Rashid & Faruk apologized and expressed to encounter Gen. Zia politically


Rashid one day called and wanted to meet me. After an anoynimous decision I agreed to meet him in a sectret meeting. At the meeting beeing apologistic about all the wrong doings of the past he said

Whatever you all had said before leaving Libya is the only way now to unmask Gen. Zia’a true color and there is no other alternative. At present his unholy power politics can only be frought politically, it is not possible to oust him from power now through any armed conflict. I and Faruk have realized that. Such an political initiative can only be taken by you all. Should you have any such thinking then we are ready to work to gather.

Rashid, considering whatever you said to be sincere confession I would say

We have no dout that both of you are patriots and that is why we agreed to organize both August and November revoulutionary uprisings together. Your desire to work together in any political initiative that we might consider to undertake in future is also commendable. But whether your proposal would be acceptable or not that would be decided only after the issue is discussed amongst all concerned. But to take any such initiative from of the state power one needs different kind of help and assistance. Particularly, substancial amount of financial assistance which can’t be arranded from within. This can only be got from the friendly leaders of rich countries who would be convinced in our cause which would serve the mutual interests. In our political initiative Moammar can be the most trusted ally and conduit to get us introduced to other like minded leaders besides, providing required financial assistance. We are aware that even you get required assistance it would be difficult for you two to get into politics alone without us. Therefore, once we decide, I suggest you to arrange a tripartite meeting to present our case and discuss in details the modalities.

Very well, then we shall be waiting for your decision. Meanwhile. On my return, I shall apprise Moammar about our meeting and convey your proposal about the meeting.

Thus, our meeting ended and Rashid went back.

Within a few days our decision was conveyed to Col. Rashid. In reply Col. Rashid informed that Col. Gaddafi had responded positively and had expressed his desire to organise the tripartite meeting as soon as possible. within a short while the meeting was arranged. After a thread bare discussion Gaddafi agreed to perovide all kind of necessary help including financial assistance that is initially required. Besides, he also promised to introduce us with other revolutionary leaders of different countries whom he considered as his trusted friends. This was a exeptional guesture indeed! Soon after this meeting we had been meeting clandestinely at various convinient vanues as and when required for moving ahead with organizational activities to form a political party alongside carring out our deplomatic responsibilities. With the wide acceptance of our ideals, principles amd menifesto by the people and their support our organization was growing much faster than anticipated. Zia was in dark about our such activities. But he knew one thing very clearly that his popularity was erroding gradualy within the armed forces as he decided to leave the right path and trodd on the wrong path. Questions are also being raised among the people about his self invented gimics for his immage building endevor.

At that critical juncture he informed that he is again coming to PRC on a state visite as the elected President.During this visit he would be eagerly looking forward to have excluasive meeting with me to discuss in details about the present prevailing situation back at home and his politics. But I was not interested at all to have any such meeting. I was also least interested this time about his visit. After  48 hours long state visit in PRC he was to visit Piyong Young DPRK. He called and desired that I should be his full time companion during both the visits. In reply I humbly submitted that this time it would not be possible for me to be his full time companion as I would be out of Peking during his visit on a prefixed tour organized by PLA at a far off province. As the itinerary has already been finalized long ago and all arrangements had been made there is no way that the programe can be cancled at this stage. With my answer he understood I was trying to avoid him. So, he told me that he is bringing along my father as the Deputy Head of the deligation. Aunti along with my sisters would also be accopaning him as he is bringing Begum Khaleda Zia along as both PRC and DPRK this time had invited him and his spouse for the state visits. But I remained steadfast and said

All sounds good. Nimmi would be here to take care of the family and my absence would make no difference in your visits as you are well known to the Chinese leadership. But Sir, please do understand it would be very embarrassing for me to cancle the trip. So, I must take the tour. Thus we finished our conversation.

Next day Abba(My Father) called. He sounded little annoyed and said

During his visits he has decided to bring me along to discuss some very important issues with you and you had informed him it wouldn’t be possible for you to be present in Piking at that time! I calmly told him

Yes, I have said so and had also explained the reason to Gen. Zia.

No, you must cancel your tour and must sit with the President for discussion. Take it as my order. He personally told me in confidence that it is of utmost importance to hold discussion with you during the visits.

Shrewd Gen. Zia had used Abba to comple me to hold meetings with him for discussion. After talking with Abba I was undone and had cancelled my tour and remained in Piking waiting for his arrival. It is needless to say that I was keeping other comrades informed about all that had been happening concerning the visits.

Meanwhile, as planed Col. Shahriar tendered his resignation and left his post and got into man power business. He opened a travel agency and recruiting office. Later Maj. Huda resigned sighting domestic reason and joined the business with Col. Shahriar.