Betrayal of national leaders is the cause of failures

Rise and fall in the lives of successful revolutionaries! After more than three decades the apex leaders of historic successful revolutionary uprising of 15th August are on the dock facinig trial accused as ‘Killers’ due to the kind curtesy of revengefull Sheikh Hasina! No protest anywhere. Tight liped BNP and Jammayet Jote, the standard bearer of nationalist cause and Islamic values had been witnessing the trial in a Kangaroo court as silent observer! The character of these political parties are really strange, appoling is their ideals-morality, betrayal and Munafiqat of their leadership. Politics to them is nothing but the business of endgraizing their self interests bluffing the innocent God fearing people with tall promises!

Valiant freedom fighters who fought gallantly staking their lives and liberated the country and later after independence freed the nation form the sate of gasping suffocation under the steam roller of tyrannical fascist regime of Awami-Bakshalite organizing

a revolutionary uprising and had regained their human rights, democracy and freedom of speech.

Those who dedicated themselves right from the days of liberation war to struggle for implementing the cherish dream of the teeming millions and ture spirit of ’71 in newly achieved independent country by raising it as a self respecting, progressive, prosperous and happy country. A new Bangladesh where there would be a just socio economic order providing equal opportunity to every citizen to axel on their inner strength, inherent qualities, innovative ideas, marits and efficient working capibilites. Where the vested interested exploiting class would not be able to display their ugly laughter of Hyenas and pathetic cries of the exploited. These brave freedom fighters being member of the armed forces had remained steadfast in their vow not to be used as the oppressing tool of the client government of India and had all ways sided with the people fearlessly at every crucial juncture. The history of such selfless patriotism and courage can never be erased. Even then the fellow countrymen had seen them standing at the dock of special tribunal as accused of framed charges against them.

When the government of Sheikh Hasina representing bovo rich and vistages of the vested interested quarters dared to initiate the conspiratorial trials against the patriotic vallient freedom fighters and revolutionaries flouting the constitution and laws of the land at that time the opposition members of all the parties of BNP Jote ducked their heads like Ostrich and remained silent to please the Awami League and India without realising that such hinious trechary would one day prove to be self defeating for them as well. Such tacit support provided to the Awami League government, a lacky of expansionist India will not only shatter the dream of total emancipation of the nation but also in course of time will threatened the very sovereignity and independence. Our distinct self identity which has evolved through ages based on our spirit of nationalism, cultural and religious values would be up rooted systematically as per the long drawn blue print of India and country would become a vassal state or an annexed state. We shall be doing whatever possible to thwart this unacceptable design in future that decision was also taken.

After an anninemous decision I contacted Nimmi from abroad and requested her to get in touch with Barrister Moinul Hussain, an eminant lawyer and stalwart of BNP to seek ligal assistance. Nimmi did meet Barrister Moinul Hussain. The esteem lawyer with morality had told Nimmi very frankly

The framed cases are nothing but mockery of trials. It is very easy to topple Hasina’s government entraping it in its own net. To undertake this task they were all ready. But the thorn on the way is no other person but Khaleda Zia herself. She doesn’t want that any lawyer associated with BNP should act as defence counsel for the accused. After hearing his submission Nimmi had raised a question to Barrister Moinul Islam

Moinul Bhai, being proffessional lawyers can’t you and your other couleagues take up the case and defend the accuseds?

He in reply said

Bhabi, there is no hinderence to tell you the facts. Right after Hasina’s government annuled the Indemnity Act in the parliament with single majority in violation of the constitution and filed the cases, we all had tried to persue Begum Zia that this oppurtunity to drag Hasina’s government from the seat of power should not be allowed to slip away. She did not pay any heed to our openion and just told us to stay away from these cases. With such instruction from the party chief we all got surprised and have become undone agaist our conscience. If possible, then get her consent. If that is managed then I can assure you, many of my august colleuges including myself would be willing to fight the cases without any fees.

After having the meeting Nimmi got in touch with many friends and well wishers and learned that Khaleda Zia was trying to remove the thorns whom she considered most dangerous on her way through Sheikh Hasina and that is why she had instructed the lawyers to stay away. The messege she received was clear, no help or assistance would be available from BNP-Jamaayet Jote to fight the legal battle. Politically the revolutionary leaders of historic uprising of 15th August  will never be owned by the BNP led Jote. Khaleda Zia also thought such a stand would apease Awami League, it’s mentor India and they would not be hostile towards to her and her and BNP led Jote. A strange equation of coexistance in prevailing power politics!

In the mean time all other fellow comrades received the recall orders. After receiving the orders to return back all had moved to their predestined safe aboard as planned. We laso learned that the government has dismissed all the officers who were assigned as diplomats abroad. Warrents of arrest and Red Alerts through Interpol were also issued against them. As follow up action SI Mr. Akond of DB was issued a surch warrent to ransack their residences and harrass the families back at home. My precious books were not also spared. Nimmi and Shosti’s passports were consficated and they were placed under house arrest. Same kind of atrocious action were executed in the houses of close relations. With an order all our movable and immovable properties were ceased including all bank accounts. My younger brother Shapan Bir Bikram, an estabilshed businessman was arrested and thrown into Jail on flimsy ground that he had been supporting me and my family financially. He was brutally tortured on remand. After fighting a long two years legal battle it was possible for him to get a bail and Shapan along with his family managed to flee to USA. All his business and assets were looted by the powerful thugs of the ruling party and all his garment factories were burned to ashes.

At that juncture a political drama unfolded. After distribution of preserved woman seats Awami League did not require support of Jammayat and Jatiyo Party any longer so they were thrown into dustbin like used tissue papers. In the elections of 1996, Jamaayet’s number of seats came down from 17 to 3. With this fiasco they realized it would not be possible to earn popularity persuing pro Indian politics and thus it has no other alternative but to rally around BNP as parasite to remain alive in the business of politics. On the otherhand, after the debacle of 1996 elections BNP had also realized that in the politics of compromise and convenience one track mind and stubbornness brings disastrous consequences.  Two and two makes four and therefore again BNP and Jaamayt restored their alliance in the political arena of Bangladesh.

By then a new drama had unfolded in the political arena. After the proportional distribution of the preserved woman seats the utility of JP and Jamayet had finished so, they were thrown into the dust bins like used toilet paper. As the number of seats of Jamayet had come down to 3 in the elections of 1996 as compared to 17 in the 1991 elections they realized that by perusing pro Indian politics it would not be possible for any political party or force to earn popular support of the people in Bangladesh. On the other hand BNP also realized after the debacle of 1996 elections that in the politics of compromise and co-existence egoistic obstinacies bring disastrous consequences. Two and two made four and thus BNP and Jamayet combine again resurfaced in the canvas of national politics. The religious tenets and nationalism are deeply engrained in the heart and soul of the people of Bangladesh. From the ancient time their self separate identity has evolved based on these two factors. The British imperialist power which colonized the sub continent had to accept this reality and thus was forced before leaving to create two independent countries Pakistan and Hindustan in 1947 braking the Indian Union an artificial entity created by the British to maximize its colonial interests. However, as the question of nationalism was not addressed justly by the withdrawing colonial power, it still prevails as a burning issue in the South Asian sub-continent as a factor of instability.

