In the company of another Sufi saint of the spiritual world

Next day we reached in time at the main gate of the cantonment. I got out from my car and sat beside Nabi. One person got out from Nabi’s car and sat beside my driver as a guide. Noticing Minu Fuppu and Benu Fuppu Nabi quickly got out from his Jeep and went closer and after exchanging Salam said

What a surprise both of my beloved Fuppus have come. How come Keya and Manu are also there!

You have become a rich man that I have heard but how could you forget your poor Fuppu? Asked Minu Fuppu.

I could not visit you on person for a particular reason. But Fuppu Jhunu had all along remained in touch with you. I also talked over phone to know your welfare at times.

That you did but that is not enough for any mother who had always had been longing to see her son.

Nabi got immotional and told in a chocked voice with tears in his eyes

Fuppu, at the most trying times the way you had looked after Jhunu and the children, how can it be possible for your this son to forget that? I used to send Jhunu but with much pain used to restrict meself as after getting released I took a solem vow that I shall never ever enter the cantonment which we had rebuild with our own hands. I got the lesson from you that once any vow is taken then that must be up held even at the cost of one’s life. You and Kakku had been telling this to us quite often. That is why we are meeting today at the gate.

Before you arrived the duty commander of the MP check post seeing in the car came running and saluting me saked

Sir why have you stoped at the gate?

Not to breake my vow.

Within minuites he came with a hot cup of tea and humbly said

Sir, you have to take this as a token of respect on behalf of all of us. Everybody by then had come out from the camp and saluted me standing in a row, their eyes were urging me to keep their request. I was unable to disregard their sincerity and was forced to picked up the cup. At that time some senior officer’s car passed by flying the flag but no one noticed.

That is quite expected. Son, the respect that you all enjoy is from the core of the hearts of the soldiers the others get that due to their position and ranks. Honor is a gift of Allah. We are proud of you all.

After Nabi’s return our motorcade of two cars started moving. After reaching Pak Motors Nabi stoped the car. The following car at the back also stoped. With Nabi’s signal that genleman and my driver came to us. Nabi instructed the genleman to shift all the passangers from my car to his Jeep and told him that the car would be returning home. I could understand maticulous Nabi was doing everything considering security aspect. I told my driver to drop the gentleman wherever he wanted to go and then to return back home. Everyone left the car and mooved into the brand new Range Rover of Nabi and sat comfortably. Nabi was driving himself and I was sitting next to him. We had two Pistols and Nabi’s SMG. All were licensed. besides Nabi had his wireless tele hand set. We were moving towards Narshingdi changing ways often enroute.

By the way does Abba Hujur has any name?

Yes, Mastan Shah.

Hajratji’s face flashed in my mind. His name is Man Shah.

Nabi informed

When from where he has come nobody can tell it for certain. His Khanka is also just like a dwelling premise. He is a familyman. Farming is his means of sustainance. How many times he takes his bath that remains uncounted. Surprising! There is some strange similarities between both the Sufi saints Hajratji and Baba.

He entertains his guests with the rice that is cultivated in his fields, fish from his fish firm, chickens and ducks rared in his own farm and the vegitables from his kitchen garden. If need be he also slaughters domesticated goats and cows.

While talking we arrived at the parking place of a Mosque. Adjacent to the mosque there was a one storied building with a big Hall room and quite a few small quarters. Nabi said the hall and the courtyard of the Mosque are used for congregations. The quarters are used as the resting place of the visitors coming from far flunged areas. Basically, the Mosque, its spacious courtyard and the adjacent building was Baba’s Khanka at a serene lush green place in the outskirt of Narshingdi city. Just behind the Mosque a very big area streached on both sides was surrounded by boundary walls. Nothing other than the tops of tall trees could be seen from the outside. There was a gate littile away from the Khanka. Nabi took us all in front of the gate. Perhaps, this was the entrance to go inside the walled premise. As Nabi pressed the calling bell, one youngman opened the gate and welcomed us with a smiling face. On the lush green lawn there were well cared beds of seasonal flowers. His residence comprised of a few Tin shaded brick built buildings shrouded with the trees and groves of all kinds of local and tropical fruites one can name. There was a mat layed on the varanda of one of the buildings. The youngman got us seated on that mat and went inside.

