Mr. Sadre Ispahani arrived as President Mushtaq’s emissary

Next day Mr. Sadre Ispahani arrived Bangkok as President’s emissary. He was one of the established businessman in the country. He spent full one day and a night with us. Abba, khandakar Mushtaq and Sadre Ispahani were common friends. He was also close to Sheikh Mujib. He informed us

After Zia had requested Mushtaq Ahmed to take over once again as the President he refused the request sighting constitutional implications. He also mentioned that in his address to the nation. But the real reason was different. After the successful revolution of 7th November, when being directed by you all Gen. Zia put up the request at that time Mushtaq firmly asked Zia to get all of you back in the country forthwith before thinking about his decision to take over the responsibility of the President again as otherwise it would become difficult for him to bring back stability within the armed forces. Zia replied

The decision in this regard would be taken after due deliberation. This made Mushtaq suspicious about Zia’s intension. He became apprehensive that Zia would not bring you back. After this reply he decided with out you all back to the country he will not take the responsibility of the President again. He realized that in your absence he would become hostage in the hands of Zia. The farsighted, knowledgable, astute, and experienced politician could understand that Zia himself was up to usurping state power. He further realized that once he takes over all power in his own hands Gen. Zia would try gradually to eliminate the revolutionaries some how or the other.

That’s why he has decided to face Zia politically and had decided to float his own political party. But he also thinks Zia would not allow anyone to stand as his opposition. Zia by now had already been able to compromise with powers like India, Britain and America. In view of this he is considering Mushtaq to be his only political opponent and militarily the leaders and the revolutionaries of 15th August and 7th November.

After expressing his views the of course opined

If Zia float his own political party then he will surely deny his any kind of association with the revolutionaries. He is not a revolutionary but a soldier believing in democracy. He very sincerely further said

I can’t predict about the future but dare to say for the time being,  you are defeated by shrewd moves of Zia. You have to decide your future course of actions taking this hard fact into consideration. We all sat dumbfounded and were listning to him. After the meeting finished we tanked him and said good bye.

The wisemen say, ‘It is hard to know a person’! Over confident Zia, the cunning man with dark glasses proved that saying. But there is also another saying, ‘ Too clever a man gets noose around his neck’.