In the year 1971 after independence the four cardinal pillars of Indian constitution which were contradictory to the creed, values and ethos of the majority Bangladeshi people were imported and grafted in the constitution of Bangladesh thus conspiracy to divide the people was initiated through the then Awami League government. As a result two antagonistic streams were created in the national politics. But the most surprisingly, after allowing these so called two diametrically opposite power combines to rule the country for more than four decades people have now started realizing that though both two combines claim to be different from one another but in reality they both are two sides of the same coin. There is no different in their characters what so ever as they represent the same nested interested quarters. Therefore, the countrymen must realize without any alternative leadership the future of the nation and the country is bleak. But the local vested interested quarters the lackeys and their foreign masters never wants that the vast majority of the people of any resourceful country of the third world to get organized under any patriotic leaders to peruse pro-people politics. Therefore, they nip in the bud any such initiative with cunning and deceptive machination launching vigorous false propaganda at any cost. In view of this any political force and leadership inspired with the spirit of nationalism and religious values can only emerge through relentless struggle against miss rule and unjust exploitation. It is logical to say that to carry forward such struggle the nation needs tested brave and conscious youths and students to play the vanguard role taking up such challenge selflessly rising above all lust and greed of worldly gains. Only they can be the indomitable and fearless driving force for any country. In any country it is the resilient burning youths who are the main ingredients to write the history of any nation at the same time they are the backbone. The vibration created by the cumulated efforts of the vibrant vigor of the youths generates heart throbs of the local vested interested coteries and their foreign masters.

At that situation the opportunity presents itself to establish new political equation.

At the lower Kangaroo court after the fursicul trail, the appointed loyal judge Mr. Golam Rasul hailing from Gopal Gang just to please Sheikh Hasina the Prime Minister audaciously gave the verdict to axecute the convicts in a firing squad though there is no such precidence exists in the Pinal Code! The Jote of Khaleda Zia even after such verdict remained quite. There after hearings and the review pititions in the High and Supreme court were completed up holding the death sentences just as mare formalitis under the strict supervision of the exicutive power. Three of the Supreme Court Judges however felt emberassed and refused to seat on the bench due to their conscience and proffessional ethics. In the whole process all the Judges of the higher courts remained under pressure and had been facing all kind of harassments including death threats from various powerfull quarters of the ruling party Awami League. The then Home Minister himself led a roudy procession of party hoodlums wilding tourch and bamboo staves and pronunced boastfully that if the Judges fail to give verdict reflecting the aspiration of the people Awami League knows quite well how to secure that desired verdict. Even after such coersive machinations during that term Hasina’s government could not complete the trial process.

Due to nepotism, wanton corruption, plunder of national resources, serial killing, unjust trial, sky rocketing prices of daily necessities, state terrorism by the law enforcing agencies, hooliganism of the party caders, unlawful enchoachment of properties, extortation at the same time anti national pro Indian policies of the Awami League combine the suffocated gasping people having no other alternative had brought back the BNP Jote again to power with passive voting and the Jote won the elections with over two third majority.

As the BNP Jote before the elections had appolozised to the nation while begging votes and unequivocally commited that if voted to power they will not repeat those failings of the past people trusted it’s vow and thought the Jote this time if returns to power it would prove its wards to be true and casted votes in their favor. We also thought that this time as the Khaleda’s Jote has returned to power with over two third majority her government might restore the Indemnity Act of the 5th ammendment of the constitution which was unlawfully annuled by the Awami League and as a result the two cases of ‘Killings’ lodged against the leaders of the August revolution will be squashed off and they would be released from the inhuman condition inside the condemned cells and set free. The exiled leaders would also be able to return back to the country. But this was not done by the government of Khaleda Zia inspite of having the needed two third majority. All though at that time the world conscience had raised their voices vehimently protesting against these Kangaroo trials. Besides, EU, Canada, Amnesty International, UK, Human Rights Watch many other organizations and countries who are concerned with uman rights violation had also strongly critisised the falwed trial proceedings. Some brotherly countries who had asissted in various ways to Khaleda Zia’s Jote to win victory in the elections of 2001, had put up special request to redress this gross injustice. She in return consoled them by saying that she would do the needful in this reguard at an appropriate time. But misteriously she refained from keeping her commitment till the last day of her five years term in office! Not only that Her Jote government also stayed away from taking any executive measure to implement the higher court’s orfer to provide the convicts the class previlage and left them languishing in the appoling conditions of the condemned cells. This is how before handing over power she was cruel enough to leave the doors wide open so that the convicts could be sent to gallows in future just to please the Indian Chanakyas and their protege Awami League. This oppurtunity was fully utilized by the Awami League later.

In the stage managed elections of 2008 held under emergency by the care taker government of ‘Uddins’, Awami League combine(Jote) was brought to power through digital rigging to serve the Geo-Political interests of the Indo-American Axis. Awami League Jote was ensured more than two third majority that was necessary to make required amendments in the constitution to fullfil their agenda. Khaleda Zia and her Jote was elured to perticipate in that elections through shrewed diplomatic parlays. Near eighty, the deposed dictator and throroughly corrupt Gen. Ershad to save himself from the rigor of imprisonment went under the pety court of Hasina with the pull of the Indian string attached at his back.

Soon after saddling on to power The Awami League government of the Grand alliance in a haist promoted a few Judges superceeding some Judges at the Supreme court and constituted a 5 member bench. Two of the members of that bench were two newly appointed Judges from the Hindu minority community. That bench gave the ultimate verdict upholding the death sentense of the accused five valliant decorated nationalist freedom fighters for their self sacrificing patriotism in return. The national heroes were also denied the time period that is a legitimate right to seek Presidential clemency as per the law. All though the brave sons of the soil had refused to seek any clemency from the President but to deny the oppurtunity was again a outragious violation of law. At the dictate of the Prime Minister on the very day verdict of the Supreme Court was rendered refusing the review pititions the Jail authorities in a lightning speed summoned the near family members to the Jail for their last meeting with the convicts and at mid night 28th January 2010 were martyered  hanging at the gallows one after another as well as slaughtering Maj. Hua in presense of PM Hasina before hanging. This is how Sheik Hasina quenched her blood thurst and became satisfied taking her declared revenge.

When the heroes were being taken to the gallows, all the inmates in their cells were loudly appealing to Allah raising their both hands in tears

Oh Rabbul Alamin, the most gracious and most merciful, what kind of justice is this! Why those who dared to protect the independence and had staked to fight for the rights of persecuted and downtrodden people, to salvage the vast majority from the suffocating tyranny of a despotic fascist leader are being hanged after mockery of trials in kangaroo courts? All of them are valiant freedom fighters who have given us independence and in independent Bangladesh as the members of the patriotic armed forces they had always stood beside the people uncompromisingly for their just causes.

When the heroes were being taken to the gallows

According to the statement of Mr. Malek Ukil, one of the Presidium Member of Bakshal in London

Through the successful revolutionary armed uprising of 15th August the fall of Feraunic fascist Mujib’s Bakshal regime had freed the people of Bangladesh from the gasping suffocation of one party dictatorial rule.

Which law has permitted the daughter of Mujib to try these heroes just as ‘Criminals’ who played the vanguard role to free the people? Why Khaleda Zia the wife of Gen. Zia did not raised her voice in protest against unlawful trials? Why Khaleda Zia’s Jote and Jamayet returning to power after landslide victory in the elections of 2001 did not redressed the maliciously framed charges and set these heroes free? Allah will surely render His justice to them all. None of these betrayers would be spared. All of them were crying and uttering these words aloud from the bottom of their hearts. All the heroes were calm. They were beaming with spiritual strength and had no sign of any fear or remorse what so ever. All these heart braking episodes were later known from the people who were physically present at the site during execution. According to the constitution brave freedom fighters are supposed to be laid to rest at the specially preserved graveyard at the capital with state funeral. But due to personal vengeance Hasina and her government even denied that right to the martyred national heroes. All the dead bodies of the martyrs were dispatched to their village homes under strict security without paying any heed to the protest of their immediate family members. The government issued directives to all local administration, law enforcing agencies and party cadres to stop the people to take part in their Namaj E Janaza. But the conscious people of Bangladesh had defied all such governmental endeavors and gathered to participate in their Janaza to pay their last homage to their beloved brave heroes and valiant patriotic freedom fighters in hundreds and thousands every were young and old even the children. The martyrs do not die. They remain alive for ever as the beacon of true path in the spirit of generation to generation. Being imbued with the tale of their greatness, bravery and selfless sacrifice scores of brave hearts and fighters are created to fight for the truth and justice in ages to come. Each one of them is a revolutionary like that of Titu Mir, Master Da, Khudiram, Torab Ali, Hajji Shariyatullah and Vagath Singh of Bangladesh. Their tales of heroism would be written with golden letters in the history. People across the land would coin and sing folklores about their heroic tales for time immemorial. Therefore, though they are dead in this mortal world but shall remain immortal in the souls of future generations to come.

