Gen. Zia’s 2nd visite to PRC as the President

On scheduled date President Zia arrived in a special Biman Flight with plain loaded entourage. He was received at the Airport by Comrade Marshall Teng Xiao Ping, a long march veteran who was catapulled twice from the centre of power but after the demise of Chairman Mao and fall of ‘Gang of Four’ he was again brought back by the party stalwarts supported by the PLA at the helms as the supreme visionary leader of the party although at that time the Prime Minister was Comrade Huo Guo Feng.

Gen. Zia felt a digh of relief seeing me at the airport. He might also thought that the call of senior Mr. Haq had worked to change my decision. The winter though was fading awaybut Piking was still bitterly cold with ghust of chilling Saiberian wind coming from the North. Almost 24 Hrs the city was shrouded with fog. Hardly there was any sun shine. As the practice was Comrade Teng Xiao Ping invited President Zia along with his spouse and the members of his entourage the same night to a state bangquet on behalf of the Chinese government at the Great Hall of the People. Every staff member of the Embassy along with their wives and all the resident Bangladeshis were also invited as guest in that banguet. Arrangements were made to lodge the deligation at the state guest houses within the forbidden city. I and Nimmi were also present. At the appointed time all the invitees were escorted to a big hall room. I and Nimmi sat around Abba and other viting members of the family and were talking among ourselves. Suddenly, Begum Zia signaled Nimmi to seat beside her and started chatting with her. Shortly after Comrade Teng Xiao Ping joined us along with Comrade Huo Guo Feng and other state leaders. On their arrival the short introduction and official photo session was held in a warm atmosphere and we all moved back to the hall again. Comrade Teng, a chain smoker took his seat next to Gen. Zia and started talking to him very informally through an accomplished Chinese interpretor. We all were attentive to the subject matters of their conversation as pronounced by the interpretor. After 20-25 minuites a smartly turned out attendant arrived and showed us the way to the dinning room. Pretty looking wetresses got us seated to pre fixed seats. Guest of honor President Zia and Begum Zia sat at the head table along with Comrade Teng Xiao Ping the host and the Primier Huo Guo Feng. I and Nimmi were also accommodated along with Abba at the same table.

While eating rare delicacies we all were chatting with one another in low voice. At one point Gen. Zia asked Teng Xiao Ping

Exellency, How have you maintained yourself so fit considering your age? I would like to know the trick.

Stunning every one Comrade Teng laughed aloud and replied

Respected Mr. President the trick is that I am a chain smoker and I always laugh aloud having saying that he again burst into laughter. Everyone present enjoyed his sense of humor. But I could discover a suttle hint that the wity and sharp elderly leader by then had already noticed that Gen. Zia doesn’t know how to laugh his heart out.

Before the food was served as customary Comrade Teng Xiao Ping the host made a short welcoming speech. He said

To some nation the changeable geographical boundary might not be as they desire but they can surely chose their trustwordhy friends. Like the Chibese People the people of Bangladesh also has an ancient heritage of civilization. The mighty river Brahmaputra is torrentiously flowing through both these two countries. Both the people of these two countries are being benifidieries of its water and granduer for ages with out any hindrance. The bond of friendship was forged by the travelers. A great saint named Sree Atish Dipankar came to China from ancient Bangladesh with the message of Buddhism and preached the religion all over the country. Later on the religious preachers of Islam also arrived from Bangladesh as well. Being attracted to Islam the religion of peace at one time more than 40 Crores Chinese embrassed Islam. Till this date they all are practicing their own religion in an environment of peacefull co-existance. PRC does not believe in expansionism. It is an historically proven fact. One of the fundamental principle of Chinese foreign policy is to establish bilateral relation with any country on the basis of equality and mutual respect regardless how big or small the country might be. Like the past heritage PRC would always endeavor to develop multi faced stronger relation with Bangladesh at present and in the future. Our bilateral relation id developed in three tiers:

  1. Party to Party
  2. People to People
  3. State to sate

This was told to you during your 1st visit. There after, he wished good health of President Zia, his spouse, members of his entourage, all present and success of the visit. Having said so he raised the glass and requested all to join him in a toast saying ‘Combayi’ meaning bottoms up.

In reply on behalf of his deligation Gen. Zia said

He was delighted to have this opportunity to visit PRC for the second time. We are sincerely greatful to India for its generous help and humanaterian assistance. But we have some fundamental contradictions with India. To resolve these contradictions Bangladesh must grow as a  self reliant country. To be a self reliant country we can learn a lot from the experience of great People’s Republic of China to rebuiled war ravaged Bangladesh. He was coveying his gratitude and welcoming the decision of the Chinese leadership and the government of PRC for their commitment to provide all kind of help and assistance to Bangladesh. He hoped that the existing friendly relation between People’s Republic of China and Bangladesh would be further streanthened with the passage of time. Bangladesh being encircled by India his government is considering to streanthen bilateral relation in every sector with utmost importance. There after, he also raised his glass for a toast and said ‘Combayi’. This how the banquet came to its end. Zia was reluctant to include those words about India in his speech drafted by me but had to concede unwillingly to my forceful arguments being unable to counter them.

Here, I would like to take the liberty to talk in short about the charecter of PRC and India.

