On way to Peshawar

Reaching the suite we took some clothings and daily necessities in a hand bag and both me and Rabbani set out for Peshawar. It was a foggy night but there was no darth of traffic on the GT road. Particullarly, the big trucks, trollys and container trailers were on the move both ways in line. Before this was one way and narrow. Now we saw that road has taken the shape of duel carrage high way. From the Khayber upto Karachi this is the main road for plying vehicles. Afghanistan being a land locked country also uses this road for incoming and outgoing traffic and cargos. We could also see dense habitats had sprouted on both side of the highway. Some had taken the shape of township big and small. The experienced driver was driving the car carefully. Suddenly it appeared that the car behind was following us. As I enquired from the driver he smilingly said that is the escort vehicle for our security. We had a brake at Hasan Abdal for a cup of hot tea. Rabbani is habituated to have very hot Dudh Patti Chaye off and on. After the tea brake we resumed our journey. On the way we passed by Wah Cantt. The Ordinance Factory is located there. At Kamra base there is Aeronautical Complex. At Attak a duel carrage wide bridge has been constracted a new.At thgis juncture Kabul river and Swat river merged together and has been flowing down stream as Sind river. On the basin of this mighty torrential Sind river ancient Indus velly civilization evolved. Before, at the meeting place of these two rivers there was only one narrow bridge touching the shoulder of the rocky mountains. Both the rail lines and the road were constructed on the same bridge by the British. On the bank stands famous Attak Fort of Cherat. Attak Fort being the Training Centre for the Commandoes, the entire Cherat area is a highly protected zone. All these places are well known to me with lot of old memories. Nawshera Cantt had extended but the look was almost the same as before. Armoured School, Artillery School and Supply Training Centers are all at Nawshera Cantt thus an important Garrision of Pakistan. From Nawshera at the North East towards Mardan at a distance of about 5/6 miles is Risalpur. The PAF Training Academy and Engineering College are located there. The institutations on the road side made me revisit my past. We reached Peshawar while I was recollecting some of the fondest memories. At the gate way of Peshawar stands the majestic Jamrood Fort which is the Regimental Centre for the Frontier Force Regiments. Our car stoped at the Porch of the PC hotel. The Duty Manager warmly welcomed us and showed the way to the suite. Then PC was the only 5 star hotel in Peshawar. After exchanging greetings all left but the Duty Manager returned quickly with a bouquet of fresh flowers and a bascket of fresh fruits. After all We were the guests of the honorable Home Minister so staffs were overtly more caring! Rabbani called Khaled Bhai to inform him about our arrival. He said that he had been anxciously waiting and reached within a few minuites at the hotel. Besides, his distinguished credentials he was also the son in law of Gen. Shinwari so, widely known within the armed forces as well as the elites of the civil society. Getting in the suite he warmly hugged us both heartily.

Khaled Bhai I told you at Nairobi accepting your invitation that if an oppurtunity presents itself I shall definitely be visiting your place and here we are.

So, here we are.

Still, I am finding it difficult to beleave that you are here all of a sudden in this way! It is really a very pleasant surprise, I am so delighted to see you both. Though, your arrival is unexpected and sudden but I must convey my gratitude that you had not forget about my invitation.

How could I as you had stolen my heart at the first meeting.

Khaled Bhai then insisted that we can’t stay at the hotel we have to go to his residence as Bhabi has already arranged the dinner for us. He wouldn’t listened to any excuse. The Pathans are famed for their hospitality. Therefore, we picked up the hand bag and got ready to leave the hotel. The reception was told to note down any messege that might be received and convey that to us at his house number. The way Khaled Bhai was instructing the management from that it was clear that he was well known to the hotel management.

Bhabi had arranged a lavish dinner. At one point of time Bhabi asked

Why did you checked in the hotel as we have our modest residence here?

