Sinister design behind Globaization State and Religion

At present imperialism and colonialism of the past has changed faces in the name of ‘Globalization’. The pre dominant powerful countries are formulating different treaties that serve their interests and forcing the less developed poorer member states of the subservient UN and financial institutions who are the major investors in the underdeveloped countries to sign those uneven treaties. The local vested interested lackeys and comprador class are also created and patronized to ensure their strangulation. Unprecedented explosion in IT sector has been made to facilitate their vicious desired goals. The Media is contributing immensely to promote their design. The younger generations being blind with the mirage of so called enlightened modernism are  engaged into elusive mad race leaving aside their age old heritage of morality and values. On the other hand the vested interested ruling class being lackeys of the foreign powers are not allowing the common people to be at peace denying them the bare minimum rights and requirements to lead a decent life through unleashing reign of terror, uncertainty, fratricidal conflicts and creating inhuman socio-economic order. Chanting aloud different kind of theories and democracy their basic fundamental rights are being snatched away. The rulers and the social elites have one aim that is the people should be at their mercy and thus they should perpetuate all power into their fist.

For this reason to serve the vested interested quarters anti people state structure, administrative apparatus, judiciary and socio-economic system are evolved. The constitution is also drafted keeping in view the same objective and later additions and omissions are also made as and when required again for the same purpose. In any under developed country the Media remains more or less in the hands of the vested interested lackeys and heir powerful masters and therefore, truth do not reach up to the people. The attempted efforts to reveal the truth gets muted under high handed propagation of lies. The most horrifying situation that takes roots is false hood.

At present in Bangladesh West Minister type of Democratic politics is being practiced. In political science the word ‘Democracy’ means to run the state in accordance of desire of the people and create a socio-economic structure as such at the same time to ensure that all decisions that are taken to run the state must be based on the aspiration of the people.

There are some pre requisites to establish a democratic state. To be respectful to the other opinions, to resolve all contradictions through argumentative debate and discusion, to keep the administration, judiciary and election commission totally independent, neutral and transperant, to shun acrimonious attitude and vingeience, compulsion to remain loyal to the constitution adopted through consentious acceptance of the majority, should there be any disagreement regarding any issue or to bring any change in the constitution between position and opposition which can’t be resolved in the house then the matter should be resolved by holding a referendum. Above all political parties which beleave in democratic polity must practise democratic culture within the party itself. Democratic rule will certainly be successfull in the societies where these pre requisits would prevail. But surely democracy can not be functional in the societies where these prerequisits are non existant. There under the garb of democracy dictatorship goes on.

In the research paper of famed state and social scientist Mr. Ulsan it can be seen that in the developed countries democratic polity is transparent and thus functional. That is why repression and corruption in those societies are also virtually nonexistent one might say. The reason Mr. Ulsan had said that there is a wide difference in the standard of living and education of the people in the developed countries and impoverished backward countries of the 3ed world. This difference leaves insurmountable influence on the mindset of the politicians. In the developed world the politicians and the social elites at the helm of the state and the government ever remain vigilant while running the affairs of the state and the government that the greater majority of the people are ensured their rights and the means to maintain an overall self respecting decent manageable living standard. On the other hand in the underdeveloped countries the social elites and the politicians though a minute segment of the population maliciously usurp the lion share of the national wealth into their fist misusing the social institutions and state power forcing the greater majority to lead an inhuman miserable life virtually like slaves of this coterie. State power is grabbed and state is run not for harnessing in a planed manner keeping in mind long drawn vision and aims to build a happy, self reliant nation and country people’s talent, initiative, creativeness, working ability of the people on the contrary people’s resilience is exploited unabated just to serve the interest of the powerful individuals and ruling coterie turning the nation gradually into timid fearful living dead.

Often it is learnt from the Media that Bangladeshis consider that they are happy people! One is just baffled to see such blatant lies being propagated. For the interest of sustaining the present unjust society the poets and novelists of a kind sproughting from afluent class might have mischiviously honoured poverty like that of Crist! In this context I am narrating an intersting story of my child hood for the readers. The story is nothing out standing but quite relevent to understand the charecter and mentality of the leaders of our civil society.

When I was a young boy one day surprising us all a renowned well to do person of the neighborhood came to our house begging alms! Later it was learnt that the man has distributed all his cash, movable and unmovable properties within his hairs rightfully and declaring himself a ‘Fakir’ decided to set off as a penniless person with an empty bag on the way of ‘Fi Sabilillah’(On the way of Allah’)! We also learnt that he was getting immense platonic solace with such arrangement. He himself indeed apparently became a ‘Fakir’ but all his wealth remained with none other than his own siblings alone.

Democratic right runs in the blood stream of Bangladeshi people. In the spirit of the liberation war of’71 aspiration of imancipation was also deeply ingrained. But the fact remains that the mind set and the thought process of the grafted parasitical leaders of the civil society and ruling elites created by the alien powers have been programmed on the basis of fascists’ traits. Due to this contradiction till this date the people are being deprived from their genuine democratic right without fulfilling the required prerequisites using various deceptive tricks and malicious machinations. Not only that, very cunningly thus fascist dictatorship has been deeply rooted in the ruling culture under the facade of sham democracy. Loud orchestral false propaganda is also unleashed in the Media controlled by the rulers and their cohorts to confuse the ignorant vast majority of the people that state religion and religious values cannot coexist in a democratic system of governance. But the historical truth against such false propagation is that in the flow of time for ages the religion and religious values had influenced every civilization in any part of the Globe immensely. In many democratic developed and under developed countries of present world state religion does exist. There are also political parties based on religion. In Malaysia a democratic country nearby Islam is the state religion. State religion is also there in the democratic countries like England, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. People of these countries are not religious fanatics like the people of Bangladesh. But the religious values are very much functional in their inner self. In any country the state structure, constitution and laws are established on the basis of cherished values and until now religion remains to be the bastion of cherished values all over the world. The present younger generation should also have to ponder on the above narrative to find the right way for emancipation.