In 2008, the government of Fakruddin and Moinuddin had brought Awami League to power with land slide victory declaring emergency throughout the country to execute minus one formula. Being saddled into power Sheikh Hasina appointed Gen. Tareq Siddiqi(R), Sheikh Rehana’s husband’s younger brother as her Defense Advisor. Became instrumental in organizing conspiratorial heinous genocide of BDR. As a reward for machination of the election victories, hanging of the national heroes and BDR massacre by the care taker Uddin’s government all their unlawful activates were given clemency by the government of Awami League Grand Alliance. They were also given safe passage to flee the country and take refuge in America. In the brutal genocide at BDR Headquarters around 58 army officers on deputation were helplessly sutured mercilessly bringing in hired mercenary commandoes from abroad. Their families were dishonored, harassed and some were killed. Besides, hundreds of soldiers lost their lives in encounter. Since the planned carnage had commenced the Army Chief remained inactive in spite of frantic SOS calls BDR HQ at Pilkhana for help as dictated by Sheikh Hasina. Later, when the Prime Minister had to face the unpleasant outburst of the angry officers and soldiers she committed to carry out a fair investigation and called back the same ASP Mr. Akand(R) her confidant on contract with promotion and appointed him as the IO. Mysteriously, the same person was also appointed as IO to investigate ‘Mujib Killing’ and ‘Jail Killing’ as well. His investigation report has not been made public till this date. But before his investigation and trial more than 200 selected officers of different ranks were sacked from the armed forces. More than 40000 members of BDR were arrested and sent to Jail. After BGB was raised dismantling BDR through Kangaroo trial some officers and men were sent to gallows and sentenced imprisonment for various terms in special courts. There were two main reasons for staging this appalling carnage:

  1. To abolish a well organized force like BDR having long and rich heritage and to replace that with Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) a trust worthy loyal armed force with the cadres of Awami League to ensure protection of the government like that of ill famed Rakkhi Bahini of her father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. At the same time to ensure that this force functions in unison with the Border Security Force (BSF) of India to maintain border security.
  2. To weaken and demoralize the vertibra of the nation, the armed forces by killing such a large number of officers in a killing spree.

There are valid reasons why Awami League and India were so sore about BDR. In 1971, after the crackdown of the Pakistani armed forces and before the declaration of independence by Maj. Ziaur Rahman, the Bengali members of the BDR had disarmed the non Bengali officers and troops at all the BOPs and took over at the order of Maj. Rafiqul Islam the than commander of the Chittagong sector of BDR. Thereafter throughout the liberation war and in post independent Bangladesh BDR had left its mark of patriotism at every crucial juncture of the nation. The unprecedented daring push back operation against the egoistic Indian BSF’s outrageous intrusion led by a valiant freedom fighter officer Gen. Fazlur Rahman is one of such glaring instances. After the shocking tragedy of BDR, most of the affected families and the officers who were thrown out approached Begun Khaleda Zia the leader of the opposition alliance and urged her to launch a vigorous mass movement against the sitting illegitimate Hasina’s regime in protest. But to their despair she refrained to take any such step and remained quiet for the reason best knon to her. Immediately after that gruesome carnage hanging of the national heroes of 15th August and 7th November epoc making revolutionary successful uprisings took place through unconstitutional mockery of trial in the Kangaroo courts. At occation also Khaleda Zia and her Jote gave tacit consent remaining tight liped. As a result, within the armed forces Gen. Zia’s wife Begum Khaleda’s image and popularity both had eroded substantially. That is why when she was dragged out from her residence at Shaheed Moinul Road in an extraordinary embarrassing manner there was no sympathy or adverse reaction what so ever from the armed forces. On the contrary they had accepted the government decision. A statement in this regard was issued from the ISSPR which stated that Khaleda Zia along with her immediate family were evicted from the residence at Shaheed Moinul Road and forcing them out from the cantonment was a lawful act. What an irony of fate!

Ever changing human civilization the world at present is passing through a critical time. The old world order is crumbling and falling apart. A rat race is going on among the decadent world powers to retain their neo colonies and sphere of influence. Various new tricks and tactics are being imposed on the resourceful underdevelop countries and weaker nations around the Glob. On the otherhand persicuted people are rising to rsist such mechinations in reaction. They are organizing resistance movements accross the world as all such unholy and inhuman expansionist competition has only one motive, that is to usurp human and natural resources of the underdeveloped and backward countries.

On the other hand all around the world the resistance movements are being organized by the people at the same level. Reason being the only motive of the expansionist aggression unleashed by the powerful countries is an unholy competition to establish their control over the human and natural resources.

The aversive inspiration and drive for lust and greed to sustain the present decaying capitalist socio-economic Global structure usurping the resources of others have created conflicting contradictions in the internal socio-economic condition of almost all the countries around the world. People are being forced to be divided and violent. As a result, most of the countries are becoming instable. In one side merciless fierce expansionist aggression on the other hand resistance movement of the persecuted people. This is why one can see at every corner of the world ruthless blood spilling. In most of the under developed countries the vast majority of down trodden people being hard pressed against the wall for their mere survival is trying to turn around against the local lackeys of the foreign masters and the exploiting ruling classes to free themselves from ruthless persecution and gasping repression. To suppress such resistance movements of the people the ruling elites is unleashing reign of terror engaging the all the state machineries like law enforcing civil and military forces and agencies even the judiciary to protect their vested interests.

In the under developed countries there is no difference between a so called democratic civilian government or military dictatorship. Because from the national level upto grass root level any kind of governance is controlled by the aliniated same anti national vested interested cotaries with their anti national mindset. To foil any people’s resistance their surrogates are infiltrated in different disguise in the movement and there after they high jack those movements taking over the control and nip them at the bud through srewed mechination using their ill gotten money and muscle power. This is how innumerable such people’s uprisings and revolutions for imancipation had been defeated due to betrayal of the trechurous leadership in the history of human civilization. In the contemporary history of Bangladesh the movement for people’s imancipation had been defeated three times.

  1. In 1971, the liberation war was highjacked by India in the midway after the provisional government of Awami League capitulated to Indian pressure to sign the 7 point agreement. In return the Awami-Baksalite government was imposed on the nation as their lackey after the independence. Thus people’s spirit and aspiration to imancipate themselves evaporated.
  2. The dream and aspiration that Sena Parisad had charished since the days of liberation war got lost in the blind ally due to the blatent betrayal of Gen. Zia, the nominee of the Sena Parisad soon after he was brought to the centre of power after the overthrow of despotic fascist regime of Awami-Baksalites through successful revolutionary uprisings of 15th August and 7th November where the covert organization Sena Parisad played the vanguard role and was the main catalist.
  3. The betrayal of Khaleda Zia’s Jote government with the spirit of the mass movement that caused the downfall of Gen. Ershad the hated dictator and voted the Khaleda Zia’s Jote to power.

Taking the lesson of the past the younger generations must endevor to stride forward with the spirit of liberation war to uproot the obsolite termited present socio-economic structure which is the ligacy of the colonial past and replace it with a progessive pro national and pro people structure bringing in befitting revolutionary changes to fullfil the dream and aspiration of the people for total emancipation. Our self identity has evolved through ages based on our own hritage, independent identity, culture, language and religious values. Language is not the only factor to evolve any nation. This must never be forgotten.