Beeing slightly embarassed I replied

We did not checked in ourselves, all were done by the hosts at Islamabad. After dinner bhabi served Green Tea(Kawa) and took leave. Quetta stove was on at the sitting room. We three friends sat around that. Khaled Bhai enquired

So, why suddenly you are here in this way?

With a pressing obligation we had to come in this way. The reason for which we are here concern with the Muslim popularion of this region as a whole and of about 14 Crores Muslims of Bangladesh in particular. In the forthcoming elections should we fail Khaleda Zia to win and Awami League forms the government then Bangladeshis once again shall be strangulated under bondage of slavery by India loosing their self identity. That is why we have come to seek blessings from Allah through Hajratji using your good offices. As the over all situation is not favorable, with out spiritual blessing it would not be possible to make her win inspite of all worldly help and asisstance. This is why we are at your doorsteps Khaled Bhai. We don’t know if at all Hajratji would be willing to meet us or not. But I shall earnestly request you to go out of the way to convince Hajratji to grant us an audiance to plead our case. You must trust Khaled Bhai, we both have some how got involved in the present exercise but have no individual self interest.  Khaled Bhai listened everything and remained absorved in deep thought.

You know what, immediately after receiving Rabbani’s call I rushed to meet Hajratji. Most surprising thing was at this time he never remains at the city. But I found him at his house in the city. As I met him he smilingly said

I am sure you are surprised to find me here isn’t it? I am waiting here for a specific reason.

After listning to the mistic devotee I said

Two of my dear friends had arrived from abroad to meet you and seek your Dua. Before I could finish he said of course I shall be meeting them. It has been decided tomorrow after Fajar I have to take both of you for his audiance. As oneof his beloved deciple I have not seen him so egger to meet any one ever! I realised that he has come to the city just to wait for meeting you.

Allah is most gracious and most mercyfull that Hajratji has agreed to give us an audience.

Exactly, said Rabbani.

You must be tired so take a good rest. I shall wake you up after Fajar Azan goes on and after saying our Salaht we shall reach Hajratji’s place. I have some prayers still to say which I shall finish then shall retire as well. Khaled Bhai took leave saying good night.

We have no knowledge to understand misticism of the Sufi Saints but even then we conveyed our Shukria to Allah and fell asleep happily. just before the Azan for the Fajar prayer was on Khaled Bhai came and wakened us up. He informed us Hajratji has ordained that we shall be having the brakefast at his place. This guesture was also an exception for any visitor said Khaled Bhai.

Everything was happening due to the will of Allah. We became ready and reached at Hajratji’s home. It was quite early in the morning so the city was still not alive. The roads were almost deserted. In a ally a one stroried humble house. The sitting room was fully carpeted. hajratji was sitting on a Charpai in the center. In the bitter cold morning he had just a Dhoti on and had nothing else over his well built body. He was looking eligant and devine with long white beard and crew cut hair. He had a white piece of white cloth(Perhaps the  Pagri) hanging on his right shoulder. Even in such a chilly morning he was profusedly sweating and wiping the sweat with that from time to time! I had never had the oppurtunity to meet any Sufi saint before in my life. We were following Khaled Bhai whatever he was doing. We sat on the layed carpet. Hajratji was in a transe. After a while he looked at us. His bright eyes were beaming and absolutely piercing!

His bright beaming eyes were absolutely piercing!

Khaled Bhai very respectfully went towards him and almost whispered our introduction. Rabbani was in Shalwar Kamiz and I was in Payjama and Kurta. Both of us were rapped in woolen shawals. They were talking so mutely that we could not hear much of their conversation. After hearing everything Hajratji signaled me and pointed me to seat beside him and put his right arm on my shoulder. Khaled Bhai sat near his feet along with Rabbani beside him.

Hajratji very affectionately asked

Tell me why you have come to meet me?

Hujur, we have to seek through you Allah’s blessings not for any personal benifite. We have come to seek Allah’s blessing for the Muslims of this sub continent particularly 14 Crores of Muslims of Bangladesh so that they can maintain their self identity.

