Writer’s note

In this book I have made a humble effort to refresh the memory of my beloved countrymen, the younger generation in particular about our self identity, age old historical and cultural heritage of the people of this land. Their heroic struggle to uphold Independence against outside aggressors, the British Colonialism, Pakistan movement to secure a separate home land for the Muslims of this Sub Continent, Language movement, Struggle for self determination and the armed struggle of 71’ to achieve an independent state called Bagladesh. I have also in short tried the struggle of Bangladeshis against the one party autocracy of Sheik Mujib’s Awami-Bakshal regeim. About the historic change through revolutionary uprisings of 15th August and 7th November 1975, spear headed by the patriotic armed forces along with the people in the light of facts based on truth of many luminaries and experiences of myself and my other comrades. ‘Zia to Khaleda’ is a continuation of my earlier published book ‘Ja Dekhechi, Ja Bujhechi, Ja Korechi’ in Bangla and’Untold Facts’ in English. Only three Bangla editions could be published in 1996 against stupendous odds. However, I deem it appropriate for the readers to read the first published book to have a better understanding of the current one. Who are unable to collect that may visit the following websites to down load the first publication in Bangla or English.



The main objective of writing this book is for the people no matter to which generation they belong to seek truth from the facts. To know those faces and charecters who had changed hands the state power in the marry go round politics of compromise only for their vested interests negating national interests. Due this dirty politics of connivense the country after over four decades stands to day to be a client sate of the aggressive India turning vast majority of Muslims of 18 Crores of people into perpetual slavery. With out knowing the true history and the actual charecters of the political leadershiop who had monopolized  and had enjoyed the state power so long as parasites and blood suckers the nation wouldn’t be able to find the right kind of leadership at present or future.