At Gen. Zia’s request I was at Dhaka after knowing the views of other comrades

After this visit I travelled to various countries to meet my other comrades. I also held couple of meetings with Col. Faruk, Col. Rashid and Lt. Salem, the representative of Moammar Gaddafi.

Col. Shahriar thought his proposal was a sinister design. He thought it is a calculated trap of Gen. Zia to take us into his fold like Maj. Hafeez, Maj. Shahjahan Omar, Lt. Iqbal etc to destroy our image, popularity and acceptability in the eyes of the surviving members of Sena Parisad as well as officers and soldiers within armed forces so that we can not proceed to challenge him with our politics in future.

Col. Pasha’s opinion was

With the time Gen. Zia’s position within the armed forces is eroding fast because of his own criminal activities. In this context if we as the leaders of Sena Parisad stand beside a betrayer like him that would be suicidal. It is just impossible for him and us doing politics together after all that he has done. To hold meetings with you was just to read our minds and gathering first hand information. Further more he tried to find out if we are in any way connected with the conspirators around him who are wiving the spider’s cobweb to finish him. Should we be seen around him now then we shall lose all creditability to make any contribution in national politics thus our long cherished goals and dreams would come to a pathetic end.

A man of few words Maj. Nur opined

Before deawing he is trying to finish us all. It is not rational to think that he wants us for his survival. Even if he wanted, the way he has betray with Sena Parisad, ruthlessly killed more than 3000 co-revolutionaries there can’t be any logic for us to take any responsibility to stand beside him as savior stepping on the blood of fellow martyers. Therefore, I think with whatever motive he might have given this offer it is worthless to deliberate on that. He further said, I have done good talking to him but on behalf of all he cautioned me to remain very careful and vigilant while visiting Dhaka as he was concerned about my personal safty. Even then I have to take the risk and go to Dhaka otherwise Gen. Zia might think that Sena Parisad has a hand in the prevailing resentment and anti Zia fury which is getting stronger day by day. Suspicious minded Zia might be thinking like that already. It should not be surprising at all if he has. After the discussions an anonymous decision was taken that we should remain steadfast in our earlier decision to continue our struggle against Gen. Zia politically. Every one expressed the view in no uncertain terms that Gen. Zia’s proposal is not acceptable. In view of this decidion I had made one thing very clear to all that after we convey our refusal to accept his proposal being angry he might take any sturn action against us so, every one of us must remain prepared for that. As decided by all I shall go to Dhaka but I shall not stay long this time. I shall return immediately after conveying our decision giving no reaction time to Gen. Zia. Should I face any untowars consequence and  fail to retun then rest of you together would prudently decide after due deliberation the future course of action but no one should go back to the country if any such order comes. All had agreed to comply with what I said.

After meeting all the comrades I travelled to Dhaka. Stepping on the soil and meeting silected leaders and members of Sena Parisad and colse confidants from various circle within two three days I could clearly grasp the prevailing ground realities. Gen. Zia’s utility to India had finished. The ground was sliping away fast under his feet within the armed forces. Though, his popularity within the people remained to  some extent but in the hatched conspiracy his end was just a matter of time. Taking the oppurtunity of this visit and after assessing the under ground organizational progress of PROGOSH I got convinced that very soon PROGOSH would be able to emerge as the 3ed force in the main stream of national politics. After seeing, listning and understanding everything I met Gen. Zia and conveyed our decision that the laders of Sena Parisad thought it wouldn’t be possible to accept his proposal and do politics with him. On the same day after meeting him I left Dhaka with out telling anyone and returned to my working place Piking. After my return a few civil and military deligations visited China. Most of deligation members were known to me. Among the visits most important one was the visit of Gen. Ershad, the newly appointed Army Chief.