What is the problem?

Hujur, you have to pray so that Khaleda Zia and her combine wins in the up coming elections in Bangladesh. In case Sheikh Hasina the protégé of India wins the elections then the 14 Crores of Muslims would be once again be chained under the bondage of slavery of the infidles for indefinite period of time. The country would become a client state of India. India had supported in the liberation war of Bangladesh according to their blue print to accomplish their long cherished dream to reestablish ‘Akhanda Bharat’. Since the time of liberation war we, the conscientious freedom fighters had been organizing ourselves secretly to resist and fight against this nefarious design. But when we succeeded to install our central figure Gen. Ziaur Rahman at the helms of state power, due to his betrayal our whole plan and programe got frustrated. This is a very tragic episode! Although, Khaleda is his wife even then for the greater interest of the nation and the country you have got to pray to Allah Subhan Wa Tala for her victory Hujur! I might have became immotionally charged while submitting my request and that’s why my eyes were in tears.

After giving a patient hearing Hajratji dragged me more closer with his hand on my shoulder affectionately and said

My son don’t cry, Allah is most considerate. he bears the witness of our this meeting. You have the brakefast and went inside leaving us alone. I had also controlled myself by then. soon brakefast was served with various kind of delicacies. Khaled Bhai and Rabbani remained quite all through with their heads down. rabbani’s eyes were also wet.

After the brakefast was served Khaled Bhai invited us and we finished our brakefast. After finishing the brakefast I asked Khaled Bhai whether Hajratji would ever come back again?

Surely, he would return to say good bye. He is now meditating inside. we have to wait till he returns. Before going inside Hajratji asked me two times who do I want should win? I said Khaleda Zia.

The attendants had removed the away all the left over of the brakefast items and cleaned the carpet. We all were waiting anxiously for the return of Hajratji. After some time Hajratji returned. His eyes were red and beaming! The whole body was all wet due as he was sweating profusely. He was not looking nomal. He said

Khaleda Zia shall win In Sha Allah in a transe. She would get all the required assistances as well by the grace of Allah. Hasina, the Fithna would suffer a humaliating defeat. But some one had come from Bangladesh to attend a marrage cerimony. He said the situation in Bangladesh is not that good. A serious blood bath is on the offing! Many would be coming from accross the border and many will cross over. Ihad advised him to stay here instead of returning back. You might as well have to change your presence from Africa somewhere close by. Now you may leave. I have to take a bath.

Later Khaled Bhai aprised us that regardless of the season be it summer, autumn, winter or spring this great devotee takes bath with cold water 18-20 times every day and his upper portion of the body remains bare open all the time day and night. I never had the oppurtunity to meet any saintly devotee like Hajratji in my life before. we returned with a hair raising experience to Khaled Bhai’s residence.

A strange surprise was waiting at the house. As we entered the house, Bhabi came up to the door to inform us that frantic calls were coming from the PC. They were receiving calls from the office of the Prime Minister to get in touch with us and convey us the request to return to Islamabad immediately as the Prime Minister was waiting to meet us. We took leave from Bhabi thanking her for warm hospitality and returned to the hotel. The Manager was greatly releaved as we returned. Right then again a call came from Islamabad. I received the call and informed we are leaving for Islamabad immediately and will be reaching as fast as possible. I was advised to reach the PM’s secretariates straight away. Okay, I said and dropped the line. There after, as we were taking leave from Khaled Bhai thanking him for everything he said

After the election victory I must not forget to visit Peshawar along with the family.

Definitely, I said and quickly set off for Islamabad. Our guide was well aware of everything so he reached us up to the PM’s secretariates as fast as possible with care. Both Choudhury Shujat and Nawaz Sharif both were waiting there. They received us cordially and took us in. They conveyed that the NSC has decided to provide whatever assistances financially and otherwise to Khalrda Zia’s combine after evaluating my presentation favorably disregarding the analysis of the ISI and High Commissuion. I might convey that to Khaleda Zia. I thanked both and returned to our hotel.