At present in Bangladesh more than 60% of the people are living an appalling life below the poverty line gasping half dead not being able to meet the two ends of day to day life. Almost 80% of the national wealth remains accumulated in the fists of 1-2% people of the vested interested coterie. As a result, 98% of the Bangladeshis have virtually become the slaves of that 1-2% Novo rich of the vested interested coterie. Unless the vast majority is freed from this bondage of such slavery and their inner strength, merit, creative ideas and working prowess are utilized to the maximum in a well planned manner under a competent leadership in no way it would never be possible to consolidate the national independence and sovereignty or to build this land with enormous potential as a self-respecting, self-reliant, progressive and prosperous country. Bangladesh does not mean a few scattered sprawling cities. The real Bangladesh means 68 thousand villages and the people who live there. The quantum of human rights, freedom of speech, legal rights, political rights of local governance and how much rights they enjoy in the socio-economic sector are the determining factors to measure the level of development in Bangladesh.

Handfull few, mostly city dwellers charecterless so called educated and enlightened proteges of the vested interested coterie and compredor class totally void of any moral ethics and ideals have usurped and accumulated enormous wealth through wanton corruption using the state power are now the self styled political leaders and care takers of the civil society. Considering the country to be their ancestral property and the people as their slaves are sucking the blood of the nation euthlessly in unition like leaches unabeted since the country acheived its independence. These leaches must be identified and thrown in the dust bin. Their accumulated ill gotten money and muscle power must be snatched away. Such parasites must be weeded out from every tire of the society. Thereafter, in accordance with the aspiration of the majority of the people and the nation a thoroughly overhauled state structure, administration, judiciary and political system are the necessities of time to be established where there would be no loop hole which might allow such leaches to resurface once again. To ensure such penetration alongside these reforms a continuous rectification campaign must be carried out by the government in power impartially to nip at the bud any such endeavor in future.

In the process of bringing in such revolutionary reforms advice and assistance could be taken from the experiences and lessons of other brotherly and friendly countries that had successfully been able to do so. However, no such borrowed ideas should be imposed on the nation blindly. Anything befitting should be accepted only after thread bare comprehensive evaluation in the context of our own objective realities. Without such initiative it would not be possible ever for us to attain any place in the committee of nations of the world standing heads high as a self respecting, self reliant, progressive, prosperous country and nation. Failure to establish human rights, freedom of speech, rule of law, just and equitable social order, right of every citizen to have equal opportunity to excel their merits and innovative ideas and cannot ascertain developing national character based on our glorious past heritage, cultural, moral and religious values would make it difficult to protect our self identity and independence. Steel like national unity and sustained stability for long are the two most fundamental pre requisites for progress and prosperity. Along with discipline a clear perception about the responsibility of the state to its citizen and vice versa (Social Contract) are again the two factors without which neither durable national unity nor sustainable stability can be achieved. Each one of the professionals employed on merits as public servants must be honest, sincere and earnestly dutiful. To Profession taken as the determinant ones social standing is nothing but manifestation of unhealthy and

The present culture of aversive competition to become political and social leaders using ill gotten money and muscle power needs to be uprooted from the social fiber once for all. It must be kept in mind that rot starts from the top and the government is the apex body of any nation. As long as the vast majority of the country cannot be freed from the clutches of a coterie representing an insignificant percentage of the people but immensely powerful with the backing of their foreign masters they would not be in a position to choose their true representatives freely and place them at the apex body with the responsibility to govern the country, be it through the democratic process or mass movement.

As long as the state structure, administrative and legal frame work, different wings of armed forces, intelligence apparatus, political system imposed by the colonial masters are controlled by the vested interested lackeys of the foreign powers till that time no fundamental changes needed befitting with the time can be brought though geographical independence has been achieved. The argument of this reality is not hard to realize. Since the independence those who have been sucking the blood of the people and national resources like leeches with the past mind set preserving the obsolete termited state structures and decadent political system will shun the ‘Golden Goose’ that shall never happen.

If this is narrated in more simplistic terms then one has to say that the alien colonialists to sustain their forceful occupation, rule, exploitation, oppression had established such state structure, legal and administrative setup and different armed and civilian institutions with the help and assistance of their local lackeys and surrogates. They had also introduced decadent culture and adverse political system.

Due to internal feud and conflict of interests between the imperial powers two devastating world wars had commenced that had made most of those powers economically and militarily weak. Taking this advantage of their weakness in most of the colonies persecuted people rose and initiated indomitable struggles for national independence and emancipation. Failing to counter those movements they had no other alternative but to give them independence. But shrewdly after independence they manipulated to hand over power to their nourished lackeys before departure as the champion of liberation struggle. As a result those surrogates to perpetuate their self interest and interest of their foreign masters kept intact the anti national and anti people colonial structures and usurped all the important positions of the state structure and social tiers vacated by the whites being Brown Sahibs and became all powerful plundering national resources through wanton corruption using state power. As a result instead of any betterment of the country and the people situation started getting worse gradually with passage of time.

In ’71 on the onset of liberation war the provisional government of Awami League had signed an agreement of slavery as desired by the expansionist India as to achieve an independence delivered by it. In return India installed Awami League in power after independence as the sole champion of the national liberation war. After returning Bangladesh from captivity in Pakistan through understanding Sheikh Mujib himself became the Prime Minister and then signed an anti national treaty for 25 years with India having far reaching consequences virtually turning new born Bangladesh into a client state. With this move the cherished dream of the nation in light of the spirit of the liberation war dashed to the ground. Thus, from the very beginning the saga of betrayal of the leadership for the vested interested quarters, misrule, exploitation, corruption and process of destructive politicization had started. Along with passage of time dependency, subservience, loots and carnal competition for power life of ordinary people today has become devastated. To know the reason of such a measurable consequence one has to look back to the prelude and the then situation and realities on ground during the liberation war. I am humbly trying to submit here the factual narration of that period to the readers and younger generation in particular as food for thoughts to seek the truth from the facts.

In mid sixties to boost up the ongoing movement for self rule and to create pressure on the military junta to hold national elections sheikh Mujib presented his 6 point program. But in his 6 point the military junta smelled aura of cessation. Under that circumstances Pakistan’s intelligence agency unearthed Agartala conspiracy case. The main accomplices in hatching up that conspiracy were some Bengali young Turks of Pakistan’s army, navy, air force and civil service. Their plan was to achieve independence of East Pakistan through armed struggle. The main architect of that conspiracy was Commander Moyazzem Hussein of Pakistan navy. He sought political support from Sheikh Mujib but failed. Then he attempted to get help from concerned Indian authorities but did not get any positive response. At that juncture the Pakistan intelligence agency disclosed in public about that conspiracy and a case was filed as ‘Agartala Conspiracy case’ and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Commander Moyazzem Hussein, Flt.Sergt. Zahurul Haq, Steward Mujib, CSP officer Ruhul Quddus, Capt. Khurshid, Capt. Nazmul Huda, Capt. Sawkat Ali were considered the main accused among others and were sent to jail after arrest. As a result the movement of self rule was losing steam in the than East Pakistan. At that crucial juncture Maulana Vashani the great leader of the down trodden people launched a vigorous movement throughout East Pakistan on the basis of 11 point program prepared by ‘Chatra Shangram Parisad’ (Student’s Committee for Struggle) termed the ‘Agartala Conspiracy Case’ as a stage managed case and demanded immediate release of all accused including Mujib. His leadership provided fresh impetus to the dying movement for self rule and added new dimension. As the situation became explosive the military junta was compelled to release all the accused persons on pay roll and invited Mujib to join the ‘Round Table Conference’ at Pindi. After all the accused persons were released being ill Maulana Vashani called Sheikh Mujib and handed over leadership to him and asked him to carry forward the movement for self rule uncompromisingly. This is how Mujib could emerge as the fairytale political hero over night to the people of East Pakistan. The mass movement based on 6 and 11 point program was turned into torrential oceanic waves all over East Pakistan by the students and the youths who also played the vanguard role in the movement.

