Genarel Monjur’s abortive uprising and Genarel Ershad usurped power

From whatever the beloved comrade said from that it was clearly evident that everything is moving as planned. At China when Gen. Zia had confessed himself that he had decided to bring back exiled Hasina from India at that time, I told him as you are rehabilitating Hasina you might consider to allow the Ameer of Jamaat Proff. Golam Azam to return to Bangladesh as desired by most of the oil rich Gulf states Saudi Arabia in particular including Pakistan. If you fullfil this desire of Jamaat e Islami that would benefit you politically. In one hand, you would be in a position to use Jamaat as a weapon against Awami League. On the other hand, with the support of all those influential Muslim countries you would be able to strengthen your position within OIC. The country and the nation would be benifited with such a move. He could see through his own interest in my submission and cleared the way for Proff. Golam Azam to return to Bangladesh on his return. I had no relation what so ever with Jammat but after reading some of his publications, I considered him to be a progressive Islamist thinker. His arguments regarding any revolutionary activity for the interest of the people is justified in Islam are forcefull. Marxism is based on dialectical materialism. His philosophy is restricted within the parameter of humanbeing’s worldly life. Marx did not accept there is any spiritual world, requirement of human being’s spiritual aspirations and the life here after which are connected to the very existence of the creator that is why his philosophy is known as aethism.

Karl Marx did not believe in existence of anything beyond the five senses. But he couldn’t give any solid proof in this regard. Lets take it, I am placed in a room blind folded. I am unable to feel or determine what is there in the room. Does it mean there is nothing in that room! There could be something or nothing at all. Therefore, how could Karl Marx discover that there can’t exist anything which can’t be felt by touching, holding or seeing! Besides, Karl Marx even did not say anything clearly about the creation of complexed great Universe and its controlling power. If a head to run a family is needed then it would be quite logical to argue that there has to be some authoritative controling power to maintain decipline and run this vast unfathomable universe and the nature as well. This commanding authority would be the one who is fully aware of the intricacies of the entire creation. And it is only possible to have such knowledge to the one who has created the whole creation in totality.

Moreover, human mind is ont only dependant on dialectic materialism.Hunan mind spiritually can traverse beyond this materialist world. The aspects where Marx appeared hezy one can find clear explanation on those in the Holy Quran. In the Holy Quran clear explanation and directives are there regarding this earth, here after, materialist world, spiritual world and everything that exist in the universe. There is clear revelation about the creater and the mistry of the entire creation which could be negated rationally by any one till this date. That is why the Holy Quran is a complete code. The divinity of the book has been proved as no human brain has been able to produce such a complete code. Even after the explosion of science and technology in present modern erra it is said that there exist many things beyond this world about which human being does not have any knowledge, then I fail to understand why it should not be acceptable that there is also a life here after! This why in present day’s world religions have more influence on human beings compared to aethism.

Maulana Moududi had deliberated on the fundamental creeds of Islam in very simple words and had proved logically that Islam is a religion of humanisn for the entire world population. For equality, truth, justice, brotherhood and peace the devine Holy Quran was revealed as the becon. The best example how to implement the dictates of the Holy Quran by the human being comprised of flesh and blood had been Hajrat Muhammad Sallellahu Alaihi Wassallam himself. The complete Holy Quran was thus revealed though the universal prophet Mohammad. Allah Subhanwatala(Creator), the most gracious and merciful has himself revealed that after revealing the complete code of life(the Holy Quran) there would be no requirement to send any prophet in the world. This is why Hajrat Muhammad Sallellahu Alaihi Wassallam is considered to be the last prophet. On the basis of Maulana Moududi’s doctrain political parties named Jammat e Islami had been formed in a few countries with Muslim majority. All these parties are engaged in their activities to establish ideal Islamic states and social structures following the interpretation of the state structure and political philosophy of Maulana Moududi.

The popularity and acceptance of his writings quickly established him as an most eminent Islamist thinker of the contemporary world and Jamaat e Islami as parties were flourishing. But presently, due to various deviations advancement of Jamaat e Islami as a political party in every country is on the wane. Getting away from Moududi’s principled uncompromising struggle presently, Jamaat every where is participating in the prevailing dirty power politics and politics of compromise. This is one of the main reason for its decline. Jammat as a political party in most of the 3ed world countries has become a part of the anti people and anti state stage managed politics persued by the local vested interested quarters with the support of their foreign masters. The leadership has become corrupt and poluted. This is being transmitted at every level. Inspite of this the appeal of Maulana Moududi still remains alive to the younger generations. Future of any country and the nation depends on the politically conscious younger generation.

