On way to Dhaka as called by the newly elected Prime Minister  Khaleda Zia

After finishing all preparation I set off on my tour along with Nimmi and Shosti. Travelling to Middle East and Far East we reached Pakistan. In every country the friends greeted us warmly. In Pakistan Choudhury Shujat and Mia Nawaz Sharif greeted me with a warm hug being overwhelmed with joy and said

We are proud to have a soldier friend like you who is not only a visionary, knowledgeable and possess an astute analytical mind! To be honest the way with firm conviction you had presented your submission we were not that firm in our belief to accept your submission. In fact, we had some hesitation and reservation.

In reply I said

That is quite natural. For any diplomat or a intelligence operative always has a limit due to various reasons to know about the internal affairs of any country where they are posted. I am slightly different from them. I am not just a professional diplomat. I was born in a politically family. From the very inception of Bangladesh I remained directly or indirectly involved in the political flow of Bangladesh. Therefore, my self confidence and analysis would be different from them that is obvious. Both conveyed their hearty congratulation through me to Khaleda Zia on her victory and extended cordial invitation to visit Pakistan at her earliest convenience. In reply I told both

Once I reach Dhaka she would surely convey her gratitude personally to both of you. Your gracious invitation would also be accepted.

Our stay was arranged at the hotel Marriot in Islamabad as state guests.

Both wanted to know when shall I be reaching Dhaka. I told them

I shall be attending a family dinner at the Army House. Besides, have to meet a few old friends. There after I have to go to Peshawar for two days. On return I shall have to visit the Haveli of old friend Ambassador Amjad Noon at Bhulawal, Sargodah on way to Lahore. From Lahore to Dhaka via Karachi In Sha Allah. Knowing that I have been invited over a family dinner at the residence of the President both Choudhury Shujat and Mia Nawaz Sharif were taken a back and said

You seem to know the honorable President quite closely!

Well yes. I had the opportunity to meet him twice before.

There after both of them gave me their personal hot line telephone numbers so that Khaleda Zia can contact them easily.

Calling at the hotel Amjad Noon and Mehreen came over to meet us.

While talking interaliya  friend Ambassador Amjad Noon conferred that after knowing about my mission he had taken the initiative to meet their family friend Sahib Zada Gen. Yakub the then Foreign Minister and Mr. Ijlal Haider Zaidi a close friend and colleague of his father in law Mr. Bandeyal then the influential Defence Secretary and requesteted both to support my presentation. While talking to Mr. Zaidi

At his residence his wife Mrs. Sheerin(A Bengali Lady)was also present. After hearing my name she opined and strongly advocated that Ambassador Shariful Haq Dalim’s submission should be taken seriously by the decisson makers and his demands should be considered positively for the interest of both Bangladesh and Pakistan. Later both told Amjad they did support my cause in the meeting of the NSC.

I informed them that next day after lunch we would be proceeding to Peshawar to thank Hajrat Jee and Khaled Bhai. After contacting Khaled Bhai all arrangements have been fixed. Hearing this both Amjad and Mehreen showed great interest to accompany us to Peshawar. I called Khaled Bhai again and he said no problem bring them along but this time at no cost we would be staying at the hotel but his residence. I agreed. It was decided after reaching PC I shall call him and he would immediately come and take us all to his residence. Next day as we reached Peshawar, Khaled Bhai came to PC and took us all to his residence. Bhabi was very happy at our arrival particyularlly seeing Nimmi and Mehreen along with us. After dinner Khaled Bhai informed us that Hajratji has invited us at his village Khanka over brakefast after Fajar. His Khanka was not far away from the city. Next day after Fajar early morning Khaled Bhai took us to the Khanka of Hajratji. Getting the news of our arrival Hajratji himself came up to the main gate to greet us. This was an exceptional guesture. As we disembarked from the vehicles Khaled Bhai got every one introduced to Hajratji one by one except me. After the indroductions were over Hajratji went straight towards Nimmi and took her in arms affectionatly and exclaimed

Who did you brought brother Khaled, she is the princess. A princess has come to my home, do you all understand that!(Arey Bhai tum kisko lekar aya Khaled, yeh to Shajadi haye. Ek shahjadi aaj mera ghar aya hay samjhe tumlog)! After saying so he took us all to a large sitting room and looking beyond the curtain spoke aloud

Look who has come today! a princess has come, welcome her. (Dekho tumsab, koun ayah aye aaj, ek shahjadi ayah aye usko khosh amdid kaho).