Under the steam roller of imposed Globalization every human race is forgetting their self indegenious values and heritage. Particularly, living condition everywhere has been brought to a stage due to misrul and explytation that people are compelled to accept lies propagated by the ruling cotare as truth just for mare survival. Without being a beast of burden of their misdeeds it has become impossible to lead a normal life. In other words, at present Jungle rules enacted by the all powerful ruling class has become the rule of laws for the ordinary folks. Happenings all around making every day meaningless even to the inteligentia. Not a single day passes where some heart braking, inhuman unjust and immoral barbaric event is not taking place. State terrorism, abduction, murder, carnal confrontation, rape, forcefull grabbing, unjust-illigal activities, blatant lies, malecious propaganda, molestation have become every day’s affairs. A handfull of well identified people of the society who looks like human beings but beastly in nature are involved in all such activities. They can do all these because they are wealthy and poerfull. The people are not only being horrified and traumatised with such activities but their vigor and senses are also being maiumed and diminished gradually. As a result, instead of raising any voice of protest they are accepting everything as fate accomplee! At one hand the nation is being devided so that the sate and social power does not slip out from the hands of the present ruling class on the other hand the vast majority of the people are kept in such a suffocated state where they can hardly breath and remain totally engaged with whatever meagar streanth they are left with just to survive so that they can not organize any united resistance movement.

This handful vested interested coterie has only passion and aim is how to acquire limitless wealth and grandiose. And as such it is so vital to usurp state power. At the same time they remain ever vigilant that the vast majority of people cannot become aware about their wrong doings and injustice and being conscious about their just and legitimate rights cannot initiate any organized movement or struggle. Any such attempt is ruthlessly nipped at the bud under the cover of false propagation with state and party terrorism.

Since time immemorial the state and social system were created for the well fare of the people. To make their life easy and secured. But at the 21st century what are we observing? The greedy profitiering ruling class has realised that the main weapons for mis rule and exploytation is to take control of state and society. That is why under the cloke of ensuring security of the people worldwide reign of terror is being created all around. Because they know it well that terrified and people in agonizing pain easily capitulate and surrender.

Mr. Cori Robin well famed politicial scientist from USA has written a splendid article describing this class in the New York Jacobine Magazine titled ‘ Language of fear, security and mordern politics’. He wrote

They are well sprede in different shades but international in nature and help one another in this regard. The most lucrative liverage to them is ‘security’ centric. In the name of security of the state, security of the society or security of the nation they are unleashing inconceivable events all over the world. The basic aim of this is that their opponants are left with no right to oppose them even though they might charish any higher values including democracy or human rights. Most important thing is that it is none other than them who are deciding the ‘security’ factor. Not only the people but the intelligentia as well are not coopted to play any role whatsoever in formulating the criterias to define the term ‘security’ any where. Uniletary it is only they who are deciding which pronouncement or event any where in the Globe should be considered as treath to ‘security’. It is very insignificant or of no concern to them at all whether those pronouncement and event are considered as threath to ‘Security’ by the people or not. These selfish and greedy profitiers are trying to control the life of people at every corner of the world somewhere as the rulers or else where as their lackies with the pretext of this ‘security’. Mr. Cory Robin while describing their mind set has commented

The word ‘security’ means to them protected prolong security of their rule and exploytation. Therefore who so ever shall raise the voice of protest against them they would be identified as ‘threath’ to their defined ‘security’ and they are up rooted with state terrorism and ruthless persecution by the goons of the party, allied groups and the vested interested coterie. If required the powerful ruling class invents wired laws for the sake of their vested interests. Fragmented Soviet Union, Iran of Raja Shah Pehlavi, Iraq of Saddam Hussain, Libiya of Gaddafi, Egypt of Mubarak of present erra are glaring example of his analysis. But he said

In view of different ground realities in countries terrorism also takes different shapes. As compared to the countries of the developed world such terrorism becomes more inhuman and horrifying such as murder after abduction or widely talked about killing of the people taken into custodyby in so called ‘encounter’ by the law enforcing agencies. Many a times with the plee of maintaining peace and order violent confrontations and scarmishes are staged managed by the rulers to unleash a killing spree against the opponants by the law enforcing agencies.

Cori Robin manifested in his research that due to the excuse of this ‘security’ anarchy, devastation and catastrophe gradually are on the rise all around the world with the passage of time. Example of catastrophic distraction of such magnitude due to ideological difference or religious reasons cannot be found in the history of human civilization.

Renowned political ideologues John Dane and Barnard Williams have said

As the state is responsible to provide security for the people, the ruling coterie always find the issue of ‘security’ as the most convenient and handy tool to befool the people through malicious false propaganda using Media under their control to perpetuate their vested interests as well as to muzzle their opponents. With the assistance of the foreign masters the powerful local ruling surrogates and lackeys always point fingers to their opponents as threat to ‘security’ and initiate ruthless measures for cleansing them. They audaciously do not even hesitate to use the word ‘cleansing’ openly.