Thereafter, after the elections were held under LFO of Gen. Yahiya Khan Mujib got absolute majority but due to shrewd machination of Bhutto instead of handing over power to Mujib the military junta decided to resolve the political problem using of force. Such a decision was just self defeating and suicidal. On 25th and 26th night when brutal ‘Operation Search Light’ was launched all the Bengali members of different forces then serving in East Pakistan revolted in retaliation against the barbaric genocide. Later centering on them the people spontaneously plunged themselves throughout East Pakistan in armed resistance movement and in no time that turned into national liberation war. It is worthwhile to mention here that here also the conscious younger generation played the vanguard role. According to the propagated statistic around one crore people being scared of their lives fled from East Pakistan and took refuge in the makeshift refugee and youth camps in India. With the selected recruits from them the Mukti Bahini was later raised under the leadership of Gen. Osmani. Most the refugees belonging to the Hindu minority community who had crossed over to India were taken care of by their relatives and known ones. Awami League leadership and their allies were also well looked after by Indian government after subservient 7 point agreement was signed with the provisional government headed by Sayed Nazrul Islam and Tajuddin Ahmed.

State Bank Branch at Bogra and all the treasuries at district and sub divisional level along with commercial banks were looted by the leaders of the Awami League, party cadres and goons in connivance with the local administration before they crossed over to India. However, very insignificant part of that substantial amount was handed over to the exchequers of the provisional government. Lion share was usurped by the looters themselves. Thus for those crossing over to India was a change of weather enjoying secured affluent life in a foreign country. All though they had hardly anything to do with the liberation war they were hovering around 8 Theatre road and 19 Circus Avenue like clowns on the wings waiting for the right opportunity to return and usurp the state power in independent Bangladesh. A few of them of course had stood shoulder to shoulder with the freedom fighters and had fought staking their lives. If any reader is interested to know more in this regard then he can read my earlier published book ‘Ja Dekhechi Ja Bujhechi Ja Korechi’. The book is available for down loading either in Bangla or English from the websites or

It can’t be denied that most of the freedom fighters had broken all the class and professional barriers and got united as one with the common masses to fulfill their cherished dream to free their motherland from the clutches of the occupied forces and establish a new independent Bangladesh. The spirit behind this dream was selfless patriotism and to emancipate the vast majority of people who had been ruthlessly persecuted for ages by a tiny vested interested coterie and the lackeys that had been created by the colonial rulers. The freedom fighters who came from the affluent classes of the society after mixing closely and becoming comrades in arms with the ordinary down trodden people could realize how the vested interested coteries could become all powerful with their ill-gotten money and muscle power to be the ruling elites and social leaders sucking blood of the people denying their legitimate rights with the patronization of their foreign masters. They could also understand clearly as to why the state, administrative, social and political structures created by the colonial powers were kept unchanged even after independence. This was just to serve the interests only of the vested interested coteries who became the ruling class and leaders at every tire of the society.

They could also realize how the lackeys were able to maintain their vested interests even after the colonies achieved their independence from the yoke of the declining colonial powers. The heart piercing saga of the long drown struggle and defeat of the vast majority of have-nots had sharpened the awareness of the young freedom fighters particularly those who were well educated and hailed from the affluent class about the decadent state, society and politics. They got convinced that until and unless the betterment of this vast majority who had been deprived from their legitimate rights and had been ruthlessly exploited over ages can be ensured it would be impossible to build a happy and prosperous Bangladesh in future. This is how most of the selflessly committed freedom fighters were imbued with spirit and aspiration to get the independence at the same time to emancipate the majority of the people from all kind of unfair deprivation and exploitation like in the past. In view of the above, being inspired with such spirit some politically conscious freedom fighters took the initiative very carefully to lay the foundation of a covert organization under the cover of liberation war based on well thought of political philosophy, aim, principles and work program which was named Sena Parishad after independence during the process of raising the armed forces. The objective of the Sena Parisad was not bounded within achieving geographical independence only. The aim and objectives of Sena Parisad were farfetched. Immediately after independence ensuring the just rights and equitable socio economic freedom of the people to achieve a steal like national unity required to create an opportunity so that the prospective new born Bangladesh could move forward leaps and bounds towards progress and prosperity and subsequently could be built as a self reliant, progressive and prosperous country in shortest possible time. Simultaneously, the nation could be identified as a self respecting nation worldwide.

It is being said that no sudden change can take place in the mindset and thought process of human being. But the liberation war of ’71 had taught the true freedom fighters the lesson that at the backdrop of any exceptional circumstances a sudden unexpected occurrence of any event could provide more wisdom and practical knowledge and thus can make a person much more matured compared to his or her age. At the same time unbelievable changes can also take place in the mindset and thought process.

In any country to initiate any revolutionary process to bring fundamental socio-economic changes is an arduous at the same time perilous undertaking. In an unjust and uneven society the way all powerful ruling elites representing self seeking usurpers and protectors of vested interests had made the people living dead under their suffocating strangulation over the ages and considering it to be their hereditary natural right to perpetuate their unquenching thirst for power, personal intimidation and dominating mindsets, ownership, unfathomable lust to enjoy immoral pleasures forever in that kind of a situation unless and until the people are inspired to get organized imbued in the light of the spirit of human morality, ideals, principles, religious and higher values to muster strength no daring initiative would be possible to bring in fundamental changes. Revolutionary process to change the society is an eternal phenomenon. In this ongoing process many contradictions emerges. Unflinching trust and confidence on the correct ideology aim and work program of the dedicated leadership and the cadres can only resolve all the contradictions and make a revolution successful step by step and it becomes possible to consolidate the achievements in the post revolution era.

The liberation war had presented a unique opportunity before the people and the conscious educated freedom fighters to be imbued with burning desire to struggle for national independence and total emancipation of the persecuted people from the age-old yoke of misrule and indescribable exploitation imposed upon by the decadent ruling elites comprising of the remnants of feudalism and the comprador class. The war had also created the opportunity to harness torrential dormant creative force of the youths to rebuild a new Bangladesh from the very scratches of the devastating war according to the desired expectation of the nation. But alas! No such initiative was taken whatsoever by the despotic Awami League government which was superimposed by India as the sole champion of the independence though Bangladesh was liberated through a nine months long national liberation war. Even then the people had hopes against hopes. They expected that their fairytale leader Sheikh Mujib would redress everything wrong that had been committed on his return. But all their expectations dashed to the ground. As after tripartite negotiated settlement when Sheikh Mujib returned hale and hearty to Bangladesh via India and took over power as the Prime Minister totally forgetting that, ‘Party is bigger than any individual and the nation is even bigger than the party’.

Mujib failed to create a befitting national leadership to build a newly born independent country. In his style of rule interest of his kith and kin, specific individual and members of his party got the priority. Thereafter, the epoch making revolutionary uprisings of 15th August and 7th November spearheaded by Sena Parisad imbued with the spirit of ‘71 toppling the despotic fascist one party(BAKSAL) rule of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman the nation got another opportunity to fulfill the cherished dream and aspiration. But the moment Gen. Zia, the central figure of Sena Parisad was installed at the centre of power he betrayed the cause and foiled that opportunity to perpetuate his own power to go in his own way. Both these two power mongers would never be able to evade their responsibility of such failures when they would be rubbed on the streak plate of the touch stone of history to unmask their real characters. Under their patronization the enormous prospect to build Bangladesh as a self respecting, self reliant, prosperous and happy country turned into mirage in a planned way by the notoriously self seeking power-hungry vested interested quarters.

The inhuman behavior of the present generation void of any ethics, practicing decadent culture, degradation of character traits and morality is the manifestation of those failures. Is there no way out from such fast spreading growth of cancer! Surely there is. Revolutionary spirit could be suppressed for a while but the spirit is eternal. In view of the above, to find the right path, it is imperative to sharpen once again the conscience of the present and future generations with the dormant spirit of ’71 which was nothing but indomitable burning desire and dream to emancipate the vast majority of the people bringing in required revolutionary changes in the socio-economic structures of the state after independence.