Saying so he picked up Shosti close to his chest and went inside with Nimmi and Mehreen. He returned after a while. Khaled Bhai, Amjad and I were sitting on the carpeted floor waiting for him. On return he sat on the only Charpoy placed in the room and signaled me to sit beside him. keeping his right hand on my shoulder he said jovially that he was extremely happy that we had come. in reply I said humbly

I came to fullfil my Fraj to pay my Salam and gratitude.

Hajratji smiled and said

Khaleda has own but would bloodshed stop? However her victory is better than the worst only that much can be said. You would be positoned somewhere nearby that is what I can see! you have to leave Africa. I was sitting dumb founded!

Suddenly he looked towards Amjad and enquired

How are you keeping, what are you doing these days?

In reply Amjad briefly apprised his past and requested Hajratji to pray for him so that he could get another posting abroad. This was his earnest desire he said to Hajratji.

Hajratji did not gave any straight answer but said

Everything happens as Allah wishes.

Meanwhile, the attendants had served lavish brakefast with many varities of items on the Dastarkhan. Hajratji said

You have the brakefast and meanwhile I shall be back from inside. Hajratji went inside. As instructed we concentreted on our brakefast. All the attendants were attendtively serving us with wormth.

After finishing the brakefast we were talking among ourselves. It was bitterly cold morning so the Quetta stoves were bruning in the room. After a while Hajratji returned with Nimmi, Mehreen and Shosti. As they entered we got up to say good bye but Hajratji picked up Shosti once again close to his chest and said

Lets go. I shall  go up to the cars at the gate to say good bye. I must escort the Princess up to the car. Before getting into the cars we all conveyed our Salam and thaked him for warm reception, hospitality and sumptuous brakefast. Hajratji on the other way round said that he was fortunate that the princess has come to his place.

We returned to Islamabad. It was decided that Mehreen would take Nimmi and Shosti along and take the flight to Lahore. Amjad and I shall drive down to their Haveli at Bhulwal and stay there over night reaching Lahore next day. As per the plan Nimmi and others departed. I and Amjad also set off by road. On way suddenly Amjad became unwell. Stomach upset! Amjad bought some medicine from a roadside pharmacy. We reached their Havelli at Bhulwal before noon. His mother was waiting to receive us there. Amjad’s father Maj. Hamid Ali khan(R) would be receiving Nimmi and Mehreen at Lahore. He was the course mate of Gen. Ziaul Haq.

Grand Haveli of a aristrocatic family was sprawling indeed! Lush green lawn, garden, orchards, the farm of chicken and ducks, Peacocks, phessants and Telores of different breed, stable of horses, dairy farm of cows and buffellows, eye catching well cared beds of seasonal flowers, swimming pool, a huge water well and fish pond. There is no darth of anything. Good number of trusted care takers, servents and house maides who had been working in the Haveli for generations could be seen all around. As a sign of prestige body guards were also there for maintaining security. Everywhere glaring sign of pomp and grandure as well as glamour of Feudal Lords were clearly visible. Amjad’s mother showed me around the Haveli. In one of the big hall rooms I could see starting with Qaid e Azam the photographs of all the top and important political leaders were hanging on the wall alongwith many luminaries and rich and famous personalities from around the Globe. Mrs. Hamid informed me that all of them had graciously visited this Haveli. In that photo display I found the photos of Fatima Jinnah, Mawlana Bhashani, Peer Pagara, Sher E Bangla Fazlul Haq, Suhrawardy, Mohammad Ali of Bogra, Nawab Nazimuddin, Nawab Sir Salimullah, Liaqat Ali Khan, Allahma Iqbal, Field Marshall Ayub Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Gen. Yahiya Khan, Feroz Khan Noon, Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan, Gen. Ziaul Haq, Benazir Bhutto ornamented the wall. When Mrs. Khan was showing me the historical photos suddenly, another incident of photo display came to my mind. Late Mr. Khwaja Kaiser who climed to be one of the member of Dhaka’s Nawab family had already got recognition during Pakistan days as an astutue diplomat. Due to his successful suttle diplomacy the Secretary of State of USA Dr. Henry Kissinger could make his first secret visit to People’s Republic of China. Abba(My late father) and Khwaja Kaiser were contemporaries in the Dhaka University and both used to stay at the Salimullah Muslim Hall. Abba was then the General Secretary of the Salimullah Muslim Hall. Therefore, I used to address him as Chacha(Uncle). One day, I went to his residence and noticed almost similar kind of photo display of rich and famous on the wall of the main large drawing room. I quriously asked him

Chacha(Uncle) what is the real intention behind such photo display?