In name of maintaining ‘security’ very craftily they are creating reign of horrendous terror unabated by clamping on the human rights of the people at the same time uprooting any opposition. This kind of bluffs usually is not being understood by the commoners. In any country at the climax of people’s movement centering on any issue such weapon is used ruthlessly to protect them as the last resort. When the ruling class realizes that the people are becoming apprehensive about their enchanting slogans and propaganda of ‘patriotism’ and ‘security’ then they don’t even hesitate to silent the protesting voices staging mockery of trials through their surrogate Judges and judiciary. Through the controlled judiciary the government and their cohorts sent to gallows, dungeons of the prison their opponents particularly those who dares to speak fearlessly the truth, morality, human and social rights. Those who manifest unwavering resolve to fight staking their lives are being inhumanly tortured in custody for long keeping them in unbearable conditions as half dead after throwing them in the death cells of the prison and undonting ones are being hanged. Such activities are being carried out to send shiver through the spine of the nation on the other hand to perpetuate the interests of the ruling class everywhere in the world. Even in Bangladesh immediately after independence after having the nod from the then Awami League government under the leadership of Kader Siddiqui (Later tried and convicted to death for treason when   Gen. Ziaur Rahman’s rule) and his ‘Kaderiya Bahini’ sponsored by RAW during the liberation war killed cold bloodedly hundreds of Bangladeshis stamping them as ‘collaborators’ charging with the Bayonets in broad day light at the Dhaka Stadium who opposed the despotic regime of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his Awami League. The conscious and brave reporters in the country and abroad wrote in the leading newspapers vehemently protesting against such gruesome butchery with photographs. Many of them later had to pay the price suffering under the red eyed furious ruling government. Organizing such a heinous and shameful act Sheikh Mujib the then Prime Minister had blackened the face of a brave nation.

InIn 2010 Sheikh Hasina the daughter of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to quench her trust of revenge violating the constitution and unlawfully constituting a Kangaroo trial martyired by hanging 5 valient freedom fighters and apex leaders of Sena Parishad who spearheaded the historic successful revolutionary up rising of 15th August and 7th November for the sake of the bation to be freed from the suffocating strangulation of one party fascist dictatorship with the tacit support of Khaleda Zia the then leader of the opposition with sizable streanth and her Jote.

Thereafter with the direct involvement of the government a conspiracy was hatched up and gruesome carnage of BDR massacre the so called ‘BDR Uprising’ was staged managed and one of the armed wing of the defense forces with long heritage which had played the vanguard role in the liberation war was dismantled. Not only that, without making public the investigating reports of retired ASP Akhond the IO chosen by the government and the armed forces Hasina’s government a lackey and surrogate of India to serve its interest had once again hanged hundreds of BDR soldiers staging mockery of trial in Kangaroo courts and imprisoned around 40 thousand soldiers in the Jails. Inter alia to demoralize and mute the protesting voice a reign of terror was unleashed within the armed forces by sacking indiscriminately over 200 conscious officers of different ranks.

Fascist dictators like Hitler of Germany, Mussolini of Italy, Stalin of Soviet Union, Maputo of Zaire, Shah of Iran, Saddam of Iraq and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Gaddafi of Libya and Assad of Syria applied the same principle to keep the power within their fists. All fascist dictators no matter under what garb keep under absolute control the Media, state administration, judiciary and education sector to perpetuate their rule at whims. Evidence of misuse of state power could be seen in the process of usage of propagation apparatus, judiciary, intelligence agencies, defense and other law enforcing armed forces to secure the interests of the ruling coterie. The rulers very easily can get the legitimacy to all their misdeeds through the constitution adopted by them and surrogated legal system. This is how in all ages the rulers had been able to impose all responsibilities of all their unjust activity, confrontation and anarchy on the opposition to attain their interests unabated. Due to such machination even in the present modern world cruelty and terrorism are getting institutionalized.

Even after explosion in the field of information technology at present it is not possible to carry out unbiast critisism against the powerful exploytative ruling elites so the ruthlessness of the mightiest are outrageously ascending continuously all over the world. Power makes a person blind and deaf. The powerful also never learn from the history. Power is not permanent this truth is also denied by the powerful coterie so they remain unconcerned about the consequence in future. All hue and cry against fascism and dictatorship raised by the mighty ones are nothing but lies. At the heart all of them are staunched devotees of fascism and dictatorship. That is why perhaps it is said, ‘Mother of the thief has a big mouth’!

While commenting on the above mentioned subjects Paul Krieg Roberts the Assistant under Secretary had written though his write up was concerning USA even then what he had written means a lot for other countries of the world particularly a country like Bangladesh of the 3ed world. He wrote

Is there any hope of truth in the United States? He wrote this while commenting about a few truthful persons. He wrote that they had exposed secretes about many appalling misdeeds of USA around the world through Wiki licks. Due to such discloser of truth unparallel onslaught of persecution befell on concerned all. Any trustworthy person of the present American government is not even spared for speaking out the truth. Take the case of Maj. General Antonio Taguba. Under the pressure of world criticism he was assigned the task of investigating whether the prisoners at Abu Graib jail were subjected to inhuman torture or not and submit a report to the US government. The government expected that the General will cover up all the secrets of inhuman awesome torture the inmates were going through. But up right Gen. Taguba submitted an excellent factual report. Roberts wrote in remorse that for such a report per excellence instead of promoting him Gen. Taguba was sacked as punishment. Such incident is occurring off and on these days. In such way meritorious human resources are being destroyed. Due to such up rightness and truthfulness humanity and the state is benefited and strides towards a decent future. Because, human resource based on truth and is habitually speak the truth. Roberts further wrote, due to such unethical behavior number of people who can tell the truth is reducing drastically in every government. Reason being for telling truth there always exist a threat to one’s position, contacts, and social life even right of existence.