All around the environment was cool and pleasant! At one corner of the lawn foods and water for the birds were kept. A flock of Peasons along with a few Doves and birds of some other kinds were enjoying their feast with out any fear. We were getting sweet smell of seasonal flowers. Baba came out accompanied by his lady wife and two young daughters. He was putting on a Lungi. Baba’s body was bare and had a hand woven towel(Gamcha) on his shoulder. He had back brushed long white and black hair up to his shoulder. His face was covered with beffiting beards and mustaches also in black and white. He had a devine smile on his face. His lady wife was in a hand woven saree, the daughters were in Shalwar and Kamiz. They had covered their heads with Dupatta. Baba’s eyes were bright. He also had sparkling white pair of teeths. Not too fair saint was on the whole good looking. All had welcomed us warmly. After exchange of Salam and Dua he sat with us. None had noticed that one of the daughters by then went in and returned with a thick garlen of Jesmin and fixed that in Nimmi’s unusually long plated hair with the clip and innocently said

Look, Ammu how beautifull Bubu’s(Sister) hair is and how nicely the garlen has matched on her long thick plat! Abbu have a look.

Baba looked at Nimmi and said

My daughter is the princess!

I got a zolt! Surprizing! Hajratji also said the same thing looking at Nimmi.

The girl said

Bubu, I had made this garlen myself picking the flowers from the garden in the morning not bought from the market.

Nimmi affectionately embressed the girl and asked

Tell me, how could you know that I am very fond of putting the Jesmine garlen on my hair?

Every morning I make a garlen of Jesmine flower and put that around Abbu’s neck. This morning when I went to do the same he said

Keep that in water for a special guest, that would be most beffiting on her. When I saw you I had no difficulty to understand that Abbu had told me to preserve that for you.

Meanwhile, Along with steaming hot tea some roasted rice and home made rice cakes of different varieties were served. Baba signaled Nimmi to sit beside him. Nimmi moved and sat close to him. Baba placed his hand on her head and said

This daughter of mine is no ordinary person, she is exceptional. We all were quite. Minu Fuppu was in tears, Nimmi was overwhelmed I suppose with the affection of Baba. The he looked at me and said

You are really fortunate that Allah had gifted my daughter to you. Nabi you have brought many people to me but I had never found anyone like that of today, whether I shall be getting any that I also don’t know.

Amma said

You carry on  gossiping, I would be back and went inside.

Minu Fuppu urged with tearfull eyes

Baba, on their heads black clouds, ominous sign of danger all ways keeps on hovering. You have to make special Dua for Dalim and Nimmi.

Baba laughed aloud and said

I shall be seeking Dua for them even if you had not sought for but my Dua is not required really, my daughter’s Dua is good enough. Saying so he again placed his hand on Nimmi’s head. All of us had no difficulty to understand what he was hinting at. For a while, it appeared Baba being absorved in deep meditation had left for some other world closing his eyes. We all were silent.

Baba opened his eyes and being normal said

With the worldly knowledge, wisdom and looking around how much one can understand? The mistry of the creation is unfathomable knows no bounds. Suddenly, he looked straight to Nimmi and requested

If you allow this old son of yours then I shall like to smoke a cigarette.

Nimmi was baffled and looked towards him in tears and murmered

I should give the permission!

Yes, I need only your permission.

Nimmi could not hold onto herself anylonger. Tears were rolling down her chicks like torrential flood and she was shivering charged with unknown immotion!

Why are you crying! Just tell me should I smoke or not?

Nimmi could not say but gave her consent nodding her head. To bring back Nimmi and all the ladies in normal state the daughters said

Bubu, let us take you all inside. Nimmi, Shosti, Minu Fuppu, Benu Fuppu, Keya, Manu all were escorted inside.

After they left Baba asked for a cigarette, Nabi quickly took out the packet and the lighter from his pocket and gave one lighted cigarrte to Baba. While smoking he asked Nabi to take one for himself as well. As he looked at me Nabi said that I don’t smoke.

Good very good indeed! It is very hard to stay away from this bad habit.

After the ladies left the atmosphere became lighter. So, I changing the topic asked

Human being are all supposed to be Allah’s Khalifa then why so much vindictiveness, killings, fratricidal wars, bloody strifes?

