Last words

At the end I would say humans are destined as mortals. All of us have to return sooner or later. Our vacancies meanwhile would be filled by the new comers. Bangladesh will exist so would be upcoming future generations and their future. They will inherit civilization of thousands of years, religious, cultural and characteristic heritage. There shall remain true history of the heroic struggle and sacrifices of independence loving brave Bangladeshi nation and in light of that they will find the right path to stride ahead for brighter future. Taking it as a moral obligation to the nation I have taken the liberty pen down and leaving behind some facts experienced by me and few revolutionary self sacrificing patriots and comrades in arms for the historians to seek truth from the facts. Hope, these facts would be proven nothing but truths and shall find the rightful place in the history at an appropriate time. It had been possible to befool people for some time but not for all times. Likewise, truth can be suppressed for some time but not for all times. That is why truth is eternal.

Last but not the least every Bangladeshi regardless which generation he belongs to must think right now or never slavery or freedom. It needs to be decided if need be whether the Bangladeshis as a nation is prepared or not at any cost to defend their hard earned independence sacrificing millions of life, spilling streams of blood, pain and anguish of desecrated mothers and sisters in thousands defying bullish red eyes from any quarter. Due to treacherous selfish power hungry political leaders like chameleon changing colors, rotten pariahs of the civil society, sly deceptive conscienceless comprador business community, unethical intelligentsia propagating white lies to confuse the nation to be confined in utter darkness the nation has wasted over four decades and now the country stand all most on the verge of annihilation even then the general public of present generation of the Republic and the young ones in particular would just be silent bystanders watching the paradise being lost! Would the solemn pledge to defend and consolidate the independence, a blood stained rose which has been gifted by the predecessors be confined within the bound of devouring Hilsha fish and Pantavat(fermented rice) sitting under the Banyan tree and swayed away singing the melodious tunes and dancing!

Wake up my countrymen with a roar of a lion once again imbued with the spirit of ’71 which was not merely limited just to have only an independent geographical piece of land but to fight against all evil aggressive expansionist and exploitative forces to defend our motherland and self identity at the same time achieving total emancipation of the people. It is time for the brave hearts of Bangladesh with a glorious history of heroism to prove that the courageous people of Bangladesh as a nation is proud of their heritage of unflinching self confidence and commitment to up hold their self identity and freedom at any cost no matter what sacrifices it demands.

                             The End