Mentioning about Al Jazira he wrote

It started with the aim revealing the truth particularly to unfold the factual truth against false propaganda and concocted made up stories about Middle East and the Muslim world by the Western Media. But very shortly all the countries including the surrogate governments of the Muslim countries of the Middle East started threatening Al Jazira, censoring their news, at one point of time their offices at Bagdad and Kabul came under attack and their reporters were being dying as victims of target killing. This is how Al Jazira was cowed down to toe the distorted line of the Western Media. Mr. Roberts clearly manifested how the factual news of the truth seekers is being shelved to sustain the unholy regime. He gave another example. When law suit was filed against US based the Holy Land foundation to be banned then it was discovered that this charitable organization was working to provide humanitarian assistance to the persecuted people of Palestine with the concurrence of USAID and United Nation. The State department also gave its consent to their work so at first the government had lost the case. The case was brought to the court once again under pressure of Israel. This time the court gave the verdict against Holy Land permitting obtaining a ‘Legal Expert’s opinion. Alongside the court also said that the ‘Knowledgeable Expert’ did not have to present himself before the court. On the basis of the deposition of that kind of a ‘Expert’ the court ordered the Holy Land Foundation to stop all their activities. Roberts had written, ‘This is how killing any humanitarian initiative staging mockery of trial brutality was institutionalized to move ahead to serve the vested interests of the powerful coterie.

Such scenarios are being reflected in every sphere of Bangladesh very much as its own phenomenon. Bringing the judiciary under the feet of the executive power is pathetically distinctly visible since the birth of Bangladesh. Prof. Erik M Uslener of the Mary Land University in his research paper ‘Government and Politics’ has manifested

In the modern world wanton misuse of democracy is only giving birth of dictatorship, particularly in the underdeveloped countries of the 3ed world. Such kinds of dictatorships are dependable on the corruption and muscle power created with that ill gotten wealth. In uncorrupted true democracy there can’t be any place of unholy partisan judiciary, uneven socio-economic structure, captive indiscipline Media and electoral system. Mr. Uslener further projected

Keeping an uneven socio-economic structure corruption can never be eradicated. He has given special emphasis on two factors to establish true democracy, deocratic behavior and democratic institutions. When the elected government shuns away democratic culture and adopts autocratic dictatorship democracy dies. At that time corruption and other kinds of undemocratic practices spread at the state level and society as a whole. Reign of terror and clashes begins. Mr. Uslener expressing his considered opinion and said fascism in the garb of democracy is more horrendous than fascism itself. The main reason of this phenomenon is immediately after assuming power as elected representative the government usurps into its fist the judiciary and the Media. As a result no legal action can be taken by the judiciary against corruption and misdeeds of the powerful members of the ruling party from the state to grass root level. Even if taken then the court verdict is never executed. All the more even the convicted criminals are set free through the helpless judiciary using the blind alleys of the faulty legal system. Thus under the cover of democracy state sponsored injustice and illegal activities are spread over like cancer at every tire of the state and the society. Mr. Uslener has written in the conclusion of his investigative presentation

The only way to eradicate all kind of injustice, immoral practices, misrule and fratricidal conflicts along with corruption is if the state perceives every citizen as equal. Slightest partisan outlook it would be impossible uproot these immoral practices and corruption. As example he mentioned about once most corrupt Singapore and Botswana of Africa. He said

Due to foresight of the national leaders and application of state power based on strict principles and ideology every citizen was treated as equal both these two countries became corruption free states within a few years after independence and could establish themselves as ideal states surprising the whole world and the developed countries of the present era. According to Mr. Uslener the primary requisite to establish real democracy all political parties particularly the party in power must practice democratic tolerance.

In the light of the analytical research paper of Mr. Uslener if we turn towards Bangladesh then one can easily see how pathetic the state of democracy is. Without caring for equal rights of the people and political tolerance all the political parties, leaders of the civil society and the players in the economic sector just for the sake of oneself, family and coterie and for usurping power for the party’s interest are raising different slogans in the aversive rat race in the merry go round of politics for power. In the process of such revengeful brutal conflict the gasping nation being torn apart losing its vitality and becoming leaving dead. Thus the country and the nation at one time would become a sacrificial goat. The powerful people do not think about this. Their only aim is power and the opportunity to use power. They even do not hesitate to unleash hate rate to create chaos in the society. Because, through spreading hate rate it had been possible to create social anarchy in ages. But Prof. Maikel Negler of USA the president of ‘Meta Centre for Nonviolence’ had reminded

There is no doubt that hate rate is a tremendous power to generate engrossing anarchy but this hate rate had destroyed the most powerful empire of the world from within. Very sadly he said that the profiteering coteries united as one of the present world is inhumanly using hate rate for instant gain beyond limits. Everybody is trying to forget the old Greek saying, ‘any empire or force when reaches to its end then they become mad. When the people with power get engrossed in such madness the common people do suffer but according to laws of the nature their down fall becomes imminent.

The philosophers and the social scientists hold the view

For mingling with three most touchy subjects’ religion, nationalism and language for short time political gains any state and the nation have to pay a heavy price. The reason being within the territorial boundary lives people of many creeds, religion and language. Therefore, if these issues are played upon then instead of national unity fragmentation becomes inevitable. Without homogeneous national unity no nation can stride forward towards prosperity.

But though pathetic since the country became independent the powerful coterie without any exception of belief and party affiliation have been using these three issues as capital for gaining political benefits due to which the steal like national unity that evolved with the spirit and dream of ’71 got fragmented. Taking advantage of the national disunity gradually the outside interference in our national affairs has been ever increasing with the passage of time. All though Geo-Strategically Bangladesh is relevant to the big powers but India’s interest is intense. In the process of unethical political process the country and the nation has been dragged at the brink of uncertainty and dark future. Why the dream and the spirit of ’71 to build a self reliant, progressive and happy Bangladesh has not been materialized yet even after colossal sacrifice of honor and life of uncounted number of men and women need to be ponder to sharpen the conscience. If this is not done then the subdued spark within the youths with passion and bravado of present and future generation, the main catalyst of any fundamental change would turn into light of Will-o’-the-wisp in the failure of darkness or would be high jacked into the fists of the powerful coterie like in the past. Mass upsurge, movement or spontaneous upheaval would never be able to see the day of success if those are not organized based on ideals and principles.