After consulting with Rabbani we decided to reach Karachi the same night and from there to convey the heartening news to Khaleda Zia from there. The phone ranged. Brig. Rafi was on line so I picked up. He wanted to invite me over dinner. I politely said

Sir, it would have been a great pleasure to have the dinner with you but unfortunately I have to leave for Karachi this evening so, you have to excuse me for this time.

In that case, I am coming to pick you up for the Lunch. It wouldn’t be right to refuse anymore in view of our old aquentence so I accepted. At the appointed time came Brig. Rafi himself. He took me to Flashman Hotel. This was the only joint for recreation at Pindi during our hay says. On the way way Brig. Rafi took out an old photograph. This was a photo taken with Bhabi at this residence at Quetta. Showing me the photo Brig. Rafi refreshed many sweet memories of good old days at Quetta. After the lunch while he was driving me back to the hotel he suddenly humorously said

Exellency, though you have moved ahead stepping on our shoes even then from my heart I shall pray that Khaleda Zia wins the elections and your efforts become fruitfull.

Thank you Sir, all that I have done is for mutual interest and benefits without any aspersion what so ever to anyone.

That I know and fully appreciate, whenever you visit again do remember my doors would remain open for you always.

Much obliged Sir, please do convey my Salam and Dua to Bhabi on your return.

Brig. Rafi dropped me at the hotel. He said good bye with a warm hug and went off.

Thank you Sir, all that I have done is for mutual interest and benefits without any aspersion what so ever to anyone.

That I know and fully appreciate, whenever you visit again do remember my doors would remain open for you always.

Much obliged Sir, please do convey my Salam and Dua to Bhabi on your return.

We reached Karachi in the evening. For security reason a room was booked at the Marriot in the name of Rabbani Khan. This is just to sleep at night. Most of our time would be spent meeting selective friends and Rabbani’s family. Rabbani decided next day morning the news would be conveyed to Khaleda Zia from the offuice of our trusted good old friend Sheikh Obaiyed, a well known and respected flureshing businessman. Rabbani called Obaiyed and made all arrangements. Next morning we rreached Sheikh Obaiyed’s office in time, an established industrialist and business tycoon of Pakistan. A twoaring office in the posh comercial area at the heart of Karachi. testfully decorated office. He warmly welcomed us.

Howcome you both are here in Karachi like this from the blues with out any intimation?

Exellency has come with a very secret and sensetive mission and had broght me along. We have reached from Islamabad last night. We shall be here for a day or two and then shall return to Nairobi. We have not come just to meet you but to use your office to accomplish some important and confidential communications. Our friend, His Exellency would make a few international calles from your secured line if that is okay with you. As you know, I have a lot of good friends in Karachi but after deliberation I thought your office would be the most appropriate place for the job so, I brought His Exellency to your office. Rabbani replied.

With out any hesitation Sheikh Obaiyed said

Excellency, you are most welcome and it would be my pleasure to be of any use to you. Next room is my private room totally sound proof and my secured lines are there. You can call anywhere any time you like regardless whether I am at the office or not, I shall make the arrangements in that way.

Excellency, most welcome.

Great! Can I then now get into your private chamber?

Of Course, please follow me. We three entered the connecting chamber. A decent small chamber. On the table there were 4-5 telephone sets of different colors. He pointed towards the red set and said that I should be using that. I and Rabbani sat down puling two chairs. Sheikh Obaiyed being a sharp man had realised we are ready to get going with our business. So, he left us alone saying that he would be in the next room and we should feel free to call him through the intercom if required.

I picked up the red receiver and dialed the number of Khaleda Zia. At the very first dial the line got connected.

Hallo! A male voice on the other side sounded like that of Mustafizur Rahman.

Assalam, this is Muhammad speaking. I would like to talk to Madame.