Humorously he replied

Nephew(Bhatija), all these are not merely photos but invaluable assets to cut an edge on others in the corridors of power to further one’s self interest. With the tide of time relivent photos are being hung and removed. From his reply I could fathom the real intention.

After this I along with Amjad had gone around their landed properties on horse back. In the evening we had a high tea at the pool side enjoying the serene atmosphere around the grand Haveli. At night Fireplace was lighted in every room. We had our candle light dinner with Noretika crokeries and Shefield Silver Cutluries. On every piece the family monograme was embossed meaning by specially made on order. These are also prestigious signs of aristrocatic Feudal Lords who are rich and famous.

At night after stretching myself in the comfortable bed next to the Fireplace I was thinking about the subject matter of my discussion with Amjad.

From his words I could learn how the 22 families could establish themselves as the rulers of Pakistan from the very beginning after independence. All though Amjad Noon belonged to one of those 22 families. Vast land mass of Asia, Africa and Latin America comprising of big and small nation states is known as the backward underdeveloped third world. But more than two third of world population lives in this third world and more than two third of world’s natural and human resources remains in this third world over or under ground. Even then most of these countries are known as poor, impoverished, backward and under developed where more than 60 to 70% people still leaves below poverty line.

I as a humble student of political science as I understand the root cause of this pathetic plight as follows:-

These countries were colonized by the imperial powers using brute force for 200-400 years. They had taken away all their resources through their inhuman oppression and exploitation for long period of times and with that looted wealth they developed themselves as developed nations and built their home lands as prosperous countries. After the 1st and 2nd world wars as all these imperial powers became drastically weak and the national liberation struggle in most of the colonies became intense it became impossible for the imperial powers to counter those severe challenges. Therefore, they decided to give independence to their earstwhile colonies by handing over power to their local lackys and vested interested cotaries they had created during their rule to perpetuate their interests indirectly through those surrogates and comprador class. This is how a few selective powerfull families could replace their masters as the oppressive ruling elites. Immediately after colonizing a country the imperialist powers every where had picked up after due scrutiny the greedy and self seeking local leaders of different tribes and casts to ensure their security, reign and interests. These henchmen remained most loyal to their foreign masters and had served their interests till the last as a comprador class. They were also the agents who had coersively reqruited hundreds and thousands of men of the soil for the British Army as cannon fodders during 1st and 2nd World Wars. Therefore, before leaving this class was made the owner of two most vital means of production of an agrigarian economy- land and the tillers.

The representatives used to be sent in the area of their loyal lackeys by the Administrators of the colonial powers. On arrival those representatives used to beat the drums and used to declare all the land and properties up to the point the sound of drum beats could be heard belongs to the lackeys. At some place the lackeys were ordered to ride the horse at a stretch as far as he could. Where the horse stoped being tired he used to be made the owner of land and other properties that existed up to that point. Thus these people became Feudal Lords over night and the tillers became their slaves. Amjad had narrated these facts to me himself though he also belonged to a Feudal family. He fuether told me to enhance their social prestige these Feudal Lords used to be decorated with different tytles considering their loyalty and services to the Crown. Such as Maharaja, Raja, Nawab, Khan Bahadur, Ray Bahadur, Sir etc. The siblings were also been appointed at the important posts of the colonial administration. This is how with the help and patronage of the state structure and administration introduced by the colonial powers these vested interested coteries gradually became indomitable influential force due to their accumulated money and muscle powers and social status. All the imperialist powers could maintain their exploitative rule and domination for long period in all the colonized countries because of the unquestionable loyalty and subservience of the powerful Land Lord class they had created. But from the very on set contradiction and conflict of interest between this Land Lord class and vast majority of deprived and persecuted people started fuming. Therefore, the vast majority had never been trusted and looked upon as enemies by this Land Lord class all through. As a result of such trust deficit they became more and more dependant on their mentors, the foreign powers for their secured existence with the passage of time even after the countries got their independence. Mostly the siblings from this class used to be taken to the Western countries for brain washing. They used to return totally intoxicated with Western culture and way of life.