Sitting in London we were receiving the news that relation between Gen. Zia and Gen. Manzur was deteriorating fast. As a result suddenly posting order was issued from the AHQ as the Commandant of the Staff college removing him from the command of Chittagong Division. This sounded like alerming bell to all followers of Gen. Mazur at Chittagong. The General Gudarian realized that there after he would be thrown out from the army gracefully. After getting rid of him the axe would be falling on all the freedom fighter officers who were loyal to Gen. Manzur. Gen. Manzur became outragious with humiliation and despair. It was a die or do situation for him. General Gudarian decided not to comply with the order to join the Staff college rather to settel his scores with Gen. Zia at the earliest oppurtunity that presents itself. Meanwhile, Gen. Zia had brought back Hasina and Rehana with honor through Dr. Kamal Hussain known as the fair weather bird and Barrister Amirul Islam. Hasina was installed as the Chairperson of the resurrected Awami League. All their possessions, ancestral properties including party funds were also returned by Gen. Zia. Gen. Zia was over enthusiastic to please India arranging state security for both the sisters. At that point of time it was possible only for a popular leader like Gen. Zia to revive almost dying Awami League and to rehabilitate any member of Sheikh Mujib’s family in the national politics. It was impossible for Gen. Ershad to accomplish these two tasks. After these two tasks had been accomplished for revitalizing AWAMI BAKSHALITES it is not Gen. Zia but Gen. Ershad was required. After the rehabilitation of Awami League under Sheikh Hasina in politics Gen. Zia’s utility had been finished to  India this could not be guessed even by the cunning player like Gen. Zia.

At that juncture on the 29-30th May in the year 1981, just 13 days after Hasina’s return President Ziaur Rahman went on a political tour at Chittagong. He encamped along with his entourage at the circuit house. President remained busy the whole day with his party work. After the dinnar when he was asleep at the dead of stormy night, a group of young officers stormed the circuit house. As the doors were opened by the President Gen. Zia in sleeping suit, a full burst was fired from a sub-machine gun and he fell down dead on his face at the spot. His ADC and a few staff officers were also gunned down by the storm troopers. Bodruddoza Choudhury was in the next room. He and all other members of his entourage fled away saving their lives. The attacking squad left the circuit house along with the dead bodies. All had come from Chittagong cantonment. After knowing that Gen. Zia has been killed Gen. Manzur had captured the Chittagong Radio station and announced that President Zia got killed in an armed revolutionary uprising. He also placed before the nation the reasons for the uprising and sought national and international support support in favor of his revolutionary uprisuing. But his plee went unheeded by the mourning nation with the breaking news of Zia’s demise as well as international communities. Rather the countrymen became furious against Gen. Manzur. Similarly, Manzur failed to get any support from other cantonments as well. Ironically, from Dhaka the double faced snakes like Gen. Ershad, Gen. Nuruddin, Gen. Mir Shawkat, Brig. Nasim sensing the direction the wind was blowing not only refused to respond to the call of Gen. Manzur for support but had taken position against him to prove their loyality to the government.

After the death of President Zia events at the Chittagong Cantonment, Banga Bhaban and Sena Sadar were moving fast.

Justice Sattar, the Vice President immediately took over the responsibility as the President. Later he became elected President. The Army Chief Ershad, the sly dove arrived at the Banga Bhaban and pretending to be a most obedient servant wanted to know from the President, still in troma and agreived what should be his reposibility at that critical juncture. The President permitted him to take whatever steps were necessary to suppress the uprising and to maintain stability in the country. Thus Gen. Ershad retuned to AHQ with the consent of the President to do whatever he wanted.

On the other hand, Gen. Manzur having realised that luck was not favorable summoned Brig. Hannan Shah from Bhatiyari at his headquarters and took the initiative through him to get in touch with AHQ for finding out a compromised way out from the fiasco. Gen. Ershad, the cunning Chief did not want to talk to Gen. Manzur directly and had asked Gen. Nuruddin then the CGS and one of his confidant to hold discussion with Gen. Manzur. He also ordered the GOC Comilla to despatch one Brigade to takw up position at the Shova Pur bridge. During the discussion desired deployments were made. After the deployment Gen. Manzur was ordered on behalf of Gen. Ershad, the army chief to lay down arms and surrender himself along with all others to the Brigade Commander at Shova Pur Bridge.