At the twilight of life at times, I thought that our younger generation who could be compared with the ray of rising sun at dawn has become totally indifferent about the nation and the country. But of late on different burning issues concerning the fate of the country and future of the nation they have come out from the slumber and have started raising their voice. Although, there might be controversy regarding the expression of their protest and their demands but the positive aspect of their wakening up means that they are still conscious and alert about the events that are taking place all around. Such sensitiveness and activism is commendable. The countrymen have witnessed in the past that from such a spark prairie fire had flared up during the language movement of ‘52, mass movement for self determination of ’60-70 and the liberation war in ’71.

In the month of May 1968, a mass movement flared up against notoriously all powerful President Charles De Gaulle’s government under the leadership of the students. The intensity of the movement was so fierce and frightful that at one point of time it became impossible for the President to remain in France so he had to flee from France to save his life and took refuge at a military camp in Germany. That uprising erupted from a very insignificant event.

The event started at Soborn University. There the students sought permission from the administrative authorities to use one of the buildings as the dormetory but the authorities did not agree to their demand. This deniyal sparked protest movement. Gradually that movement did not remained confined within the campus alone over Latin quarters. The dwellings of the labor class became the headquarters of that movement. Majority of the people in France belongs to hard working laboring class. The shanty dwellings of the Latin quarters everywhere thus turned into bastion of that revolutionary uprising. As the laboring people all over the country became outrageous and angry with high handedness of the administrative authorities and had become sympathetic to the cause of the students quickly the movement took the shape of a people’s uprising to establish a just and even society. The revolutionary prairie fire soon engulfed the entire France. But the leaders of the powerful Trade Unions of France who represented various vested interested quarters took position against the people’s movement and their interest thus De Gaulle could evade catastrophic disaster and could manage to return  back in France after negotiated settlement with those powerful Trade Union Leaders. This is a glaring proof that a spark generated even from an insignificant or small event can create an earth racking volcanic eruption. Therefore, there is no reason to be despondent or to lose heart.

Accumulated outrage in the hearts of the people against the miss rule of the country by the ruling elites in the merry go round of the rotten political culture had turned the country into a simmering volcano. The horrifying irruption when that takes place would be beyond control of the present lot of leaders of various shades who are nothing but wanton looters and ruthless blood succors. The exploiting ruling class and social elites who are nothing but the chameleons and self proclaimed champions of so called democracy would be losing both the golden goose and the eggs accumulated over long period of time from their fists due to any such eruption. There are ample rational logics why they would be losing both.

All the political parties, champions of different ediologies that are at present engaged in the managed power play in the national political arena over more than last four decades have been exposed to the people as of same charecter and to be the other side of the same coin. In the open they get engaged in the stage managed wrestling and behind the scean they become bed fellows at the pull of the strings of their powerful foreign masters attached at their back. The people have caught the bluff. Since the very begining our beloved birth place had got saddled on the back of quire camels moving aimlessly! The countrymen have realised that over last four decades the power hungry ruling parties representing the vested interested quarters had been succking the blood of the nation as their surfdome through state terrorism. Thus the future of 18 Crores of people has become an uncertainity. They have made the whole country a breeding ground of terror for their selfish interests. They are engaged in the game of power politics only for power sake. To usurp the state power, to meet their endless appetite, clinching on to power, to get engaged in unabeted corruption, wanton squandering of national resources, polutting the society with immoral politisization at every level under the gurb of so called sham democracy fascism happens to be their means to perpituate state power.

The basis of all their considerations and decisions is nothing but self interest, interest of the family and coterie they belong and the party they belong. No one is thinking anything whatsoever about the problems of the country and the people. They can do anything for power.

Touch stone for all their analysis, consideration and decision depends on self and family interest, interest of the class and the party. No one is pushed to think about the interest and problem of the people and the country. For power sake they can Rubb shoulders with autocracy, facilitating military takeover approving proclamation of emergency. They don’t even hesitate supporting any reactionary coup d’état if that serves their vested interests.

For power sake or to usurp power under the garb of movement they resort to shutdown, arson, violence, strikes making the life of peace loving ordinary people difficult and unbearable. For their self interest they don’t hesitate to unleash ruthless blood shedding. They don’t even care if innocent people are murdered either in bomb blast or by pouring petrol and set them ablaze. It is this lot of politicians who allure the impartial Judiciary and bureaucracy into partisan politics. Due to partisan politicization such vital institutions of the state are getting paralyzed and nonfunctional due to land slide erosion in morality and professionalism. The moral and religious values are being raped by them every now and then for their vested interests. To remain in power the Razakar is being made Freedom Fighter and if required then a Freedom Fighter is turned into a Razakar at whims. After the deal across the table both BNP and Awami League and all other parties are getting into alliance with Jamaat and pursuing politics. Again they are distancing themselves with the same Jamaat as and when it is convenient.

During the reign of Gen. Zia Qader Siddiqi was sentenced to death on charge of treason and now the same fellow shamelessly has high jacked the title ‘BANGA BIR’ to prefix before his name for self glorification. The title in fact was awarded by the freedom fighters to Gen. Osmani, the C-in-C of Mukti Fauj. He was given presidential clemency paving the way for his return from exile in India along with his cronies to be rehabilitated in national politics After khaleda Zia became the Prime Minister after winning the 1990’s elections. At present floating his own political party Qader Siddiqi who had been condemned to death for treason is hovering around counting days for the opportunity to siege power sporting a hand woven towel around his neck instead of a hanging noose. The person who is surviving with Indian backing and understanding in spite of having been sentenced to death for killing two army officers and three soldiers at the border in an armed skirmish after the revolutionary change of government on 15th August is some day found on the dock as murderer in a people’s court instead of comfortable seat of power then how those who facilitated his return from exile in India and rehabilitated in politics would evade their accountability for connivance with a person sentenced to death on charge of treason, on the basis of which understanding? Countrymen are consciously pondering about this issue. Because, though the issue has been craftily manipulated at present but the truth can’t be suppressed forever.

After an understanding with Bhutto and Indira Gandhi Sheik Mujib had returned to Bangladesh and having taken over the reign as the Prime Minister pardoned brushing aside the protest of the people and had handed over to Indira Gandhi 195 identified war criminals and 97 thousand surrendered members of Pakistan’s armed forces and their henchmen as par the tripartite ‘Simla Agreement’. In 2009 due to mechanization of India and Army Chief Gen. Moinuddin Ahmed backed Fakruddin government after returning back to power his able daughter Sheikh Hasina got gleefully engaged with the trial of not the   poisonous snake but it’s left over shredded skins as war criminals. What else one could term such trials other than farcical drama! However, many intellectuals are viewing this as a shrewd political move. Many are again opposing these trials. All the political parties who are part of the stage managed politics of the day are up to legitimizing all their wrong doings like prostitution. This has become clear like day light to the people now.

Gen. Zia ousted Justice Sayem and usurped the state power at gun point. In year 1982 his surrogate and appointed Army Chief Gen. Ershad in a similar way had forced out Justice Sattar, BNP nominated and elected President on gun point from Banga Bhaban and took over power illegally. Like master like disciple indeed! Sheikh Hasina while expressing her reaction to the Media men and journalists about Gen. Ershad’s illegal take over had said, ‘I am not unhappy’. At one point of time a mass movement sprouted against the despotic regime of Gen. Ershad. But sly Gen. Ershad conspired to hold national elections to perpetuate and legitimize his power. He organized elections in 1986. Opposing the elections Hasina warned and said, ‘Whoever will participate in the elections would be national traitors’.

