most ruthless dictator has unleashed all out state terrorism with the support of India to uproot these psudo champions of nationalism and Islamic values and signing hidden treaties almost turned Bangladesh into a client state of India they are lamenting to seek support from the people and even from the armed forces to save their skin. But nither the people nor the armed forces are responding as both Khaleda and Hasina’s pretentious charecters have got exposed as the two sides of the same coin. This is how Allah reveals the truth that prevails over false hood.

The person who had brought showing all courtyesy Shekh Hasina back to Bangladesh that General Zia had to pay the price for that mistake going to the grave just on the 13th day after Hasina stepped on the soil of Bangladesh. All his cohorts and followers are now on the way to face the same consequences. The followers have to pay for the mistake of their leader. For such grave mistake every one has to pay a price. But pathetically, due to the mistake of a particular parson, presently the nation and the people are paying heavily for no fault of theirs. This needs to be ponder about. Before I finish this discourse, I take the previlage to tell the readers one thing. Usually, orchestrated propaganda and Media campaign is carried all over the world where revolution is portrayed as nothing but haitred, enviy, intolerance, violence, fratricidal feudes, destructive confrontation, revengefull bloodbath etc. But the real meaning of the word revolution is none of those. Revolution means, uncompromised quick change and the revolutionaries are the catalysts of that process of change.