Baba replied smilimgly

This is also a mystry! In simple words, this life is nothing but just some time in a examination hall. The end result in this world and here after depends on how one does his papers. So, every one should try to do as best as he can in the exams. One has to seek Mercy and Rahmat of the Creator so that he can understand the syllabus prescribed by Him thoroughly to do good in the exams. As there are different stages of examination in this world similarly there are different stages in the spiritual world as well. Who would be eligible to sit for the examination at what stage that is known to Allah alone. But with this any individual’s own earnest desire, sincere unwavering perceverance has a devine linkage. Though evrery person is sent to this world with a pre-destined fate even then, being pleased with his sincere urge and depth of his faith the Creator can change his pre-destined fate any moment. For Him everything is possible. Every human being must try his level best to be His Khalifa. The day any one can selflessly project the devine attributes of Allah in his practice only then it would be considered that he has been able to fullfil his minimum responsibility as a human being. But it is not a simple task. Satan’s elurement is there every moment to mislead people from the true path to erroneous one. In this tussel to choose the true path is the real test. Through serious self meditation and perceverannce any person is capable of uplifting himself to the higher stages physically and mentally both in materialist and spiritual world. But more higher the stage more tougher would be the tests of the worldly and spiritual life.

Sudenly, Baba changed the subject and said

Lets go, let me show my little world. He took us around the orchard, peddy fields, dairy and goat farms, chicken farm, duckerry, fish pond, vegitable garden. Everywhere sign of meticulous planning and efficient administration was visible. We returned. The ladies had also returned. All of us were in normal state by then. We then had simple lunch but deliciously cooked. After lunch we sat around the Paan plater. We got absorved in light talks and humorous topics. Every one was in jovial mood. Pleasant breez, sound of moving leaves of the trees around, songs of different birds and the noise of the chickens and ducks made all togather the environment even more enjoyable. Suddenly a flock of green parrots came and sat on a swinging Eucalyptus tree. We had been saying our prayers at the mosque with the Zamaat adjacent of the premise. We had planed to leave the place before evening. Suddenly Baba said

You spend the night here.

Everybody would have been more than happy to stay over night but me and Nimmi have to attend a pre fixed party so must return. Therefore, hesitantly I said

Baba, I and Nimmi have to attend a function a dear friend has organized in our honor so, we have no other option but to leave to attend that. But if Allah willing then we shall again come with enough time in hand. The leave is short this time that’s why we are facing some difficulties to meet all the ends. Since afternoon some patches of black clouds were hovering in the sky. Lightning had also started. An early sign of rain storm! Looking to the sky Baba said again

If it is not absolutely necessary then might as well stay back as the weather condition is not looking good!

It is only an hour and a half’s drive we would be able to reach back before the ghusty wind and the drizzle turns into storm or heavy downpore. All the household members were pressing hard to stay back. But being undone we begged leave and started our journey back home.

Nabi while driving said

As everyone at the house are requesting to stay you might as well considered to say back. I am visiting Baba for long, he immensely loves me but even then he never requested me like this to stay over night. It is hard to understand the saints who are devotees of the spiritual world! Their expression always remain mistic. Baba had said, When something happens unexpectedly from the blues people say that is an accident. But at whose whish or command that had happened human beings still today have not been able to find any clue of that. Where the materialist world of five senses ends from there their world starts. The scientists say everything is happening in the cycle of action and reaction. Does this logic applys in case of any accident? Every human being is born for some reason. But it is not possible for any one to know that. Only the Creator knows why and for what anyone is born. When the reason is fullfiled he returns to some unknown destiny. We at times boastfully say we have done this we have done that very foolishly being obstinate not to accept the fact that we have no power whatsoever to do anything ourselves. Whatever we do that is at His will. Have the human beibg able to know up till now from where they have come and where they would return? Why the accident takes place? Why unexpected thing happens? The thing which is sure to happen does not happen on the other hand the thing which is not suppose to happen does happen! When people fail to find these answers they term them destiny. But who created that destity? People don’t have any answer to that.

All these mistries bear the testimoney about the depth of the spiritual world. All the time in my mind, I was wondering about the strange similarities between the two Sufi saints Baba and Hajratji!

After a short while we had comenced our journy the ghusty wind intensified in an unusual way along with torrential rain! Nothing was visible even a few yeards in front. Head lights became ineffective to pearce through the heavy down pour. At time lightning could be seen cracking the dark clouds followed by deafning thuner. Everyone was scared falling in the mids of a severe storm. I asked Nabi

Nothing is visible, can you drive?