But just after that news came out that Hasina at a moonlit night went for a long drive with Ershad at his invitation secretly and on return before 24 hours could pass Hasina surprised the nation with the announcement that she had decided to participate in the elections arranged by Gen. Ershad and thus Awami League is withdrawing from the anti Ershad movement. Jamaat had also participated in the same elections as the tail ender of Awami league. It is alleged that while enjoying the long drive that moonlit night Hasina managed TK 17 Crores from thoroughly corrupt Gen. Ershad as well

In 1991 elections BNP came to power after forming an electoral alliance with Jamaat. Soon after, a rift developed between BNP and Jamaat over the modality of giving back the nationality of Golam Azam. After distribution of reserved seats 17 seats of Jamaat became almost irrelevant so BNP government became reluctant to restore Golam Azam’s nationality through executive order. Thus the rift had started. Taking this opportunity to gain political leverage Sheikh Hasina sent Justice(R)Badrul Hayder Choudhury Awami League’s nominated Presidential candidate to go and meet Prof. Golam Azam the then Amir of Jamaat and later in 2008 an accused to be tried as war criminal at his residence for his blessing and support for his victory. At the same time to increase the difference between BNP and Jamaat and to mount more pressure on Jamaat, all of a sudden an organization called ‘Ghatok Dalal Nirmul Committee of ‘71’ sprouted under the leadership of Col.(R)Qazi Nuruzzaman and Jahanara Imam inspired by Awami League. This organization staged a people’s court and held mock trial of Golam Azam awarding death sentence and accordingly his edifice was hanged publicly. Due to all such political maneuvering and pressure Jamaat being undone finally left the BNP led Jote and tied it’s knots with Awami League. After Jamaat entered the stable of Awami League mysteriously activities of ‘Gha Da Nirmul Committee’ gradually evaporated and synchronized movement of Awami League combine and Jamaat against the BNP government had started. Jammat’s issue was ‘National Elections under Care Taker Government’ and Awami League’s issue was ‘Restoration of Parliamentary form of Government’.

At the call of Sheikh hasina on 24th February 1994 at the parliament building a meeting with Jatiyo Party, Jamaat e Islami, Democratic Party and NDP was held. As per the decision taken in that meeting from 26th April 1994 violent joint political programes like Hartal, Gherao-porao, Torch Processions, Rallies, Public Meetings were continuously organized through out the country against the government. The Awami Combine made public the frame work of the ‘Care Taker Government’ on 27th June. A press breifing was held at the office of the Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament. In that press breifing the table was shared by Motiur Rahman Nizami the then Secretary General of Jamaat, Barrister Moudud Ahmed of Jatiyo Party, Salahuddin Qader Choudhury of NDP and Shuranjit Sen Gupta of Democratic Party with Sheikh Hasina. Golam Azam was then Amir of Jamaat. Irony of fate! After the victory in 2008 elections Hasina’s government has brought both these two leaders of Jamaat and Salahuddin Qader Choudhury leader of NDP and later converted as a leader of BNP to be tried as war criminals. An inavitable ending in political culture void of any morale or athics. At that time Rashed Khan Menon a so called left leader who joined the ‘Grand Alyance’ of Awami league in 2008 and was able to become MP with sympol ‘Boat’ had said critisizing such unholy alyance

Jamaat wants to introduce Blashphemy Laws of Mediaval age, Jatiyo Party wants to free Ershad from the Jail and Awami League wants to go to power by any means.

It means, to go to power Hasina’s Awami League had no difficulty to tie knots with Jamaat accepting them as equal as the freedom fighters. It was not a problem at all to accept autocratic Gen. Ershad and the war criminals as political allies. At present the same Awami League has embarked on playing a new ball game. Now Awami League like its mentor India does not liking Jamaat anymore. Awami League and India are discovering germs of terrorism within Jamaat to gain contempt from their regional strategic ally America and allies in the West. Besides, there is a political reason as well. Jamaat still is a member of 18 party Jot led by BNP. This is not palatable for Awami League in view of future elections. Keeping this in mind Awami League has already annulled from the constitution the Act to hold the national elections under a ‘Care Taker Government’, brain child of Jamaat. Still Hasina is not feeling comfortable. Pressure is being mounted on BNP led combine to participate in the next elections expelling Jamaat from the 18 party Jote to achieve legitimacy at the same time weakening both BNP and Jamaat.

With the plea of trials of war criminals most of the top leaders of Jamaat log stock and barrel have already been arrested and thrown inside the Jails. They are being tried in special tribunals and awarded death penalties and life imprisonments disregarding stern criticism from various national and international human rights organizations about the legality and conduct of such trials. En-mass arrests, imprisonment, harassment, repression, inhuman torture, kidnapping through ruthless state terrorism and party hooliganism has been unleashed on the leaders and cadres at every tire of the society. BNP and all other opposition parties are also victim of such terrorism. One time ally of Sheikh Hasina has also been sent to prison. Like Jamaat leaders he has also been awarded death sentence to be hanged in gallows as war criminal. This Salahuddin Qader Choudhury at one time used to boastfully inform the member of the House how intimate he was with Sheikh’s family. He used to address Hasina as Bubu Jaan (Elder Sister). The tycoon used to send to his Bubu Jaan from Chittagong the best quality most expensive fishes as Rahu, Chital, Katla, Pangash, Rup Chanda, Lobstar and King Prawns regularly. He had also narrated this story many a times. But as his utility has finished now in the balance of power his dear Bubu Jaan has disowned him and brought him on the dock without any remorse to hear the death penalty! In the politics void of any morale, ethics, ideology, principles there is no value for personal relationship whatsoever. Instead, every relation is weighed in the equation at the balance of power.

In 1981 Gen. Zia paid the heavy price and was brutally gunned down in a conspiracy just after 13 days of Sheikh Hasina’s return to Bangladesh. Gen. Zia made a deal with India mediated by Dr. Kamal Hussein mostly known as ‘koyel of the spring’, Tofayel & gong and brought back Hasina, her younger sister Rehana from exile in India to revive Awami League under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina once again in the main stream of national politics betraying the spirit of 15th August and 7th November. About the declaration of Martial Law after Gen. Zia’s demise and assumption of power by the main architect and the king pin of that conspiracy despotic dictator Gen. Ershad the Banglar Bani, a pro Awami League newspaper published an editorial. Hasina had also said, ‘I am not unhappy’ while expressing her reaction with BBC. In the year 1996 similarly Sheikh Hasina and her party Awami League had openly expressed support in the Media towards Gen. Nasim’s abortive coup d’état. Subsequently, Gen. Nasim and his cohorts not only during the reign of Hasina and Khaleda but till this date are enjoying luxurious life having all the retirement benefits. After the elections of 1996, Capt.(R)Taj a close confidant of Gen. Nasim was made a Minister in Hasina’s cabinet as advised by him.

Hopefully, younger generation has not forgotten yet the brutal killing of innocent people in the carnage of ‘Logi Boitha’ unleashed by Hasina, the leader of Awami League and proclaimed ‘dream girl’ of democracy just for power sake. Creating such an anercic situation as an excuse for imposing emergency on the nation to take over power by ‘Uddins’ satisfied Hasina boastfully pronounced, ‘Government of Fakru and Moin is the fruite of their movement’. Later she managed assurances from the foreign perias to secure the throne after committing to provide them legitimacy. Such behavior is quite expected from the leader who could demand ten deadbodys against one from the party leaders and workers. Soon after she was brought to power Hasina provided indemnity to all actions of the government of ‘Uddins’ and her government also arranged safe passage for them to leave for safe heaven abroad.

        A paIt is pertinent ana important to know the trick that was played behind the scene on the fatefull day of one eleven is unfolded before the readers to understand the charecter of the vested interested coteries.

When the care taker government under President Iyazuddin was totally unnerved due to ‘Logi Boitha’ carnage unleashed by Awami League and deadbodies of the victioms at the time Gen. Moin, the Army Chief walked into the office of the President and handed over a letter to him issued from the office of the UN Secretary General and said, ‘If the elections are held by the care taker government under him then UN will stop taking any member of Bangladesh armed forces and other law enforcing agencies for any peace making or keeping mission abroad in future and shall be withdrawing forthwith all employed contingents in different countries for sending them back home. This would be a colossal financial loss not only to the armed forces but to the country as well. Therefore, his government must resign.’ Thus President Iyazuddin’s government was ousted under threat. Incidentally, at that time Mr. Iftekhar Choudhury the younger brother of Mr. Farukh Choudhury, ex Fopreign Secretary and presently Sheikh Hasina’s Advisor on Foreign Affairs was posted as the Permanent Representative(PR) at the UN Mission. It was he who had despatched that letter to Gen. Moin. Later the representitive of Mr. Ban Ki Moon held a press conferance and had categorally denied that any such letter was ever issued from the UN Secretary General’s office. In view of the above, most intreaguingly till this date no voice has been raised from any quarter to know the facts that how and through which channel this fake letter had been rooted to Gen. Moin.