Please hold on, I am giving the line to her. After a few seconds Khaleda Zia from the other end conveyed her Salam and we exchanged pleasentaries. Then I conveyed the good news

Arrangements have been made and you would be receiving whatever amount that would be required for the elections and any other kind of assistance that you might require. Within a day or two some concerned persons would be in touch with you with the reference of Muhammad to co-ordinate in this regard. I have done whatever was possible for me. Hopefully, Jamaat along with other smaller nationalist and Islamist parties would also get into electoral alliance with your party. They would also receive required funds for elections. In Shallah victory would be yours. Our efforts would not go in vain as the fate of 14 Crores of faithfull Muslims of Bangladesh would be depending on the result of the up coming elections. After the historic victory you may contact me if you like. I shall not be in touch with you till the elections unless it is absolutely necessary. Last but not the least, you must not trust Gen. Ershad in any way as he is tied with Awami League and Indian axis. The ball is now in your court so you have to play it carefully from now. May Rabbul Alamin keeps you in good health and bless you with the victory that would be our prayers.


Brother, your selfless contribution would ever remain in my heart. I shall always remain grateful to you.

I did not allow her to prolong anymore and said

Bhabi, whatever I have done that is not for you but for the interests of the nation and the country. Allah Hafez, I dropped the line. There after I called Islamabad and informed that the good news has been conveyed to Khaleda Zia. On return to Sheikh Obaiyed’s office we found that good friend Obaiyed was waiting for us arranging high tea along with some delicious bites. While having tea I told him

You know Obaiyed Bhai, today you have become a leaving witness to a historic event.

How come?

If any day my book is published there I shall mention about your generous guesture and kind courtesy of today. Sheikh Obaiyed looked surprised. So, Rabbani said

Relaxed brother, you would come to know everything in time. Now we would like to beg leave from you.

We took leave from Sheikh Obaiyed and came out from his office.

It was indeed unbeleavable that our mission had become a total success so easily! The Holy Quran says, ‘If one step is taken for a greater interest and just cause Allah comes forward 10 steps’. This success is a glaring proof of that, Ameen! The very next day I was informed from Islamabad that the concerned person has already had got in touch with Khaleda Zia and has finalized the all the modalities about the disbursement of the fund and other required assistances. The working process has already started accordingly.

As the much required funding was arranged a new impetus was added in Khaleda Zia’s election campaign through out the country. In anticipation that Gen. Ershad does not bend towards Khaleda Zia’s Jote Hasina strongly demanded that the fallen dictator Gen. Ershad can not be kept at the Sub Jail. He should be transfered to the red building at Nazimuddin road forthwith and criminal proceedings should be started against him immediately. Under such pressure the interim government of Justice Shahabuddin was forced to transfer Gen. Ershad from the Sub Jail to the Central Jail at Dhaka. As the anti Ershad sentiment was high among the people khaleda Zia had to remain quite in this regard with out protesting the decision of the interim government. Gen. Ershad decided to participate in the elections staying inside the Jail. He had no other option to save his skin and keep him alive politically. According to the advise of our friends all smaller nationalist and Islamic parties including Jamaat joined the Jote of Khaleda Zia thus her organaizational weakness also got covered to a great extent. Besides all these equations I was more than certain that Khaleda Zia’s popularity and image that had evolved through the movement as the ‘Non Compromising Leader’ would influence the vast silent majority voters to vote for her combine.