With a closer look into the suddenly sprouted events at so called ‘Shahbagh Monco’ one can easily understand how shrewdly the vested interested quarters uses the impulse, emotion, bravado, romanticism of the youths to serve their interest beyond their imagination.

At the initiative of a few Bloggers named Bappidityo, Thaba Baba, Iqbal, Rajib etc on 5th February in 2013 organized a gathering of young boys and girls of the present generation at Shahbagh Chottor (Shahbagh Round About). The scenario though looked somewhat like ‘Janatar Monco’ organized under the leadership of a civil servant named M. K. Alamgir with the professional government employees against 4 party alliance but motives were different. From the Shahbagh Monco slogan was raised that they will not accept the verdict of life imprisonment to Kader Mollah who was tried and convicted as a war criminal in the war crime tribunal and he must be given death penalty to be hanged. The demand was not rational but was very sensitive.

Every citizen of Bangladesh had been demanding the trial of the genuine war criminals ever since the independence of the country. But their legitimate demand was ignored by the sitting Prime Minister Hasina’s father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Soon after the independence on his return from Pakistan and after becoming the Prime Minister according to the ‘Simla Agreement’ he handed over 90 thousand surrendered Pakistani armed forces personnel including identified 195 war criminal to Indira Gandhi and boastfully proclaimed that, ‘By this decision he wanted the whole world to know that the Bangladeshis are not only a heroic nation but also generous enough and knows how to forgive. Though the people were disappointed with his boastful proclamation but refrained from any protest. Thereafter issuing an ordinance of general amnesty he pardoned all the war criminals. Argument that he gave was to unite the nation it was imperative to forget and forgive all bitterness and misunderstandings of the past. No voice of protest was raised against this decision as well at that time. Irony of fate, now being saddled into power for the second time her good daughter nullifying her father’s logic hanging the apex leaders of the party Jamat e Islami her political ally in 1996 staging controversial trials in the kangaroo courts tarnishing the image of the country internationally as well as dividing the nation serving whose interest? Let us get back to Shahbagh Chottor.

Shahbagh Chottor reminds me the period from 1955 to 1990. Quite uninterrupted 24 hours day and night sit-down protest gathering was going on in front of the South Africa House next to Trafalgar Squire demanding the realize of Nelson Mandela and to abolish racial apartheid regardless race and creed. Whenever the opportunity availed itself to visit London me and Nimmi always visited the site to express our solidarity. Once or Twice we had also taken our littlie daughter Shosti along. I had to explain the significance of this protest gathering patiently answering her every question. This silent gathering continued for long 35 years enduring heat of summer, freezing cold of winter and chilling windy rainy days. After remaining behind bars with rigorous imprisonment at Robyn Island and Pualsmoor prison for 27 years Nelson Mandela was freed under pressure of Universal humanity. Apartheid was abolished in South Africa in the year1994. The silent protest gathering at Trafalgar Squire was also called off after the objectives were achieved.

On the other hand though the leaders of Shahbaghis spearheading the movement had proclaimed they will not return home till their demands were not fulfilled. But they returned before their demands were fulfilled. Not only that before calling off their 17 days movement for hanging along with other 6 points mysteriously the demand for hanging was dropped.

It is necessary to know the reasons for the success of Traflegar Squire movement.

  1. The movement was against an oppresive failed regime.
  2. To free a patriotic freedom loving leader.
  3. To establish humanism abolishing repulsive aparthide.

All these points were based on morality and humanism that is why the movement was successful and the goals were acheived.

At the onset of Shahbagh people’s uprising a ray of hope certainly emerged. People had thought the spark of the youths would create a prairie fire and that will shape up as the movement for total emancipation. But that hope turned into a mirage in no time. As in the 6 point demand of the Shahbaghis there was no reflection of the people’s aspiration nor the spirit and dream of ’71. The disappointed people saw and realized that the Shahbagh movement was staged with the patronization of Hasina’s despotic dictatorial hopelessly failed Moha Jote (Grand Alliance) government. Not only that the people could also clearly see that the dolls and dollies are dancing at the tune directly played by India. They understood that this movement is not to free anyone but the aim was unlawful hanging of a few individuals as liked by the government. The main reason of this drama was hate rate and revengeful terror instead of humanity. As their movement is not based on morality nor humanity will extinguish as quickly as it sprouted like the light of Will-o’-the-wisp at a crematory.

All though the Media controlled by the government has been loud in their propaganda that the gathering at Shahbagh is the ‘Tehrir Squire’ of Bangladesh, new awakening of the youths and the 2nd liberation war. But to the conscious people the bluff got caught. Therefore, they gradually distant themselves from the episode. Basically, to create pressure on the BNP led Jote and Jammat and to divert the attention of the people from the ongoing ugly and unhealthy political conflict the failed Grand Alliance government took the initiative to stage this Shahbagh Squire drama with the assistance of India. Some of the stunningly opposite activities were beyond imagination! Candle light, Mongol Prodeep, Alpona, Songs and Music could be considered as the conduit to express inner human sane sentiment but creating a mirage of ambiguity instigating political slogans were raised from that gathering like ‘Get hold of’, ‘Kill’ ‘Light the fire’! The serine beauty of Alpona was over shadowed with the visible human edifies hanging on the gallows. The caps put on the heads of innocent simpleton children who are considered to be the future noticeably death warrants were inscribed on those. They were seen eating cakes and patties where the word ‘Want to be hanged’ was engraved. Why and for whose interest such hate rate was inserted in the delicate minds of the children that also need to be pondered by each and every Bangladeshi.