Nothing much is heard about the destruction of the country and the nation through mountain like colossal corruption of Hasina’s government of ‘Great alliance’, loud protest from the opposition Jote is also missing about the unabated signing of anti national and uneven treaties of slavery one after another. Such muted voice of the opposition gives an impression of tacit approval.

The selfless heroes were kept in the appoling condemed cell almost 15 years before they were hanged through understanding with the opposition Jote, gruesome BDR carnage was staged with the aim to hit hard on the back bone of the nation the armed forces with paralitic consequence. Surprisingly what could be the far fetched impact of such henious on slaught that could not be acertained from the reaction of the so called standerd bearers of nationalist and Islamic cause. These two events needs to be viewed in light of conspiracy of the past to weaken the national defence forces for perpituating absolute power in the hands of Indian protege Awami-Baksalites for ever. The tigers of Bangladesh armed forces are being doped at present aluring their mind set towards greed and pleasure, diluting their patriosim and bluding the spirit and charished dream of liberation war of ’71. Now charecer wise the armed forces have become just naive paid armed tool of the government to be used at its whim. Such a decy is disapointingly painful to any genuine freedom fighter who had given blood and swet to raise this armed forces after independence from the ashes. Not only that through different bilateral treaties vital state organs like intelligence agencies, defence forces, border security forces, law enforcing agencies are gradually being made India dependant in a planned way. As a result not in too distant future Bangladesh will become either a client state or annexed state of Indian Union and 18 Crores of Bangladeshi nationals will become slaves. The mechanization is on way to bring back the combine of political forces under the banner of Hasina’s Grand Alliance which has signed all these anti national treaties after wining the elections of 2008 back to power for another 5 years term for implimentation of those treaties not Khaleda’s Jote.

Even after noticing and knowing everything about the misrule, exploytation, repression, state terrorism and terror unleashed by the ruling party thugs, kidnapping, Padma bridge scandal, fraud of Destiny, turning millions of families into pauper over night due to neferious manipulation of the stock market, swindling of thousands of Cores of Takas from the banks, freeing the convicted terrorists and criminals providing Presidential pardon, on slaught on the Media, power cogmire, sky rocketing hike in the price of daily necessities, engraining fascism in the garb of democracy, violation of human rights, gagging the freedom of speech of the failed government of the ‘Grand Alliance’ Indo-American axis is conspiring to bring back to power Awami League’s ‘Grand Alliance’ again for their vested interest. Presently, the people are devided being suffocated with the strangulation of the two Jotes in the main stream of national politics headed by two major parties void of any morale, athics or ideology. The same two Jotes had been ruling the country in turn over last three decads and the consequence is now being felt by the people in a hard way. The Uncertainity and dark future is gradually eclipsing the nation. For such a pathetic state political leaders of all the parties in the field have to share the responsibility as in the mary go round politics of understanding and compromise there is no scope to play one sided game.

The only way to come out from such hopeless situation the people have to get organized under a selfless leader with vision, wisdom, experience compatible with present age to initiate healthy politics based on morale, ethics and a clear philosophy. The younger generation has to come forward with this commitment to play the vanguard role. There is no other alternative to extricate ourselves from present down slide. The cherished dream of the nation can never be attained by the exposed leadership. The younger generation must know that as long as some vested interested lackeys and a comprador class is not created within the ruling class and social elites till then it is not possible for any outside power to mingle with the internal affairs of any country. At this point of time other than RAW of India most of the intelligence agencies of foreign powers have been able to consolidate their position at every tire of the society with innumerable grafted agents and are engaged in conspiratorial activities to undermine the very independence and making the future uncertain. However, all their nefarious activities can be thwarted only by the united movement of conscious struggling people.

Historically the habitants of today’s Bangladesh which is mostly a deltaic landmass evolved out of the silts carried by mighty rivers like Brahmaputra, Padma, Jamuna, Meghna, Buriganga and their tributaries over ages bear the testimony that they never succumbed but always struggled with undonting resolve overcoming all odds to stride forward maintaining their self identity. The Bangladeshis never allowed the Bohemian Arian Brahmins descendants of Pamir to dig their thaw on the soil of this country. The alien invaders managed to fly their flag over other parts of ‘Varat’ but this was not possible in Bangladesh. British victory over Bengal was possible due to treacherous betrayal of his loyal trusted subordinate Mir Zafar, imposter friends like Ghoshiti Begum, Umi Chad, and Ray Ballav belonging to influential affluent Hindu courtesans, land lords and merchants. Even then the British had to be alert about the struggling spirit of Bangladeshis every moment. This is why the British Raj had gave birth of a political party named Indian National Congress through Sir Douglas Hume and Any Basant and compromising Gandhi was imported from South India and grafted as its supreme leader. Bangladeshis are the only nation in the world who can take pride to have earned due recognition of their mother tongue sacrificing blood as 21st February is now being recognized and observed as the Language Day by the United Nation.

In 1971, 7 Crores of Bangladeshis young and old, men and women, youths and students united as one had plunged themselves to fight the national liberation war against the occupation forces to free the motherland sacrificing blood in millions and achieved independence. In the post independent era when autocrat Sheikh Mujib virtually turned Bangladesh as a client state of expansionist India signing the 25 years treaty of slavery at that point of time the awakened conscious people and the members of the armed forces thundered once again. On 15th August 1975, autocratic one party regime of BAKSAL of Mujib was overthrown by a patriotic revolutionary uprising under the leadership of Sena Parisad. On 2-3 November 1975 when a reactionary Coup D’état was staged by Brig. Khaled, Col. Shafyat Jamil & Co with the support of India and AWAMI-BAKSALITES once again to turn back the country to pre August revolution era that Putsch was also defeated organizing the historic epoch making Shipahi-Janatar Biplob on 7th November under the leadership of Sena Parisad where Col. Taher’s Biplobi Shoinik Shangstha joined as an ally.

In the contemporary history of 1952, 1969, 1971, 1975, 1990 bear the testimony of the sharp conscience of the Bangladeshi people to struggle against injustice to gain their justful rights. Each one of the people’s awakening had brought change in their mind set and out look about the society. Misconduct upto the hilt, misrule, sickning corrupt plutocratic political calture contrary to the age, state and party terror through politisizing every vital institution, wanton loot and plunder of national wealth, unholly competitation of sucking blood of commoners through unprecedented scandle of the syndicated Mafias who with the conivance of high offices of the government misusing state and muscle power syphoned out hundreds and thousand Crores of Taka from the share market, banks, insurance companies, accumulation of huge amount through black marketing and laundering that inconsivable amount abroad making millions of families popper over night and at the same time selling off vital national interests signing various undisclosed treaties covering with blatant lies it has become imperative to organize a fierce mass movement against fascist tyraney of the present regime of Sheikh Hasina and other corrupt compromising political parties who are sharing the booty of power for the greater interest of the country and the nation. Only with the true spirit and dream of ’71 such a movement or another liberation war if one likes to call it can be rganized to finish the unfinished liberation war for emancipating the people in real sence of the term. There is no other way to preserve the independence, sovereignity of Bangladesh and our distinct self identity in the dark as well as to extricate the nation from the uncertainity to a prospective brighter future. But the younger generation will only find the right way and a correct leadership when they would ponder and be able to clearly understand as to why even after long 45 years of independence overcoming  many hurdles with selfless sacrifices why the charished dream of ’71 has not been materialized till this date.