From China to London while in exile

Unexpectedly, I received a call from one of our beloved freedom fighter. He informed that he came from the country and wanted to meet me and Nur urgently. After meeting us he has to return back as soon as possible. Venue, date and time were fixed. Three of us got together. After a long time we met the younger brother. In one of the small lane in Picadilly Circus there was a restaurant run by a Scotish couple known for long. Often at noon we used to visit that place to have fresh grilled Trout with boiled vegitables with mustered or Italian sauce. I invited the younger brother for lunch at that place. We were talking while enjoying the delicacy. Younger brother was a brilliant student and hailed from an affluent family. After joing the liberation war he became politically conscious and started actively working with us for the cause of the vast majority of deprived and oppressed people. After the independence although he had many scops and privilages to make his carrier in the civil service or in the army but he decided not to become a government servant and started his own business. For his business he had been travelling abroad frequently.