Whatever Rajib, Imran etc the leaders of the staged drama have written in the Blogs and the way the government controlled Media has given publicity to those have certainly hurt the majority believers who are devout Muslims but not bigots. The most important thing here to ponder is that the Prime Minister herself the ministers and her party leaders of the country where the majority people’s faith is Islam have supported such anti people outrageous activities. Open supports to such obnoxious activities are not only disappointing but dangerous as well. By doing so Hasina has pushed the whole nation by deliberated design towards the unwarranted conflict between the believers and the non believers. For the interest of India and her own political mileage she is playing with fire for two reasons. Firstly, hurting the sentiment of the greater majority Muslims she is trying to raise religious terrorism in return to prove that Bangladesh is becoming a bastion of religious extremism. Secondly, she is trying to validate the India’s acquisition that the minority Hindus in Bangladesh is being persecuted and thus their long time claim to establish ‘Banga Bhumi’ a separate state within Bangladesh for the Hindus is a legitimate claim. Her such heinous intentions are not beneficial to the interest of Bangladesh if not then whose interest is being served that must also be pondered by the Bangladeshis.

The seiner people who believe in peace, solidarity, coexistence who keeps faith in tolerance, compassion, love for humanity they have to come forward united as one with unflinching resolve at the present crucial juncture to save the country from the inevitable anarchy and horrifying civil war. In today’s world every citizen has to be conscious how uncivilized and barbaric it is to raise the demand of hanging people without lawful fair trial so that the country and nation do not have to bear the stigma of shame.

The leaders are raising the slogans from Shahbagh that the politics based on religion and the parties who do that must be banned. By now Hasina the ‘Dream Girl’ of democracy has already become vociferous. On 17th February the Daily Anandabazar of Kolkata has published a long article about Shahbagh Chottor (Squire). There it is written, ‘People have seen people’s out raze at Teherir Squire, and they also have seen people’s revolution at the Thayne Men Squire. Silent candle light gathering at the gate of India in Delhi was also seen but nothing like this has been witnessed in last two decades. The appearance of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself along with her Cabinet Ministers at the Shahbagh Squire and their speeches delivered and their slogans chanted supporting the gathering has been highly appreciated and lauded in that article.

In view of Hasina’s all out support the people could see a rat race between Inu and the other leaders including Prime Minister’s son Joy who could score better than others in supporting the stooges who organized the show. At the floor of the house Hasina stood up and stated, ‘Though I am present here physically my heart is at the Shahbagh’. This statement of her was highly praised in that article. Two foreign Ministers of Bangladesh and India Dipu Moni and Salman Khurshid respectively held a joint press conference and extended heartfelt support to the Shahbaghis. Salman Khurshid the play writer of ‘Sons of Babar’ sitting at his hotel suite at a stone throw distance from the Shahbagh Moncho while having his lunch had said to his companions, ‘The demands of the younger generation are justified. He had also repeated that their opposition of terrorism would be a mile stone for both the countries to march forward together to promote secularism to which both Bangladesh and Indian government is committed. He further said, ‘In the present world there is no alternative to secularism’. Mr. Salman Khurshid was not a bit shameful to express India’s all out support to the Shahbaghis in view of the way chosen by the Indian government to crush Anna Hazari’s movement unleashing ruthless state terrorism. This intellectual had further lectured, ‘It is always heartening to see the younger generation getting involved in the democratic process. They have expressed their concern, getting united; they are speaking out loud and clear about their aspiration. I appreciate their mentality. This is how strong feelings and convictions get vindicated through democratic process.

On 26th February ‘The Times of India’ published an article where it was stated, ‘India has its strong support towards the people who had started the movement at the Shahbagh one of the busiest Squires in Dhaka. Mr. Shiva Shankar Menon, the national security advisor of India last Friday at Pune had said, ‘Spontaneous participation of hundreds and thousands of young boys and girls in the ongoing movement and the organizers at Shahbagh against extremism and for the trial of war criminals it has become vividly clear the resolute sentiment and organizing ability of the Bangladeshi youths and their free mind set’. There is no scope to belittle the importance of this staged drama of envy, hate rate and repulsive sentiment against Islam   jointly sponsored by the Prime Minister Hasina and Indian government.

This episode must be viewed by the people as an endeavor to materialize the farfetched blue print geo-political goal of aggressive power America and its regional ally India. The conscious patriotic people must also be concerned about the blatantly visible cultural aggression.

Some time back news published in the national dailies caught my eyes. The news was, ‘The Indian government is letting the whole world know that all documents preserved at Fort William(The head quarters of Eastern Command) regarding liberation war of Bangladesh of 1971 had been stolen. I am not aware how many people of populous Bangladesh has read that or has pondered about that. But as a freedom fighter I got concerned and started thinking why such important documents got stolen for what reason! After deliberation for a few days I could see through the reason. The rat race that has been unleashed to distort the true history within and abroad from the time of liberation war based on false hood in continuation of that if any document is sought from India then it would be possible for India to provide one of its likings. This is the main reason. As the provisional government failed to take any initiative to preserve any such documents Indian Chanakkays would be able to exploit this failure to provide any document of their likings. This is why this news has been widely propagated.

The ouitragious behavior of Shiva Shankar, Salman Khurshid, Hasina, Dipu Moni, Rajib, Bappidittya, Dr. Iqbal, Babathapa and the leaders of the Shahbagh movement and the way the demand of hanging of the war criminals are being chanted aloud boastfully should that be considered by the people that a state has been created within the state then it could not be blamed. The agitators from Shahbagh were issuing directives at ease to hoist national flag, singing of national amthem, closer of schools and colleges, disregarding the courts, instigating the crows to spread terror with the call for hangibg and man slaughter. From all their such activities it appeared that they are above law. Is it possible for any law abiding group of people to do so! Let me get back to the main topic the trial of war criminals. Those who are demanding the trials from Shahbagh Squire, where were they in ’71? Were they in any way associated with the liberation war? Without going into such debate I can certainly say majority of them were associated with the liberation war or the events that followed after the independence. They are also not aware of the heinous conspiracy that evolved regarding the war and presumed independent Bangladesh. Being a freedom fighter recipient of the gallantry award Bir Uttam aged over sixty I deem it appropriate to pen down some relevant facts from my book ‘Ja Dekhechi Ja Bujhechi Ja Korechi’ published earlier to refresh the memory of the readers, the Shahbaghis and the supporting leaders of Bangladesh and India.