Historically, there existed no country named ‘Indian Union’ in this sub-continent ever and the sub-continent had been the hub of many ancient civilizations built by people with distinctly ethnic, linguistic, coltuural, religious diversity at different part within their own separate domain. In other words, it never had been habited by one or two nation but many nations. It was colonial British Empire after capturing the subcontinent with armed aggression state of ‘Indian Union’ was given birth to maximize their exploytation. There after, before leaving the multy national subcontinent had been divided on the basis of ‘Two Nation’ theory and two independent countries came into existance as Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Republic of Indian Union announcing that all the Princely States were free to chose whether to join Pakistan or India by choice or remain as independent nation states. This is how the srewd British Imperialism left the sub-continent with out resolving the national question. After their departure Indian rulers annexed Kashmir, Junagarh, Haydrabad and Tripura by force as a part of Indian Union though they all chose to be part of Pakistan. They also conquired Goya, Domon, Dewe against the will and wishes of the people of those states. As Asam, Mizoram, Nagaland, Monipur, Meghalaya, Arunachal, Tripura declared independence right at the time when ‘Two Nation’ theory was being exicuted, ruthless military expedition had been launched by the central Indian governments of all shades against those liberation struggles which is continuing unabated till this date. But even after such prolonged inhuman persecution the liberation movements of those nations are getting intense with every passing day other than being ennihilated. On the contrary many other ethnically diverse people are demanding independence and have started their political and armed struggle. Such as the struggle to establish Khalistan by the Sikhs, Struggle to establish an independent Tamil state comprising the four prosperous southern states. Maoist guerrillas are spreading armed struggle in Jharkhand, Bihar, Chattrishgar, Urisshya, Gurkhaland and most of Moddhya Prodesh. Off late, the cessionist movement in Tripura is gaining fresh momentum. All though the Imperialist British gave independence to Nepal but the expansionist India coarsed Nepal to be a client state through uneven treaty since its independence. Nepal the only declared Hindu state in the world has also now become vocal against Indian domination. Similarly, another client state Bhutan is also raising its voice against Indian hegemony. People of another tiny independent country Sikkim which was annexed through nefarious design by India are now engaged in their struggle to retrieve their independence.

The Indian intellrctuals and Media raised a hew and cry that the          independence Bangladesh has negated the ‘Two Nation Theory’. But according to the writer the creation of Bangladesh has only proved that India was never comprised of one nation but many nations.

In 1962, under estimating the streanth of PRC India launched an expansionist aggression at the instigation of earlst while Soviet Union and conceded a measurable defeat. The Peopl’s Liberation army not only repulsed that unexpected aggression but had intruded crossing the border inside India and occupied more than 4000Km Indian territory in Aksai Chin, Ladakh and Arunachal sector to give a clear messege to Nehru whether he was ready to sit for negociation. Humiliated Nehru bowed down and accepted the Chinese proposal. Only after that the Chinese leaders magnanimously ordered the PLA to fall back to the previous line of control. One thing is very televent here. The Durand line in the North West and Macmohon Line drawn by the British still remains controvercial therefore, People’s Republic of China does not recognize those till now.

In 1971, India had helped in the liberation war but after the independence had taken away armaments, war materials of the surrendered Pak armed forces worth over Taka 16000 along with all Mills and Factories, Gold and Silver, imported materials and materials ready for export staged at the ports. They didn’t even spare the furnitures and fixtures from every cantonment. All the godowns and wire houses and big shops were all looted as allied friendly force. India grabed the opportunity provided by the then short sighted, foolish and arrogant ruling click of Pakistan to help the liberation war for two reasons:

First- To weaken Pakistan their arch enemy by dividing it into two halves.

Second- There after, to turn newly independent Bangladesh into a client state by installing a puppet regime in power.

They are relentlessly working in connivance with the political parties and the so called leaders of the civil society who are their lackies soon after the declaration of independence.

There are two most impotant reasons for India why it must have total domination over Bangladesh.

  1. To use the land, air and sea of Bangladesh strategically at will as and when required.
  2. To usurp enormous resources that Bangladesh possess so that Bangladesh can never emerge as a self relient prosperous country. If that happens then all distinctly different nationalities who are fighting their liberation war within Indian Union would be inspired from the success story of Bangladesh as a nation state and that might highten their resolve to intensify their on going liberation war. As a result, artificially created Indian Union would disappear. The cherished dream and desire of the Chanakyas to establish greater India(Varat Mata) would be buried into the grave for ever. The intellegentia and the statesmen of all the surrounding smaller countries of the sub-continent have to deliberate seriously for their very existence how to thwart the hegemonic design of the regional parria untitedly. Singular effort by any country would be of no avail. This is a sturk reality.

People’s Republic of China is recognized as one of the most ancient civilizations historically. The Chinese nation has a written history of 4000 years. I am not aware if any of the ancient civilizations does have such a written history. Their history bears the testimony that China never carried out any expedition beyond their own boundaries. The word ‘China’ has been coined by the outsiders. In Chinese language China is called ‘Chungwo’ meaning by ‘Centre of Civilizations’.

Considering this the readers can understand what is the historical impotance to further deepen existing close friendly relation with a rising power like People’s Republic of China for all the smaller neighboring countries of South Asia at the present erra for the sake of developing ourselves as self relient prosperous nation states maintaining own identity against ever expansionist India.

After the political change through the successful revolutionary armed uprising People’s Republic of China recognized Bangladesh formally and flung opened the door to devolope bilateral relation on solid foundation. But unfortunately, due to lack of vision and to serve the interest of India, oil reach Gulf states and the Western powers Gen. Zia deprived the nation and the country from that golden oppurtunity. With the passage of time that oppurtunity is getting narrower due to the lack of good intention of the rulers and their various weaknesses. Let us now get back to the bangquet night.