Two Nation Theory

Just after Bangladesh came into being the Indian government and the intellectuals there raised a hue and cry that independent Bangladesh has negated the ‘Two Nation Theory’ because of which the ‘Bharat Mata’ was wrongly dissected giving birth of two countries called Hindustan and Pakistan in 1947. Gandhi, Nehru, Gokhel, Patel etc the high cast Brahmins had the carnal desire to gulp the entire Sub Continent by hook or crook establishing one free country called Hindustan in conivence of the British Raj. Thus giving rebirth of their long cherished ‘Varat Mata’ once again. But their desire was not fullfiled as athnically different nations became vocal for their independence against the domination of Brahmanism. However, it was the Muslims in comparison became vigorously vocal with their claim for a separate homeland and through a bloody movement forced the Brahmans and British Raj to abundant their nefarious design conceding to their demand and Islamic Republic of Pakistan saw the daylight. Voice of relatively weaker nations were easily muted and brought within the fold of Indian Union applying aggressive brutal force with a nod of the departing colonial British master.

However, many nation braved the brutal aggressive onslaught and

continued fighting their liberation war till this date. With the passage of time more and more nation are raising their voice for freedom and had launched armed struggle to liberate themselves from the clutches of oppressive Indian Union. All these movements are gaining streanth with every passing day against all odds. Liberaton war and our independence inspired the liberation struggle of different nation inside India. Their resolve and determination became more vigorous and many more had joined the fray over the past years. However, Indian government and most of the leaders of political parties are on the same page and denying this fact but for how long? Brutal force can supress these freedom struggles for some time but not for all times.

In the back drop of their futail efforts I dare to say

independence of Bangladesh does not only justify ‘Two Nation Theory’ but also proved that ‘Indian Union’ is an artificial entity created by the British Colonialism which has been kept united since 1947 through state terrorism against distict different ethenic nationalities who are fighting for their freedom. Historically this Sub continent comprised of multy national entities with their distict self identity and territorial boundaries. Those boundaries had been changed with force but shall be regained once again as a natural historic phenomenon by the freedom loving nations who are sacrificing their blood for independence from the clutches of the Brahmanic ruling coteries of so called Indian Union. Different nations having glorious heritage of the past within Indian Union imbued with the spirit of independence shall never accept the perpetual bondage of slavery under the Chanakkyas, the ruling elites of Indian Union at any cost.

The liberation war of Bangladesh had sharpened the spirit of the other national liberation struggles that had been started after British

colonization and are gradually on the rise infesting different parts of so called Indian Union. Although, when one listen to the corus sung by some local political partes and their leaders as lakys of outside powers and psudo intellectuals as paid agents denying this reality has to wonder what kind of quire spicies are they! To put the record straight against their malicious propaganda I shall once again retareiated that the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent nation state had not only proved the rationale of ‘Two Nation’ theory but had also proven that the ‘Indian Union’ is an artificial impractical entity created by the British colonial masters by force and had been maintained till this date applying brute force to perpetuate power and gains during colonial period and now by the ruling elites given birth by the British. The outside invedors for their vested interest and singular domination had attempted to bring the whole Sub Continent under singular state structure. Since ancient time when the language based Ariyans had intruded into the Sub Continent and untill British colonization if we look into the history then this fact can be easily ascertained. The nomads Ariyans, the highest cast Hindu Brahamins had decended from the Pamir platue and had usurped the northern part of the Sub Continent as their habitat proclaiming to create ‘Ram Rajjyo’ in a ‘Akhnd Bharat’, but failed. Only the Britiah colonizing Empire could succeed to do that with superior armaments. Therefore, it is justified to say that the entity of a ‘United India’ is a recent artificial phenomenon in history.       

In this context, the partinant fact is that a British trader called Robert Clive of British East Indian company initially anchord his fleet on the coast of greater Bengal with the plae to do trade. The reason being, at that time Bangladesh was most resourcefull flureshing state in the whole Sub Continent.

In all respect. Under the cover of trade the cunning representative of British Empire developed close contacts with the local Hindu

Landloards and the business community(Beniyas). In connivance with those cohorts Clive hatched up an anti Muslim conspiracy against the last Nawab Shirajdaula keeping his own uncle Mir Zafar the traitor in the forefront as their henchman. The conspiracy led to the war at Palashi. In that fatefull battle due to the bitryal of Mir jafar, Hindu Land Lords and aristrocracy as well as the Beniyas like Ghoshiti Begum, Ray Bollav, Umi Chad and many others Nawab Shirajdaula, the ruler of the biggest state of the Sub Continent had to concede defeat and later was ruthlessly killed in captivity. With this tragic betrayal and defeat paved the way for the British Empire to colonize the entire Sub Continent defeating the last emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar again due to the betrayal of the Hindu Rajas and Moha Rajas who hated the Muslim rulers from the core of their hearts. This is the sadest saga of treachery and betrayal of the Hindus of the Sub Continent. The story did not end there. After defeating the Muslims the British Raj had snatched away all the land, assets and wealth form the Muslims and gave them away to the Hindu allys through the decree of ‘Permanent Settlement’ creating a wealthy and strong social elite class who all through had remained their trusted lackies in ruling British India. Not only that this class of people and provided all kind of support in term of men and material to the British during the 1st and 2nd World War against the axis power.