We returned to Nairobi. Now on we have nothing else to do other than counting the days for the elections. In between one day I was informed from Sena Sadar that many cronies had been sent on early retirement. Some had been sent to Jail on corruption charges. Gen. Ershad’s confidant Gen. Ashraf the DGFI and Brig. Naser the DG NSI have been sacked from the army for their various unbecoming immoral activities. These two officers were the main tools for Gen. Ershad’s nefarious activities. I was further informed that Justice Shahabuddin the head of the interim government has decided to deploy the armed forces during the elections for free and fair polling and the security of the voters. To make the administration absolutely neutral many changes are also being made. Most of the developed countries have agreed to send the observers to monitor the elections. The election tide has become very intense. Most of the segments of the society in it’s analysis is considering that Khaleda Zia’s Jote shall win and form the next government. Khaleda Zia is also being favored in the corridor of powers in many foreign capitals. At that time one of Rabbani’s old colleague Mr. Sayeeduddin Siddiqui a senior Vice President of Habib Bank was posted in Dhaka as the country head. He had told Rabbani later that during the ’91 elections Crores of Takas used to come from various foreign accounts and Begum Khaleda Zia used to draw those amounts as and when required. Similarly, for other parties of Khaleda Zia’s Jote including Jamaat E Islami funds used to come to Habib Bank from various accounts abroad. With this flow of funds it became possible for Khaleda Zia’s Jote to compete in election campaigning with Awami League Jote funded by India. The support of the people had also started increasing for Khaleda Zia with every passing day. As the day of the elections was nearing the victory of Khaleda Zia’s Jote was becoming almost certain. This is what was the indication that was found from across the whole country.

At last the day of the elections came. Since morning till the night next day I and Rabbani taking the name of Allah sat beside the telephone with note pads in hand and were analising the voting paturn and results. This was the only fair and free election in the history of Bangladesh. BNP combine won the election with a great margine. After the decration of the official results BNP combine would form the government that became an proven phenomenon. Awami Leage and the Indian Chanakyas got a rude shock with the result! BNP Jote(Combine) would would snatch away the victory was inconceivable to them as they were over confidant that they would be sweeping the elections. The Chairperson of Awami League Sheikh Hasina just could not accept the defeat. Ershad’s support was guaranted even then how this debacle could take place this became a headache for India. Before the official results were declared Hasina in a press conference fuecically claimed that there was suttle rigging in the election! But her claim could not carry water. Then revengefull Hasina annaunced that the government would not be allowed to be in peace for a moment. An unique menifestation of democratic mind set!

Call started coming from Beijing, Riyad, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Tripoli, Tehran and Pakistan. All the friends were congratulating me as my analysis was proven to be correct and a reality. Immediately after taking the oath as the Prime Minister Khaleda Zia called me at Dhaka along with family urgently. In reply I conveyed to her that I would like to thank all my friends who had sincerely went out of the way to help me on my way to Dhaka. She exeeded to my desire. She repeated her desire that I must bring Nimmi along this time for the reason best known to her. I had requested Rabbani to accompany me to Dhaka but he opined with valid reasons that at this stage it would not be prudent to expose him. At an appropriate time he would consider to visit Dhaka. Both of us were happy and greatly releived as our efforts became fruitfull. But Nimmi was absolutely unconcerned with this victory. Rabbani noticed her reaction and asked

Nimmi, it seems that you are least concerned with Khaleda’s election victory for which we had worked so hard, why is it so?

Nimmi remained steadfast to her earlier statement and once again retarieted

Even now, I would say the same, You both had backed a wrong horse. She would prove more vicious and worse than her late husband General Zia. There is nothing called lesser or bigger evil, evil is evil so, please don’t mind for my blunt expression there is nothing to be so thrilled and jubilant about her victory. She is void of humanity and shall prove herself in time to be a traitor and sinner. Future will judge whether you are right in your assessment or me. We both were slightly discouraged and sad at her reply. But we had no moral courage to confront her as till then whatever Nimmi a lady of few words had said had proven to be right particularly in respect of knowing people.

You both had backed a wrong horse. She would prove more vicious and worse than her late husband General Zia. There is nothing called lesser or bigger evil, evil is evil so, please don’t mind for my blunt expression there is nothing to be so thrilled and jubilant about her victory. She is void of humanity and shall prove herself in time to be a traitor and sinner. Future will judge whether you are right in your assessment or me.