Guderian General understood clearly what is on the card therefore, he assembled all his loyal Brigade and Unit commanders and advised them all to surrender and left the cantonment attempting to flee to Burma alongwith his family, Col. Mahbub and Col. Moti. Meanwhile, the dead bodies of President Gen. Zia and others were buried the same night they were slained at a hilly place not too far away from the cantonment under tight security. While they were fleeing on the way in an encounter with Maj. Hajji Mannan and his troops Col. Mahbub and Col. Moti got killed. Gen. Manzur, his family and a few trusted members of the fleeing party some how could manage to escape from that encounter. After Gen. Manzur left the cantonment all the officers and ranks laied down their arms and surrendered complying the order of the Army Chief. About 20 senior freedom fighter officers considered to be close confidants of Gen. Manzur were arrested. Gen. Manzur, his family and his companions were  totally shaken with the demise of Col. Mahbub and Col. Moti. Physically exhausted and mentally shattered Gen. Manzur, his family and others broke their journey at Fatik Chori and took refuge in a shanty hut of a farmer to take rest for a short while.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Radio and TV had been continuously broad casting the news about the abortive uprising, surrender of officers and soldiers of 24 Division located at Chittagong cantonment, death of President Zia and Gen. Manzur’s escape. Listning these news in Radio one person next door became suspicious about the party that had taken shelter so, he went to the local police station and had disclosed their where about. Immediately after getting the information the police raided that shanty hut and arrested all of them. There after they were taken to the cantonment and handed over to the army. The newly appointed commander of the 24 Division instantly conveyed the news of Gen. Manzur’s arrest to AHQ(Sena Sadar). While police was taking arrested Gen. Manzur, his family and others to the cantonment he repeatedly was urging the police officer in charge not to hand them over to the army but to send them to Jail. But the police officer did not pay any heed.

After receiving the news of Gen. Manzur’s arrest Gen. Ershad ordered his appointed commander of 24 Division to keep all the arrested persons including Gen. Manzur and his family at the Officer’s Mess under tight security. There after  Gen. Ershad in a haist called his trusted DGFI to the AHQ and held a closed door one to one meeting. After the meeting Capt. Emdad was dispatched from Dhaka to Chittagong. The GOC was informed in advance that Capt. Emdad is on his way with a very special mission. After reaching Chittagong cantonment Capt. Emdad met the GOC and then went straight to the officer’s Mess and had a short chat with Gen. Manzur in an empty room and shot him point blank with his pistol. Gen Manzur fell to the ground dead! One bullet fired from the trained hadnd was enough to take his life. Mission being accomplished Capt. Emdad returned to Dhaka. After the cold blooded murder of Gen. Manzur it was propagated in the Midia

As soon as the police brought arrested Gen. Manzur, his family and others to the cantonment to hand them over to the army, Gen Manzur was snatched away by a group of angry soldiers who shot him dead!

There after, with the consent of President Sattar inside the Jail at Chittagong a special tribunal was constituated and in a camera trial  18 out of 20 arrested brave freedom fighter officers were hanged. Misteriously, both Maj. Mozaffar and Maj. Khaled(Ex-Rakkhi Bahini officers)were working infiltrated as spies though arrested were not tried and could manage a safe passage to leave the country. Similarly, Capt. Emdad was also sent abroad. Whethere, that trial was fair and transperant that still remains questionable.

Killing of Comrade Shiraj Shikdar, the revolutionary leader and a freedom fighter in a police encounter while in custody, hanging of Col. Taher, mockery of trial proceedings against the top leaders of the successful revolutionary uprisings of 15th August and 7th November 1975 framing criminal charges of muder against them violating the Constitution, awarding death sentence and subsequently at mid on 28th January 2010, 5 of them, all valiant freedom fighters hanged by Hasina’s government, the stage managed trials of BDR genocide’s  leagality and transperacy remains questionable and that is why all these so called trials failed to earn legitimacy and acceptance as free and fair trials nationally nor internationally.

On the second day dead bodies of President Zia and others were exumed from the graves and brought to Dhaka. On the Northern bank of the lake at the second capital President Zia’s corps was buried for the second time. Later a Mausoleum was also constructed in his name.

After a short span of time on 24th March 1982, Gen. Ershad the Army Chief in a bloodless coup disposed off elected President Justice Sattar and took over power. He suspended the Constition and started ruling the country promulgating martial law. When national and international Media persons wanted to Sheikh Hasina’s reaction as the head of Awami League on Gen. Ershad’s usurpation of power, Hasina replied

I am not unhappy!

Her reply became a news in most of the leading Media at home and abroad.

It is a matter of great regret that since the very inception of Bangladesh who so ever had come to power has been snatching away the independence of Judiciary and used it to crush their political opponants ruthlessly. That is why nothing can be heard on this issue from any side. Where as with out totally independent judiciary true democracy can not take root in any society. Even about 45 years after independence the nation is still carring this shamefull legacy!