At the beginning of 19th century when differen nations of the Sub

Continent imbued with strong spirit of independence launced vigorous struggle against the aggressive and repressive British colonial regeim and their anti British struggles were getting intense all over the land the Raj initiated a very clever move. They decided to form a political party under the leadership of upper cast Hindues who were their lakys, well accustomed with the Western culture and values. Sir Dauglas Hume and Anny Basant under the patronage of the British Raj founded the party called ‘All India Congress Party’. Later, Gandhi was imported from South Africa and made him the Supremo of the

Congress Party. The objective was very clear. The British wanted to give independence to Indian Union as a single state rewarding their henchmen, the upper cast Hindu elites as the ruling class and at the same time to mute the on going liberation struggle of different nations. There were two good reasons for such a sinister design.

  1. British hated Muslims as they faced severe resistance from them to colonize the Sub Continent. Therefore, they never trusted the Muslims but considered them rebellious. Hindus hated Muslims being subject under Muslim rule over more than 500 years so they not only connived with the British to over throw the Muslim ruler but had also became loyal surrogates of the invading British emperial colonizer.
  2. Islam as a divine revelation and living philosophy had always posed as a threatening challenge to both Hinduism and Christianity. So, they were turned into poppers and Hindus affluent through the issuance of Ordinance of ‘Permanent Settlement’, where by Land, immovable and movable properties, business, means of productin and all other sources of earning were snatched away from the Muslims and handed over to the Hindus. Thus Muslims remained neglected, avorsive, oppressed and persecuted as a backward community till this date in India and the Hindus progressively became predominating socio economic power.

Gandhi and all other leaders of Congress Party, Neo Chanakkays

used the religion very cleverly and had been successful to get the

support of the majority Hindu population by chanting slogans like

‘Bharat Mata’, ‘Hindustan’, ‘Bonde Mahtaram’, ‘joy Hind’ etc.

Under the clock of secularism when Congress was determined to

establish its hegemony over the rest of the ethnic and religious

minorities. That had forced them to launch armed struggle against

Brahminism to uphold their age old separate self identity and heritage.

For establishing a separate home land for the muslims the largest

minority a political party named All India Muslim League was founded at Dhaka under the leadership of Nawab Sir Salimullah. This was the brain child of a few Aligorians young student leaders. Moral and dialectical reality of the time was the basis of the ‘Tow Nation’ theory. Gradually the conflicting demand claimed by cast Hindus to create independent Hindustan and Muslims to establish Pakistan

polarazied and turned fearcely violent. Bloody clashes errupted all over India causing enormous loss of lives and properties. Anti British movement was spearheaded by the valiant people of Bengal. Likewise, the Muslims of Bengal played the vanguard role in this struggle to achieve a separate home land, Pakistan for the Muslims of the Sub Continant. The history testified this truth. The first martyer for this cause was a young student activist of the Karmaical college of Khulna. The bloody movement jeopardized the mechanization of both the Hindu Congress leaders and British Raj. The demand of the Muslim became irreversible and finally the British Raj had to accept the ‘Two Nation’ theory and devide India to create two independent states Pakistan and Hindustan in 1947. Congress had to accede with bitterness the dissection of the so called ‘Varot Mata’.

Over the passage of time visionless power hungry ruling elits and the unscrupulous military junta of the West Pakistan with feudal mindset forced the people of the than East Pakistan had to pick up arms against the un called for exploitation, repression and genocide to get their freedom and independent Bangladesh was born with lot of sacrifices. However, in no way, emergence of independent Bangladesh has not negated the ‘Two Nation’ theory. How much the dream of the ‘Akhond Bharat’

is justified that is as clear as broad day light. Historically, no nation imbued with the spirit of freedom and ready to sacrifice their blood can’t be subdued for ever with brut force of arms. Independence of Bangladesh is a burning example. Bangladesh will ever remain to be a becon to the other on going liberation struggles of the Sub Continent. Constitutionally Bangladesh is bound to provide support to any justified liberation struggle across the world. This is a significant concern and threat to neighboring India. No aggressive power on earth can extinguish the eternal flame of independence.