Now I shall leave some food for thoughts to the readers about religion. In simple words the religion is a belief about the Creator, the mystery of the created universe, life and death and the accumulated values of the materialist world. Those who be leave in the Divinity and His Commandments in whatever form it might be they are faithful believers and religious. Those who do not believe in Divinity or Divine Commandments and lives on dialectic materialism are non believers or nonreligious and Atheists.

Believers and nonbelievers alike are in favor of life and against taking away life, in favor of freedom and against captivity, against in humanism and in favor of humanism, against injustice and in favor of justice. Against disunity, hate rate, revenge, fascism and repression.  ethics, morality, brotherhood, affection, forbearance, tolerance, peace and discipline. Racism, violence, anarchy, envy, greed, selfishness, fanaticism, pride, unscrupulous spending, brute force, grudge, lust, terrorism these traits have no place in the heart of a believer or any atheist. Secularism is very much engrained in both the philosophies.

Let us now look at Islam. The word Islam means Peace. Islam does not contradict nor does it clash with democracy, equality, human rights, secularism, spread of knowledge, scientific discoveries and progressive advancement. At the same time Islam does not support any kind of terrorism, concept of war and conflict, unnecessary loss of human lives and all iknd of destractive activities. It is a compulsion for every Muslim to accept Islam as an ordained devine complete code of life to be followed in this world. In todays world there are 700 Crores of beleivers and Islam has got second largest followings next after Christianity. If this religion was not rational then it would not have been growing faster than any other contemporary religions of the mordern world. According to statistics in America and Europion copuntries alone 7 people belonging to other religions embressing Islam every minuite. Behind this phenomenon application of any coercive method, forcecive subjugation with any kind of oppresion neither allurment of any money or possetion are not at work. The habitants of the civilized world are embracing Islam as a complete code of life being attracted to the rationale and logic of the ordained divine revelations and thus considering Islamic ethical philosophy and moral values are based on nothing but absolute truth and righteousness.

The people in power at present are frantically up to dividing the people fanning anti religious sentiment. They are outrageously pronouncing in Bangladesh there cannot be any place of any political party based on religion, no political party based on religion can exist. Not only that they are also strongly propagating that politics based on religion is contrary to democracy. Religion creates hurdles on the way of progressiveness. Against their false propaganda it would be enough to say that it would be prudent to take lesson from the history. It is an undeniable truth that even in today’s modern world religion is the main bastion of moral ethical values. Since ancient times, religion had greatly influenced the process of evolving civic society and civilization in every country and continuing to do so till this date. In every democratic country the religion of the greater majority always has a major role in the social and state affairs. West Minister type of democracy is being practiced in Bangladesh. Is it not known to the politicians of Bangladesh that even in present time including Untitled Kingdom in many European Countries ‘Sate Religion’ exists and many political parties based on religion are participating in the democratic malty party political process with equal rights The citizen of those countries does not believe in religious bigotry and fanaticism but ardent believer in their own religious faiths. In any country the nation hood evolves primarily on the basis of ethical values and religious fundamentals. So are the state, legal and socio economic structures.

The people in power at present are frantically up to dividing the people fanning anti religious sentiment. They are outrageously pronouncing in Bangladesh there cannot be any place of any political party based on religion, no political party based on religion can exist. Not only that they are also strongly propagating that politics based on religion is contrary to democracy. Religion creates hurdles on the way of progressiveness. Against their false propaganda it would be enough to say that it would be prudent to take lesson from the history. It is an undeniable truth that even in today’s modern world religion is the main bastion of moral ethical values. Since ancient times, religion had greatly influenced the process of evolving civic society and civilization in every country and continuing to do so till this date. In every democratic country the religion of the greater majority always has a major role in the social and state affairs. West Minister type of democracy is being practiced in Bangladesh. Is it not known to the politicians of Bangladesh that even in present time including Untitled Kingdom in many European Countries ‘Sate Religion’ exists and many political parties based on religion are participating in the democratic malty party political process with equal rights The citizen of those countries does not believe in religious bigotry and fanaticism but ardent believer in their own religious faiths. In any country the nation hood evolves primarily on the basis of ethical values and religious fundamentals. So are the state, legal and socio economic structures.

The people in power at present are frantically up to dividing the people fanning anti religious sentiment. They are outrageously pronouncing in Bangladesh there cannot be any place of any political party based on religion, no political party based on religion can exist. Not only that they are also strongly propagating that politics based on religion is contrary to democracy. Religion creates hurdles on the way of progressiveness. Against their false propaganda it would be enough to say that it would be prudent to take lesson from the history. It is an undeniable truth that even in today’s modern world religion is the main bastion of moral ethical values. Since ancient times, religion had greatly influenced the process of evolving civic society and civilization in every country and continuing to do so till this date. In every democratic country the religion of the greater majority always has a major role in the social and state affairs. West Minister type of democracy is being practiced in Bangladesh. Is it not known to the politicians of Bangladesh that even in present time including Untitled Kingdom in many European Countries ‘Sate Religion’ exists and many political parties based on religion are participating in the democratic malty party political process with equal rights The citizen of those countries does not believe in religious bigotry and fanaticism but ardent believer in their own religious faiths. In any country the nation hood evolves primarily on the basis of ethical values and religious fundamentals. So are the state, legal and socio economic structures.