Even then the whites never accepted them as equals. They used to be called as ‘Natives’. Therefore they turned into parasites in their own countries. They were identified as the ‘Brown Sahibs’. After the fall of imperialism the colonial powers were forced to give independence to most of their colonies. These Brown Sahibs were installed into the state power of these newly independent countries to retain their vested interests indirect contol. These neo- rulers and exploitative class against the expectation and  greater interests of the nation kept intact the same old state structure, administrative machinaries, Judiciary, unjust socio-economic condition imposed by the colonial masters and embarked on perpetuating their rule and exploitation in the same way as their masters right from the beginning of the independence till this date. For this reason most of the countries remains to be impoverished, backward, under developed and dependant. There is another reason for such miserable plight:

In most of the countries of the 3ed World 80 to 90% of the national resources remains accumulated in the hands of 1 to 2% of the ramnents of feudalism and compredor class. As a result more than 98% of the people helplessly have vertually become nothing more than the slaves of those classes just for mare survival. In such an unjust society where the gap between the rich and poor is ever increasing it is not possible for any country and the nation to strive on the road of progress and prosperity. In an uneven society with no distributive justice to harness unified people’s power positively, to exel on creativeness and inner streanth of any nation remains to be a far cry. To come out from the existing suffocated state under the steam roller of such obsolete termited system and statusco the oppressed people being conscious are struggling now for their freedom, rights and distributive justice can be seen glaringly in most of the 3ed world countries across the Globe. Similarly, one can also see how viciously the neo-imperialists and colonial powers and their local lackeys united as one are launching physical aggretion in different countries or using nepherious conspiratorial means to kill their conscience and thwart their struggle to retain their vested interests. Using brute force they are also enacting many uneven international laws and enforcing those on the weaker nations states to be strangulated as lame entities. Presently a kind of new world order has been created and some international institutions have been structured to implement that world order so as to ensure their dominance and interests remain unebeted through out the world under this new garb. This is known as neo-imperializm and neo-colonializm. Most of the ruling elites of the so called independent countries of the 3ed world are working hands in gloves with those powers to implement their agenda. A handful countries of the 3ed world who had been able to uproot the ruling class comprised of ramenents of feudalism and compradors after independence through revolution had succeeded to enjoy the real fruits of independence. The peole of those countries had been able to establish a new progressive state structure in the light of their own heritage, culture and values, a just and equitable socio-economic society, evolve a healthy political prosses and had been able to provide equal rights to every citizen. Such revolution has taken place only in few countries. After independence in most of the countries the vested interested quarters had taken roots into the state and all other corridors of power and every tire of the administrative structure. Politics is also captive in their fists. Every sector of the state such as socio-economic structure, Judiciary, education, health, industries, business, lands, all other national resources, assets and means of production are in their hands. Thus as the owner of the state power and national resources they emerged as the leaders of the civil society as well. Thus the national armed forces, law enforcing forces and intelligence agencies and the Media are being used to protect them and their vested interests against the people. In such societies due to the lust of power, wanton greed, pride and misuse of national exchequer, loot and plunder by the ruling elites to meet their pomop and grandure and lavish life style the vitality of the nation is diminishing drastically. Being deprived of bare minimum eminities of sustainance the people are turning into senseless, subdued, spiritless living deads. As a result, they are still captives in their independent countries.

Being hard pressed under the york of dependency the nations are loosing their self identities, human and religious values. This is the surk reality of the present erra. These dying nations for their survival have to chose the tested leadership. Under their guidance revolutionary fundamental changes have to be brought through united struggle in the state and socio-economic structures left behind by colonial rulers. Those who would accept this blatent truth and would be ready to take the initiatives in that direction shall be able to preserve their existance as a nation and those who would try to shub their heads into the sand dunes not to accept this reality would be parished with the passage of time like many nations in the past due to the law of nature. The history bears this testimony.

Another matter needs special consideration here. To build a newly independent country self relient what kind of state structure, administrative institutions, judicial system, political philosophy, working programe and constitution are required that needs to be decided in the light of the heritage of the majority of the population, values, culture, just socio-economic condition, distributive justice, equal rights and their expectations. Against this if any format copied from abroad is brought and imposed on the nation as it is that never would work. Because, every nationhood has its own identity different from others. This kind of blind endeavor would push any country and the nation towards utter disaster. Such instances are not too difficult to find in the contemporary history.