With out replying Nabi was very carefully slowly driving the car ahead. Suddenly hail started falling along with the rain. So, the visibility even got worse. As we just had managed somehow to cross the Kachpur bridge, Nabi’s brand new Range Rover unexpectedly came to a hault! We almost at the same time exclaimed

What has happened to the Jeep?

Nabi tried the self starter several times but the Jeep did not start. The road was totally empty as far as one can see on the either side. There is no sign of any life any where on the road. Nabi is an expert electrical and mechanical engineer himself. He said in a somber voice

Didn’t I said as all the family members Baba was insisting so much to stay back for the night, you should have stayed back accepting their request, but you did not pay any heed to that. Any way you move to the driving seat and let me get down and see whats wrong! Nabi opened the bonnet and got down with his 5 battery Eveready torch. At the back all the ladies were busy in reciting Dua and Duruds seeking Allah’s Mercy. The intensity of the hail storm by then had reduced to some extent. Nabi took time and after a thorough check up signaled me to switch on the self starter. I teried 2-3 times but theengine did not start. By then Nabi was completely drenched! He closed the bonnet and came closer to me. I rolled down the window glass and asked

Whats the matter?

Apperently, everything looked in order so, I don’t really know what has gone wrong!

Now, what needs to be done?

Well, Jatrabari is not very far from here. You all wait inside the Jeep locking the doors and let me see if I can get any mechanic from Jatrabari.

Have you gone mad? You want to walk up to Jatrabari looking for the mechanic in mids of such a heavy hailstorm!

There is no other way out, Minu Fuppu.

No, you don’t have to go anywhere now. Let the hail storm stop then you go. She gave him a hand towel, Nimmi’s Dupatta and her own Shawl and commanded

Get inside and dry yourself change the wet cloths and cover yourself with the Dupatta and the Shawl.

Nabi complied with. The rain almost turned into drizzle but still the road was totally deserted on both sides.

Fuppu let me get going, the hail storm has stoped. It is still drizzling but that wouldn’t matter much.

Wait little while more.

During the conversation between Minu Fuppu and Nabi from no where a shadow was approaching from the front side. It was a man and he came straight to our Jeep. He had a socked Lungi. Nothing on the body with a stick in hand. he was wearing a neckless of colored plastic beats and a silver squire locket(Tabeez) tied in a black thread was dangling on his chest. Uncared bushy hair long up to his neck. His face was also covered with equaly bushy beard and mustaches. All togather, he looked like the Sadhus or the Fakirs one can mostly find in any shrine. The Rain water was still dripping from all over his body, hair and beards.

The man came closer to the window next to Nabi and knocked with his stick, it was still drizzling. As Nabi rolled down his window glass the wired person said to himself

It seems the car has become immovable?

Nabi in reply said

Yes, that’s correct, something has gone wrong with the engine.

The eyes of the person were exceptionally bright! He was looking at the Jeep and said

Other than Jatrabari you wouldn’t get any mechanic. While talking he was carelessly knocking on the bonnet with his stick. Everybody inside the car were feeling little uneasy with the presence of that peculiar man in a precarious situation. So looking at the man Minu Fuppu took out a 100 Taka note from her purse and gave that to Nabi and said

Give this to him and tell him to leave.

As Nabi tried to hand over the note through the window the man looked at the note and banged his stick on the bonnet in anger and said in disghust

Everything does not happen with money, don’t you know this son of a goat! You took me as a begger and tried to give money, why? Did I begged? Then the stranger started moving on the opposite direction with out taking the note and said

start your car.

I said

Nabi, turn on the ignation switch.

Nabi turned on the self starter and the engine got started with a roaring sound surprising all od us. We instantly looked back but there was no sign of that man anywhere! How could a person just get vanished like this! How this could be possible! We all were simply baffled and dumfounded! Looking towards each other we could just say, Subhan Allah! Truth turned out to be stranger than fiction!

Nabi was driving quitely. Thereafter, we remained quite and hardly talked. reaching close to the main gate of the cantonment Nabi talked to Mustafiz Kakku through his wireless hand set. within a few minuites my car reached at the gate. Minu Fuppu requested Nabi quite a few times to have his dinner at her place but Nabi did not brake his vow and begged excuse from Minu Fuppu and took leave from us and went back. The unique experiences of the mistic spiritual world that we had aquired that day due to the kind curtesy of the valient freedom fighter Col. Nurunnabi Bir Bikram would remain unforgetable for ever.