There are differences on various issues between the Muslims just as Christianity and other religions. But it is not possible for any Muslim to tolerate any slender or insult about Allah and His last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SA). They remain ever ready to sacrifice their lives in protest of any such initiative. The point to be noticed here is such ardent belief, unity in faith and devotion of the Muslims to the fundamentals of their religion has increased the inquisitiveness about Islam and conversion rate far more around the world. Particularly the countries of the Western world like America, North America, Latin America, Britain and other countries of Europe with predominating Christian population conversion rate is increasing alarmingly which has became a matter of grave concern to the Papal, people with state power and the leaders of civil societies. They are afraid and think should the Christians get converted to Islam in such ever increasing number then Muslims would become overwhelming majority within a very short span of time in the world. In the North Eastern states particularly in West Bengal and Deccan region the demographic change in favor of Muslim is of a great head ache for the people who are at the helms of power at Delhi equally. A true believer of any religion can’t be a fanatic or bigot but be most compassionate and tolerant. Any onslaught on religion and religious belief could pose an unrepeatable threat to the human civilization. Therefore many Christian scholars hold the opinion that immoral hurting the religious sentiment with derogatory remarks and slandering of Allah’s Rasool the prophet Muhammad (SA) is heightening the interest about Islam in spite of vigorous anti Islam propaganda. As such the controlled Media should be restrained from such unwarranted propaganda against Islam.

Unfortunately at present In Bangladesh with over 90% Muslim population much more vulgar slandering is being spread against Allah and his Rasool (SA). More unfortunate phenomenon most likely would be that such outrageous hurting of sentiment of the overwhelming majority would be sharpening dangerously their religious sentiment more than Salman Rushdie and the novel of Taslima Nasreen or the Danish cartoons and therefore, the condemned non believers and their patrons would surely have a miserable plight and fatal consequence due to wreath of the believers. The government of Hasina’s ‘Grand Alliance’ and India are very much scared about the resurgence of Islam. They are convinced that the Islamic spirit is the cause promoting hate rate against India among the Bangladeshi people. In the month of July 2011 Mon Mohan Sing the Prime Minister of India himself had said this. Their conception might be true to some extent or not but both Hasina and Mon Mohan being afraid evaded the real cause for anti India sentiment. India being the largest country in the sub continent is known to all the smaller countries in the region as an expansionist power poised to dominate all. As such people of all the smaller countries bear anti Indian feeling at hearts out of fear of being swallowed.

Since Pakistan became an independent country India is on denayel mode of its independence occupied Jammu & Kashmir, Hydrabad, Goa, Domon, Diu by force. Seven States in the North East had been brought under the Centre to crush the independence movements of the people of those States ruthless prepressive and exploytative military aggretion has been continuing. Through an uneven treaty signed flexing muscle Nepal had been turned into a vassal state for long. India attempted to bring Sri Lanka under it’s feet instigating a fatricidal civil war. In 1975 Sikkim was annexed forcively. Bhutan a landlocked country is nothing but a protectorate under Indian domination. In 2010 had signed a number of treaties while visiting India which has not been revealed even in the elected Parliament. As a result presently people are finding their national independence and sovereignity are at stake. India is laying it’s hands increasibly on the national resources and interfaring in interal affairs. After considering everything it would be justified to pose a question to Hasina

After spending a long period of time in India while you were returning to Bangladesh after a compromised decision to resurrect Awami League as a political party and your decision to enter into active politics to enter into active politics as the supremo of that party in an interview given to Mr. Shirajul Islam then working with BBC you had said

‘You hate the people of Bangladesh as well as politics because, when your father’s dictatorial rule of BAKSHAL was overthrown the people at large indiscriminately had spontaneously welcomed the down fall of one party dictatorship. In spite of that you are getting into politics only to take revenge of your father’s killing.

Soon after saddling on power hanging 5 heroic sons of the land compared with shining sun (Shurjo Santans) and valiant freedom fighters having immense contribution to raise the national armed forces from the scratch in a war ravaged newly independent country unlawfully in a stage managed kangaroo trial and the ruthless horrendous carnage at the BDR Headquarters are you not satisfied quenching your thirst of revenge? Now you are up to torch the whole country playing with the fire of religious sentiment? But you must remember many preposterous proud powerful leaders in the past had tried to do so but failed. Joseph Stalin’s pathetic fate could be taken as an example. Where is today that atheist man eater and where is the Devine glory of Islam? Much more remain to be said. Demand has been raised from the Shahbagh Squire Religion based Jamaat as a political party has to be banned. Kader Mullah’s punishment of life imprisonment has to be changed to death sentence. Your government might even consider meeting these demands but in the democratic politics banning of any party in a fascist way does not bear any fruit. Let us look at your ‘Second Home ‘neighboring India. At one point of time demand was raised to Bann ‘Hindu Maha Sava’ then overnight ‘Hindu Maha Sava’ changed into ‘Jana Shangha’. There after ‘Jana Shangha’ transformed into ‘Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’. Now BJP has grown as the formidable and main contestant of Congress. This party in future might even form the government at the Centre. Sri Atal Bihari Bajpayi had already become the Prime minister long ago.

Similarly if Jammat is banned they will surface again with any different name and garb. You are a person with over two dozen Doctorate Degrees on merit or money. If you possessed a bit of gray matter in your brain then you should have understand it is possible to kill people, adversaries can be abducted, the revolutionaries can be brutally murdered, the parties can be abolished but it is not possible to kill revolution or any living spirit forever even misusing state power and unleashing genocide.

Similarly if Jammat is banned they will surface again with any different name and garb. You are a person with over two dozen Doctorate Degrees on merit or money. If you possessed a bit of gray matter in your brain then you should have understand it is possible to kill people, adversaries can be abducted, the revolutionaries can be brutally murdered, the parties can be abolished but it is not possible to kill revolution or any living spirit forever even misusing state power and unleashing genocide.